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21 hours ago
I love them
22 hours ago
Like sissies?
3 days ago
That was all titties Joyce was showing
4 days ago
Joyce was showing those titties in that tight shirt and coat.She didn't keep closing the coat to cover her boobs like usual.
8 days ago
9 days ago
That red jacket she had on today was really hugging her titties. Ginger has a nice pair also.
11 days ago
Yeah,but what about her titties?
13 days ago
And those tight blue jeans too
16 days ago
That red top she was wearing today made her look hot.would love to get my hands under it and squeeze those titties.
25 days ago
Joyce had on a green shirt today instead of her usual black and her titties were even more visible.
27 days ago
And the pants were so tight too
28 days ago
Joyce had on a tight shirt with see through sleeves today and a vest to try to cover her titties.
1 month ago

1 month ago
Thanks for the add. You have a very hot cock.
1 month ago
1 month ago
1 month ago
her shirt didn't cover her ass or her pussy bulge.her pants are always tight.
1 month ago
And her pants were so tight
1 month ago
tight top showed her big titties today.good bra lines.lips shaped for sucking dick.good side titty camera views.
1 month ago
Thanks for the add really hot profile
1 month ago
Did you saw all that ass she had in those tight velvet pants on today show
1 month ago
She tells the daddy molested me story the same way,word for word every time.She probably still masturbates and thinks about her old man screwing her.
1 month ago
Plus she was telling the short shorts story.Where Dave was watching that ass of hers,washing the car those short shorts
1 month ago
Joyce bragging about sex with daddy today.She liked it until she found out it was wrong.
2 months ago
Thanks for the invite. XXX Irina
2 months ago
I would love to get your cock down my throat and suck the hot cum out of it being the cum whore and slut that I am! I'm glad to be your friend! Please leave a positive comment on my profile page if you have not already and leaves some comments on my pictures if you like then and if you want to. I look forward to hopefully chatting with you if I can find the time!
2 months ago
Add me I give God the glory, thanks, praise and honor. God bless.
2 months ago
Can you imagine her walking around in her dressing room without the pants?Every time she bent over that coat would rise up and expose her big ass and tight panties.
2 months ago
Yeah..That coat couldn't hide that big ass and she was talking about her trainer told her to focus on one body part.You can tell she was focused back on that ass she had for years
2 months ago
Joyce's big ass and titties were visible through that coat today.
2 months ago
Those gray pants Joyce had on today really show she had on high cut panties. I 'll bet her father fucked her up the ass every chance he got.Dave was watching her ass the whole show.
2 months ago
That was all Pantylines Joyce showed on that show