My thoughts of you.....To my Master.

My Thoughts of You…

Lying in my bed, darkness reaching every corner, except for a bedside lamp turned down low glowing softly, I think of you. My eyes close as whispered passions echo in my memories, dancing slowly there, spreading a slow burning trail of fire down through my mind into my body, my lips, and fingertips tingling, aching to feel you. My mind tenderly recalls the sound of your voice, envisioning the passionate sounds of your whisper in my ear, moaning quietly as I hear you tell me of your desires, your needs, your wanton whispers of how you want to touch my body with your hands, your mouth, the most intimate parts of our being joined together in passionate urgency and an unspoken need for fulfillment coursing through us like a fire out of control. My body quivers as my hands move slowly down imaging them to be yours, cupping my breasts, my nipples rolling between my fingertips as they harden. Down my belly, slowly stroking hot flesh, soft, yet burns with desire. The image of your face, watching me as your lips trail hot moist kisses across my stomach, uncontrollable trembling at the thoughts racing through my mind of you, my hands continue a fiery trail downwards. My head gently tossing against my pillow as my hands caress my thighs, my eyes closed in passion, seeing yours instead. My legs fall open, hearing your sigh as you view the moist center of my womanhood, my mind reliving the jagged whisper of your voice, seeing you in my mind as your head slowly lowers there, sucking, licking, my hands slide from my thighs to the junction in between, juices flowing, dripping from the core of my womanhood onto my fingertips, my back arches as my mind feels your lips there instead. Caressing, stroking, a heat burning stronger and stronger with each vision of your mouth upon me. Desire building, fire burning, a steady stream of succulent nectar pouring from the center of my need, fingers involuntarily sliding in as I feel your lips, your tongue in my mind, licking greedily of my juices as if a man dying from an unquenchable thirst. Moaning softly, ragged breathes tearing from my chest as my fingers dance in and out, my thumb lightly stroking around the bud of my desire. I hear your voice filled with unbridled passion whispering to me, almost as if your really there, telling me of your need to fill me. My back arched, my hips rising to meet my hand, my fingers filling me, uncontrollable moans and sighs of pleasure melting into my pillow as I whisper to you in my mind… take me, fill me with your throbbing need. Bucking wildly into my hand, my other gently rolling my nipples, first one and then the other in turn, behind lowered lashes, I see you rising to enter me, your length filling me in one long slow stroke, arching to meet your thrust. My juices flow stronger across my fingers, the fire inside me exploding into a million shattering sensations, my body tensing, trembling. Whimpering, moaning your name as release overcomes me. As the tension slowly drains from my body, my ragged breathes gradually subsiding into soft sighs; my mind continues to see you, dreaming of the feel of your arms wrapped tightly around me, sharing feather soft kisses. I drift into contented slumber, a tender smile lightly touching my lips, my mind yearning for that moment when I no longer have to just dream… of you.

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