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To fill in the obvious gap. I have attempted writing the other parts of the holiday but my sexual interests have switched to women and I cant really write a decent story when im not really enjoying remembering if that makes sence. I may return to it however for now I have decided to move on. At this stage of my life I was 18/19. I had been single and sexless for a while and started developing an interest in girls and ladies however had never done anything about it..

To set the scene, I had been at my dance class where I was a senior and helped out the dance teacher, Trisha who was in her late 40's. There was always rumours about Trisha being Bisexual but everyone just thought it was rumours made to wind up the girls in the locker room/showers afterwards. It was getting a bit late as we were clearing up from a show rehearsal and it was only myself and Trisha left out of the class and to our knowledge, the only people left in the building. Once we had cleare up we both headed to the locker room where she asked me if I was showering here or going home to shower. I let her know I planned on showering here so she said she would join me so that im not on my own. I didnt think too much of it and stripped off and headed into the showers.

Everything was going normal, I was soaped up a little and Trisha joined me at the shower next to mine. She was talking to me about boyfriends while we were showering and she quickly got on the subject of lesbians and girlfriends. I trusted her and told her I was curious but havent found anyone yet. This is when Trisha let slip that she was actually bisexual and she would love to give me my first experiences. Trisha did make it clear though that she wanted to keep this conversation between us which I totally understood. So after thinking about it a few moments I decided that I would like to.

My heart began pounding as Trisha smiled and moved over to me, our bodies getting closer until touching. Trisha held me and kissed me gently on the lips and I really liked it. I leaned in and kissed her back before our tongues got in on the action and we really began to kiss passionately in the showers. Her hands were running all over my wet naked body until I felt her hand run down over my pussy with her fingers tickling the lips. I let out a little gasp and she stopped to ask me if I was okay. I was okay, just a little shocked that she went down there so fast. We restarted kissing and her hands were back running all over me. She slowly began to kiss down my body, kissing each breast and nipple before working down my stomach, past my belly button and heading straight for my wet pussy.

Trisha was now down her knees looking up at me as her tongue probed my pussy for the first time. I really liked it as she slowly licked and lapped up the juices. She plunged her tongue deeper into me each time until I began moaning, probably a little too loud for a public place. Trisha began moving back up my body before kissing me on the lips before hinting that I should do what she did. I didnt hesitate and began kissing her breasts and nipples just as she had done to me, working my way down her stomach before I too was on my knees just as she was. It must have been so obvious I hadnt done it before as I nervously licked at her wet pussy for the first time. I loved the taste and loved the feeling of it and I could tell by the noises she was making that I must have been doing it right.

I wasnt licking for all that long before Trisha got me back up and suggested we better get going because it was getting late. WE moved out of the showers and began getting dried off but our eyes couldnt stay off our bodies. I knew what she tasted like and craved more as I watched her hide her body slowly with her underwear and clothes. Before we left she hinted that she would love to get to know my body better but in a more personal location. I agreed and admited I loved what we had done and wanted more. She just smiled and said "I hope so". We went our seperate ways however now that I had my first experince I knew this is what I wanted and I hoped something could happen out of all this.
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4 years ago
Very nice story an it's something that I fantasise about all the time
4 years ago
i was hoping to hear more of you and i am satisfied - this is so good Steph,thanks for posting...
4 years ago
very good start
4 years ago
Sexy start of seduction by an experienced dancing queen! I hope that the tasty story continues! ;-)P