Why did I settle for that?

Just made it back from Miami, was a great visit, but it could have ended after the first night, and that would have been alright. Hated the dirnking and the smoke, but did meet another lovely tranny who did give me the tour and the break from this horrid northern weather.

Although the sex with her was good... Ok, average, I didn't think it was worth the money that spent getting there and back. Why did I let her shit on my chest while skull fucking me anyhow? Some things shall always be a mystery I suppose.

I did love what she wore, how she looked, and her long slender candy, it felt warm and welcome in my hand under our table at the club, too bad she popped then instead of when we got to her place. I'd much rather had her cum on me, or in my ass, or in my gloved hand. I still can't figure out what makes a big coch in white panties look so appealing to me. I only know that it makes me hot and hard, and hungry, always wanting more.

Not much of a story, I know, but as time goes on and I get better adjusted, I will write more about my exploits in the future. But for now, as the little piggy says at the end of the cartoon: "That's all folks!"
80% (3/1)
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2 years ago
Yeh you had to work her nore maybe rim her out to get her hard again
2 years ago
sorry she pooped on ya !