Well she did piss me off!

Bumping into an old school friend Ive not seen for year.

I was late home I must admit and I hadn't phoned to say what the problem was and yes she was worried sick, but the hysterical wife that greeted me upon my return was far from expected granted its never happened before I am fairly reliable most of the time, but screaming at me and throwing my bathrobe, bed shorts and pillow at me and slamming our bedroom door in my face seemed extreme.

That was a week ago and after a frosty few days we're back to normal. Apart from her k**s Sarah aged 21 hasn't spoken to me since and Laura 19 is talking but not like normal of course I'm their step father and they are very protective about their mother, daddy being a arsehole and treating her like shit most of their marriage. Up until now I had been thought highly of but how quickly the mighty fall.

Wifes s****r and a few friends coming over to ours for dinner.

Saturday morning, a week to the day my lovely wife treat me like shit because I had a few drinks with a old pal. She's gone shopping with her daughters, sixteen year old Nick her son as football training and I have been left home alone to prepare some of tonight dinner. But first I check out a bit of porn on-line, some dirty little bitch with 3 guys poking at all her holes while she looks like she just wants her daddy to cuddle her, nice. Aroused I wonder round the house stroking my hard cock as I do Sarah's room first as usual her bad left unmade and pajamas on the floor I pick up the her shorts and smell the gusset deeply, hmmmmm sweet young pussy, she must have had some dirty dreams. Then over to the pile of washing in the corner and yesterdays dirty panties, nice little pink cotton ones with heavy piss stains in them nice and hard, I sniff and then gently lick at the hard stains until they soften under my moist tongue, they taste so good.

Then onto Laura's room compared to her older s****r's room Laura is tidy no clothes on the floor and laundry in the bathroom wash basket. Lift her pillow off her bed still with the indent left by her beautiful teenage head and rub my throbbing cock against it knowing my precum will rub off on to it and later she will sl**p and dribble on to it. She has half eaten f****y size bar of chocolate on her bedside cabinet (she's on her period and always eats chocolate when shes on) I pick it up and can see where she has bitten off chunks, I suck on the bites marks thinking I can taste her spit and leave some of mine there for her to enjoy later.

By now I am rock hard and need to cum, I think about wanking off into a pair of someones panties but then an idea comes into my head and I return to the kitchen.


I peel and finely chop 4 large onions place then in a pan and heat till they part cook. I am just in my bath robe and still have a hard cock, I put some porn on my laptop and set it before me on the work top, pulling at my cock while I cook. Next the garlic crushed in to the onions and then the tinned tomatoes, oregano, basil and salt, leaving it to cook I watch a few cumshots on a cumshot compilation video on my lap top.

Next the fresh fruit salad, peaches, pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, g****s and banana, all of which I either suck, lick or rub on my hard cock or puckered arsehole, I even manage to get the shape end of a few of the strawberries to penetrate the dark anal entrance a little. All chopped up and in a lovely old glass bowl that used to belong to her grandma I put the salad in the fridge.

Now onto the vegetables, The note my lovely wife left says roast vegetables so I start peeling and fucking with the carrots, parsnips, courgettes, butternut squash and potatoes, wanking and fucking my arse with the long thin ones peeled of course than slicing and dicing, job done.

The pasta sauce has cooled now and I empty the pan in to the largest mixing bowl I can find, a large stainless steel one, we bought in Ikea if I recall. Then placing the bowl on the floor and the laptop on the kitchen table I squat over the bowl and lower my arse over the bowl scooping up the warm pasta sauce in my right hand and rub it onto my throbbing cock and start to wank. The feeling is divine and knowing my bitch of a wife, her daughters and son her fucking stuck up s****r and her cunting friends will be eating the shit later made it all the more better. Alternating between pulling on my cock and finger fucking my arsehole with the lovely sauce watching one of my favorite porn clips with a woman tied to a table being used by countless horrible fuckers, who appear not to give a shit about the poor cow, I don't last long.

Shooting long hot spurts of cum in the pasta sauce, eyes fixed on the piss and cum soaked face of the table tied cunt, one, two, three, four spurts, wow loads of creamy man cum in my lovely f****y dinner. After scr****g the sauce and bits of onion, tomato and what not off my arse, balls cock and hands. I clean the residual off with kitchen towels and then return the sauce to the pan.

An hour later kitchen cleaned up, me showed and dressed my darling wife returns home and says hello with a kiss and six pack old English ales by way of an apology for her behavior last Saturday, she must have talked to the girls too because they seemed to have changed their frosty approach to me. She put the kettle on and said she'd make coffee and planted another kiss on my head saying how hard I'd been working and how lovely it smelt. I smiled and couldn't wait to she them all tuck in.

80% (5/1)
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1 year ago
Nice story..
2 years ago
And hopefully the saga begins...
2 years ago
It was worth eating it just to see them all eat it. She was just being a bitch anything I'd have done wouldn't have changed that.
2 years ago
wow! problem!! your eatting it too!!! duh did you explain it to her & give her persons phone number
2 years ago
A fine sort of justise