The Holiday... [Part Two]

After having an amazing night with Mark I woke up with him still laying beside me totally naked, as was i. I couldnt help but look as I got out of the bed and got some clothes on before heading to make breakfast. Mark came through not long after and took somehting to eat. Once that was out of the way I went to get my bikini on for the pool. I stood with my back to the door as I got my bikini on. It was a pretty skimpy, pink one. As I got changed into it Mark walked into the room. It was strange for me getting changed when someone walks in but I didnt mind. I didnt even mind if he watched me or not as I was really comfortable with him now. With us both set we headed down to the pool, the first time we had really been out during the day as a couple.

Down beside the pool I asked Mark to put the suncream on my back. I undid the straps at the back of my bikini to avoid getting lines and lay down. I felt the cold cream squirt on my back before Mark began to massage it on my skin. He took his time, he must have been enjoying himself but I didnt mind. He covered every inch of my back, even sneakily putting his hands down the back of my bikini bottoms a few times. Mark then put some on the back of my legs and was running his hands up my inner thigh, really close to my pussy. He managed to resist however and I was left to bake in the sun for a while.

After about an hour I decided to take a dip in the pool and moments later, Mark joined me in the pool. We bobbed along at the side of the pool, just talking really. Mark then hinted to me that no one knows us and we can act like an ordinary couple, pointing out another couple who were kissing and hugging in the pool. It was strange for me to do this with him in public but I moved over and wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him in for a kiss. We bobbed around kissing in the pool, my legs now wrapped around his waist. As we bobbed, I could feel that Mark was getting hard as I could feel it press against me as my body went down. Mark then hinted to me that he would love to have sex right now, whispering it into my ear. I however told Mark that the apartment was only about 1min away and if he wanted, id be up for it.

We didnt waste another second and moved to the edge of the pool. I got out first and quickly got the key for the apartment as Mark already made his way over. I quickly unlocked the door and we both entered and pulled back the curtain on the door to make sure no one was looking in, not that it would matter as Mark picked me up and took me to the bedroom, almost throwing me onto the bed. I took off my bikini, untying the bottoms so they simply fell away from my body. Mark took down his shorts and he was rock hard. I lay on my back with my legs open for him as he crawled over my body until we were face to face and soon lips to lips.

Mark kissed me as his cock rubbed against the lips of my pussy. He asked if I was okay skipping the foreplay and I told him "do what you want". He smiled as he put his condom on and pretty foreably pushed his cock into me, so hard that I did let out a little yelp. He didnt start slowly either and really pounded me from the very start. After a few minutes he moved my legs so that my ankles were on hisi shoulders and he really started driving his cock deep into me. Much harder than he had before. I loved every thrust though, it was so raw and a****l like. Eventually he moved me onto my side and started really drilling it in with hard sharp movments. I was in ecstasy as I got louder and louder. Moving onto my stomach he really went for it, I even pushed back with my ass a few times to increase it for him and for me. After a few more minutes he let out his moan and I knew he had just cum.

As Mark pulled out I heard him say "shit". I rolled over and noticed that the condom has split. Split would be putting it nicely, the condom was destroyed really. After looking at the split condom I put my hand down to my pussy and I could feel the cum dribbling out. I joined Mark in saying "shit" as I lamely attmepted to get most of it out. Mark however then asked if I had been taking the pill, which I had been doing for the last few days, knowing I was going away on holiday. I knew I would probably be okay with me being on the pill but this could have been alot worse if I hadnt.

Eventually the initial shock turned itno laughing as Mark was laughing on his back laying next to me. I lay next to him with my hand propping up my head nexk to him with one leg moving onto his body, I slowly rubbed my pussy against his side. Mark laughed and said "theres no stopping you is there?". I laughed and rolled into my back and joked saying there was no satisfying me fully. It wasnt even lunctime on our first full day and hes cum inside me. I realised that this was going to be an amazing holiday, if only it could last for longer.
NOTE: Sorry for the delay with this part, just been busy with other things in life to worry about it. Should have the next part soon, dunno exactly when.
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4 years ago
Real hard sex can be as hot as scary, for several reasons ...
However the first full day together as real couple got off with hot start! ;-)P
4 years ago
Great story- can't track down part 1, will keep trying!
4 years ago
another amazingly hot story cant wait to read more of what happens next
4 years ago
your good at this dont stop
4 years ago
wow hot story.
When did you write part 1
4 years ago
stephy x we will wait as you are such a good writer