Loosing my Virginity at 18

My mane is Steven and a few weeks after my eighteenth birthday my dad told me not to make any plans for Saturday as we were going to a party and I was invited. I knew that once a month they would go out on a Saturday but I didn’t have a clue were to. On the Friday, the day before the party my mom asked me if I’ve ever had sex with a woman. Go on son there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. I was a bit taken aback by this question and candidly told her I hadn’t but has had a few hand jobs from my mate’s girl friends and had fingered a few pussies. What I didn’t tell her is that me and one of my mates had tossed each other off and sucked each other a few years back. She then told me that this was a swinger’s party and there were going to be ladies there that are interested in me. I knew what swingers parties were as I’d heard of them but didn’t realise that this is what they were into.
On the Saturday I was told by my dad to make sure that I’ve had a shower and that I was clean. My dad drove us to the party. When he rang on the door bell we were greeted by a lady in here forties with just a dressing gown on. We all shock hands and she said that they were pleased I’d made it and they were all looking forward to me joining them. I could hear people talking and laughing in a room at the back of the house along the hall. I followed my mom and dad upstairs to the bed room. There were piles of cloths about the bedroom. They both started to undress. My dad was now standing naked in front of us. This was the first time I’d seen him like this. His thick prick was hanging flaccid with his foreskin rolled back and his knob exposed and his balls were large and heavy. My mom was now down to her underwear. Mom asked me to strip off. I was hesitant as I had an erection and was shy about being naked in front of them. I told them that I had a hard on and felt a little embarrassed. Mom told me that all the men were going to be hard so I had a head start and that they expected me to be hard and that all the women were dying to meet me. I stripped off to my underwear which was bulging due to my hard on. My mom asked me if I’d ever undid a bra and told me to undo her bra. I stood behind her and undid here the clips and she removed her bra and panties. I saw that here pussie was shaven up the lips with a tuft of pubes above and her nipples were poking out. I remover my underwear and we all stood naked together. The sight of my dad and mom naked made me very horny and made my erection even harder. My dad gave me some advice, these were older than me so take your time and don’t rush things. He also said that there was only one rule, no fucking your mom so let’s have some fun.

We went down stairs and to the back room. There were three other men and four other women there stark naked standing and sitting, all chatting. Mom and dad went in first and were greeted by kissing all the other guests. I stood at the doorway. One woman approached me and kissed me on the cheek. She told me that they had all been waiting for the time I’d join them. She took me by the hand and led me across the room to the table were drinks and food was laid out. Her mane was Alice and was late thirties and very fit. Her breasts were large and her pussy clean shaven. She poured me a drink and the other women gathered around. She told me that she knew I was a virgin and was looking forward to having some great sex with me. They were all interested in me. We chatted for a few minutes and the other women left us chatting alone. Then I noticed that one couple was on the sofa and the lady was tossing off a man. I noticed that dad was also being fondled by one of the ladies and he too had a hard on. Then I realised that all the men were erect and the women were sucking and stroking them. The women were either being fingered of licked by the men. My mom was on the sofa, legs apart having here pussies licked by a man kneeling between her legs. The party was now in full swing. The woman cupped by balls in here hand and was rolling them around. She took hold of my penis and pulled my foreskin back which was very tight. I don’t have my foreskin back except for when I shower and clean underneath it, it’s normally rolled forward and covers my knob with my foreskin back my knob was very sensitive. We put our drinks down and she laid on the floor legs spread for me. I got down and started to lick her. She pulled her lips apart for me so my tongue could get between then. The smell was very pungent and she was wet and her pussy was very oily. She told me to lick her clit. I’ve never really noticed a woman’s clit before but hers was swollen and poking out. As I licked it she grabbed my head with both her hands and f***ed me down harder onto her pussy. We continued for a good few minutes. I was on the point of shooting my load. I could hear the moans of the women as the other couples were all engaged in foreplay. She pulled me up her body and f***ed my head onto here large breasts. I knew what she wanted me to do so I sucked at her nipples. The last time I sucked a nipple was when I was f******n with another girls my age and had instantly come in my underwear. She said to me that she wanted me inside her and to fuck her hard until I come inside her. She took hold of my prick and pushed it into her virgina. I pushed forward and slid inside her easily. Raising my hips I started to pump way at her and slid in and out fucking her. After only a few strokes I shoot my load, not two or three times but a massive seven with my semen filling her pussy. I withdrew my prick which was still hard as ever. Laying on the floor besides her, I then noticed that the others had been watching us all this time. Mom said she was proud of me and dad congratulated me for losing my virginity. I’ll tell you what happens next in my next chapter

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3 years ago
just the rigth way to start a new sex life thanks
3 years ago
You just don't see that kind of parenting anymore
3 years ago
very good part 2, 3....
3 years ago
Mmmmm ... nice! Keep it up!
4 years ago
Really such stories are necessary for us.So that we can pass our time happily and with nice enjoyment.Here in India every girl and boy should think that we have been created for each other.Girl thinks that we should not loose her virginity, but actually her hymen might have been already torn due to cycling or on any other matter.He thinks that i must fuck her cunt one day
on looking at a sweet girl.In this way a girl should think that I must be fucked by his cock one day.Cunt is beautiful for a boy and cock is beautiful for a girl.If a girl is naked boy sees her pussy first and then her boobs.Similarly a girl looks at his cock/prick first and then his face.That is quite true as for as human beings are concerned.Any how I too love and like the stories given here above.Long live koothi and sammaan.
4 years ago
I love your story