A true story of love, sex, lust and passion.

I was 18, a few months before my 19th birthday. My work had sent me on a six month full time college course. The college was in Reading, west of London. As it was too far to travel from home every day, I looked for lodgings. I found a room in a house which was within my budget, there was also a cooked evening meal so that was a bonus. The house was owned by Anna, a widow in her mid forties. Her daughter had moved out and she wanted to earn some extra money. For the fist couple of weeks I worked hard. I was out the house early every morning and spent the evenings studying in my room. I used to sit with her and watch the television but we never talked much. I use to head off home on a Friday evening and returned back late Sunday ready for college the next day. One Friday I didn’t go home as there was some work to hand in on Monday which I hadn’t finished. So I was going to work all weekend in my room to finish it.
As I was paying for the room Anna agreed. I didn’t bother to study that evening but relaxed with her in the front room. On the Saturday morning I was woken by a soft knock on the bedroom door. Half asl**p I looked at the clock, it was half past nine. Hello I said. Then Anna walked in and said I brought you a cup of tea. She was wearing her dressing gown. As she leant forward to put the tea on the bedside cabinet, one of her tits fell out her dressing gown. It was inches from my face and found it very erotic with a huge pointed nipple. It was big, very plump and round but a bit saggy. Oh look at me, got my tits out like a teenager she said tucking it back inside her dressing own. She sat on the side of the bed. I shuffled up the bed and sat up. I was stark naked and never wore anything in bed and my morning erection was visible so I pulled my knees up trying to hide it. We chatted and she asked me what I was going to do today. I told her I was going to study then I asked her if I could have a bath. There’s plenty of hot water, I run you a bath she said leaving the room. I drank my tea smoked a cigarette and heard the bath filling. Five minute later, I got out of bed put on my dressing gown and went to the bathroom. My bath was ready. I locked the door and got into the bath, washed myself then laid there soaking in the hot water. After about fifteen minutes the water had turned lukewarm but when I looked around there were no towels. I called out to Anna that there were no towels. I heard a knock on the door. I got you a towel she said. The door was locked so I put one foot out the bath and reached across and slid the lock back then quickly got back into the bath. She entered the room, something which I didn’t expect. Putting the towel down she asked if I had enjoyed my bath. I covered my genitals with the flannel. The water’s gone off a bit cold now I replied. She swished her hand in the water and said just how I like it. Undoing the belt on her dressing gown, it swung open to reveal her naked body beneath. The wiggling her shoulders it fell to the floor. She had a great looking body quite slim, huge tits and a hairy cunt. I cock instantly became erect, this was a turn on. She climbed into the bath, as she got one leg in I could see her pink pussy lips part beneath her hairy bush. I moved to make room for her, our legs were intertwined. I stared between her legs at her cunt lips. She grabbed the flannel which was covering my hard on and then looked down at me not saying a word staring at my eight inches of cock. She washed herself while I just sat there, my hard on in view. Standing up she asked if I could do her back so I rubbed the flannel across her back. This was such a sensuous feeling I thought I would cum instantly. We both sat got back in the water and her conversation became erotic then she told me I could make lots of babies with the size of my balls. All the time my prick was pointing up to the ceiling. Reaching for the towel she dried me and spent most of the time doing my prick and balls. Handing me the towel I dried her and spent most of the time rubbing between her legs. If I had know you earlier we could have made a baby together she said. I then realised she must have finished having her periods, I’d never seen Tampons or sanitary towels in the bathroom cabinet. Back home my s****r uses tampons and my mother sanitary towels. She put her arms around me and kissed me full on the lips and I responded by holding her close to me. We stood there and had the most passionate kiss in my life. Taking hold of one of her tits, I lowered my head and sucked on her nipple which instantly became hard. I did the same to the other and she moaned softly whispering I love that Steve. She took my hand and both naked, led me to her bedroom.
The room was dimly lit and smelt of sweet perfume. She had a big double bed which she laid upon and opening her legs said I want you to make love to me. She must have been hungry for a big cock. I put my head between her legs and started to lick at her lips. She responded by holding my head, stroking my hair and wriggling and moaning as I lapped at her pink pussy flesh. She soon became wet and the taste was heaven, the smell divine. Don’t stop Steve she kept saying as she writhed beneath me. The pungent smell of her love juice filled the room replacing the perfume smell. I pushed a finger into her love tube as liked at her now erect clit. I twisted my finger and slid it up and down inside her. That’ so wonderful she moaned. I then climbed on the bed and got into the 69 position. I didn’t know if she would do it but she took hold of my prick and licked at my knob while I finger fucked and licked her. She then took it inside her mouth and sucked on me. I want you inside me she said. I got into the missionary position and she took me prick and guided me to her warm wet pussy. One easy push and I went all the way up inside her with balls pressing against her arse. She wrapped her arms around me and her legs around my back and we kissed passionately for a few minutes laying motion less. I began to make short slow strokes with my prick and felt her virgina mussels slowly pulsating. After e few minutes of slowly pumping away and lots of kisses she said harder. I sped up, my hips frantically moving up and down as I fucked her as hard as I could. Then I felt my balls tighten and my legs stared to go weak. I’m going to cum I said and she responded with by saying finish inside me my darling. Her pussy was going into spasms. A few more pumps and I pushed home as far as I could go. My cock exploded, pumping my seed into her as I cum and cum again. I had ejaculated into her, creaming up the inside of her cunt. We lay arms wrapped around each other for ages. Then I must have fallen asl**p. When I woke I went down stairs and she made me the best cooked breakfast I’ve ever had. I didn’t get my college work done but we fucked four more times that day.
She then moved my cloths into her room and we spent the next four months living, fucking and sl**ping together in her big double bed.

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1 year ago
Did you ever get to assist or do any personal private things for her??
4 years ago
Great story, but, please, more explicit details. I mean, she sounds like a fine piece of ass, but you can't honestly expect me to belive you fucked her missionary for four months. I mean c'mon, you ended it just as it was getting good! More, next time. More, more, more! Of everything, damnitt!

But, I digress. No matter what, I enjoyed what you contributed, so thanks for the post.
4 years ago
Great story thanks
4 years ago
very good i hoped you learned alot from her
4 years ago
Great story. In my youth, fucking an older woman was the best sex I had. Thanks for posting.