It was my mate Jason’s nineteenth birthday and I was off out for a drink. We all met up at the local pub. There were four of us, all good friends having a great time. By the end of the night, only myself and Jason were able to stand the other two had drank more than their fair share. I was a student at the time so didn’t have a lot of money to spend and Jason spent the whole evening talking rather than drinking. As the other two staggered of home, Jason asked if I knew where he could get a drink now the pubs were closed. Trying to persuade him to get himself home was going nowhere. I finally said he could come home to my place as my dad had a few bottles we could have a go at.
Back home both my parents were out so I poured two glasses of brandy which we gulped back. Saying I was tied and wanted to get my head down, I suggested he left for home. He obviously didn’t want to walk home so I said he could sl**p in the spare bedroom which was my s****rs Carole who had moved out e few years earlier. I took him upstairs and showed him the bedroom but the bed wasn’t made up and agreed that he could sl**p in my bedroom. We went into the bedroom and started to get undressed. I’d only got my shirt off but Jason has stripped off and was standing in front of me naked. He was quite muscular and hairy and his prick was longer and thicker than mine, him foreskin rolled back and his knob exposed. This was the first time I’d seen him naked and I was enjoying what I was seeing. Mt prick was getting harder seeing this gorgeous man in front of me. Then I realised I had a problem, I was wearing my mother’s panties and he was watching me undress. I was heisting to take off my trousers as I didn’t want him to see me wearing a pair of my mother’s kickers. Wearing my mother’s panties is something I been doing for a few years now. Then I thought that if I took my trousers and knickers off together, he wouldn’t see them. Before I could make a move he had wandered over to me and saying I was taking my time, had undid my fly and pulled my trousers down to my ankles. He stepped back, startled and was looking at me in panties. Oh Steve, I didn’t know you were into that type of thing he said with a grin on his face. He asked me of they were my s****r’s or my mother’s. I told him that they were my mother’s. You look absolutely lovely in them he commented. My cock was now fully hard and trapped inside the material of the knickers. He put his arms around me and kissed me full on the lips while fondling my prick and balls through the knickers. I didn’t push him away but held him close. My first snog with a man and I was in heaven. We kissed for several minutes and fondled each other’s cocks, his was now hard. The funny thing was that although he was longer and thicker than me when limp, I was two inches longer and also thicker than him when erect. He dropped to his knees and pulled my panties down. I stepped out of them. He put them to his nose and taking a huge gulp sniffed at the crotch. I often wondered, now I know what your mothers cunt smell like he said I’ve had many erotic fantasies about your mother. We lay on the bed and kissed and fondled some more. He then got up and turned around and got on top of me, 69 position. His cock inches away from my face. I felt him grab my prick and put it into his mouth and I did the same with his. He pulled my foreskin back and sucked at my knob. I was hoping there wasn’t any smegma as I produce quite a lot of it. I was also producing a lot of saliva and took his prick down as far as it would go. It was lodged in my throat and I stared to gag and saliva gushed out my mouth and over my face as I coughed. As he was sucking me I felt a finger press against my arsehole. My arsehole was very tight but he managed to slip it inside. A dreadful thought occurred to me, what if my arse is full of shit. A bit more fingering and my hole opened up for him and he sipped in a second finger. I could smell his arse just inches away from my nose. We then got off the bed and kneeling at the end of the bed with him behind me I laid down and pulled my bum cheeks apart. He positioned his knob end at the entrance to my arse and pushed, it was wet with my spit. It wasn’t going in very easily, I was very tight but with a constant push, within a minute it was finally all inside of me. This is my first bum fuck. As soon as he entered me, I went limp but couldn’t understand why. He started to fuck me moving his hips slowly back and forth, it wasn’t slipping in and out very easily at first but then I became less tight for him. I squealed at first as it was a bit painful but then became very enjoyable. Within a few minutes he was pounding furiously way at me. Then I thought I heard the door open. As I was pinned to the bed by his hands on my shoulders, I couldn’t see what was happening. He kept fucking me then I did hear the door close about thirty seconds later. I could smell my mother’s perfume and realised she had walked in on us but must have watched me being bummed before leaving. Jason then grabbed hold of my hips and pushed in as hard as he could go. He had reached a climax and was shooting his load inside of me. I could feel his prick pulsating with every shot and felt his warm cum up my bum. He went limp and pulled out. We sat on the end of the bed. He pulled me over his knees and pulled by bum cheeks apart. He was looking at his cum dribbling from my anus. He gave me a friendly snack on the bum. I shuddered and yelped as I enjoyed this. Realising that I was enjoying it he was soon spanking me. Every smack of his hands on my bum got harder and my arse was soon red and stinging with me yelping with every smack. It was Jason who first got me into spanking. My parents must have heard everything that we were doing. I was soon hard and stood up he tossed me off and I came over his face. We got into bed and cuddled and kissed, I licked my cum off his face, it was very salty. Jason fell asl**p in my arms.
I woke next morning, Jason was still fast asl**p beside me. My arse was still stinging from last night. The clock showed it was ten o’clock. I had my usual hard on when I woke. I felt between his legs, he was limp. I laid there for several minutes thinking about my first bum fuck and how great it had been. I couldn’t have wanted any other person to be the first than my mate Jason. Jason then woke and turned and kissed me and said good morning. He too now had a morning hard on. We chatted for half an hour and he told me that it was his first time with a man and how he would willingly do it again. Jason got out of bed and grabbed the vase from the windowsill and pissed into it. I too was busting for a piss so joined him and we both pissed into the vase together. We then got back into bed and kissed and fondled some more. The door then opened and my mother came in with two cups of tea. She sat on the side of the bed, said good morning to us both and asked Jason if had enjoyed his birthday. Jason said good morning Mrs Axxxxd and without hesitation Jason told my mother that we had sex together. I knew my mother had not only seen us but watched for thirty seconds. Mom looked at the bed and how both our erections were pushing the sheets into the air. I felt so great that morning that I didn’t care. As she left mom bend over and picked up her panties from the floor and turned back at me and smiled saying enjoy your day boys. We spent the rest of the day in my bedroom fucking and spanking each other.

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11 months ago
2 years ago
loved the story it had me hard from start to finninsh
3 years ago
great horny story xx
3 years ago
A super birthday present! Enjoyed your story!
3 years ago
That was some birthday wish i could have one like that thanks
3 years ago
I am sooooo jealous.
Please write more dude!