My first affair at 18

I had this affair with a Gunny (Marine) when I was 18 and working as a secretary at a Defense Agency in DC. I fell in love with him, a bit. It wasn't just about fucking. There are people you meet in life who touch your soul and you're never quite the same again, and he was one of those people for me.

I don't mean love as in "leave your wife for me" love, I mean love as in, I listened to him, came to understand what he had faced in his life, growing up in an orphanage with no one to talk to but a German Shepherd dog, and his time in Viet Nam, still only a young man, as a sniper. I admired him for what he had accomplished, and took delight in his sense of humor and intelligence.

He took me under his wing when I came to work at the OC at DCA. I can see now that he saw me as a young soldier, rather than a civilian, and he did what NCO's always do for young soldiers. I had never worked on a word processor before (this was 1979, they weren't that common at that time) and so he showed me the ins and outs of that. He was very patient with me and I appreciated his patience and his efforts to teach me. I looked up to him a great deal.

He had this gorgeous body...really I've noticed all Marines do...and I wanted him. I knew he was married though, so I was afraid to make a move on him. Plus, I was 18, shy, insecure, not sure how to proceed. And I had no idea if he wanted me back, or if I could please him in bed.

Our first time together was at Site "R." (Sort of like Cheyenne Mountain Complex only in the DC area.) He took me up there to show me the place prior to an exercise we would be having up there. I was the relocation secretary, so it was my job to go there during exercises and I would deploy there in case of war.

He was incredibly direct with me. "You want me, don't you? I can tell by the way you look at me..."

My heart was pounding, throat went dry, started blushing, the whole bit..."Yes" was all I could manage. I waited for his response.

He kissed me. I was moaning and grinding against him right from the start, just caught up in lust and need and so fucking turned on because I was close enough to smell him and I love the smell of men...and I had thought about him for weeks now, wanting him...

He was a little surprised by my reaction, I think, and gave a low whistle and said, "you really need to be fucked and I'm gonna give it to you..."

I wanted him in my mouth, I wanted to taste him and feel him down my throat, I wanted to worship his cock.

I was on my knees, my hands shaking as I was trying to take him out of his pants, and I was breathing hard by that point, really panting. I was focused on what I wanted, nothing else in the world mattered at all except that man and what he had between his legs and my need for him. I didn't care that he was married, didn't care what he would think of me afterwards, didn't care if I would lose my job over it...I needed him.

He let me take him in my mouth, and I took all of him, pressed my nose against his belly and cupped his balls with my hand...I was moaning still, even with him in my mouth, and I was running my tongue all over him, tasting his pre-cum and in general taking delight in this gorgeous piece of manhood in my mouth. Absolute bliss. It felt so satisfying to have him in my mouth like that, I wanted to stay like that forever, never get up off my knees, I wanted that moment to last....

I started moving up and down then, and getting some saliva on my hands so I could fondle his balls at the same time...he stopped me after a minute or two, told me he was close to cumming and wanted to cum inside my pussy...

I felt really torn...I wanted his cum in my mouth so badly, but I was aching between my legs and I knew he could make it all better....

I took off my hose and panties and took him by the hand and pulled him down on the ground with me, and it was just missionary style that first time, boring maybe to read, but I wanted to look into his eyes while he was giving me this amazing, wonderful gift....

I can't find the words to describe what I felt, how he filled me up and gave me what I needed, how knowing he was, how much it thrilled me to feel the strength of his thrusts. I think I felt so damn good...he shushed me, because while we were alone in that particular area, there were other people about, somewhere down the hall, and I was loud enough that I'm sure I could be heard from a mile away...I bit my lip hard, surprised I didn't bleed, and just took the pounding he was giving me, took the pleasure and tried not to scream.

Ever cum so hard you felt like you were going to pass out? It was like that...and I had tears streaming down my face after I came, after he filled me with his cum, and he was so tender, kissed my cheeks where the tears were, murmured to me, loving words...

After we were done, I said "thank you." I wanted to kiss his feet.

I felt satisfied not only between my legs, but in every cell of my body, just absolute bliss. I knew I would remember that day forever, and...I have.

100% (9/0)
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3 years ago
Excellent story. That was so HOT and very well written. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
Wow - really good story well paced and horny. Good stuff.