The Holiday... [Part One]

These stories will be broken up into parts. To keep you up to date on where we are in my timeline. When this story takes place im 17 and its summer. So its roughly a year after the last one. Mark and I had continued to have sex and explore although hadnt done anything new. I had approached him about anal sex but he told me he wasnt really into it and turned it down but at the time I didnt really mind, it was only something I thought about trying. So... on with the story.

It was during school holidays and it was pretty warm, even without the presence of the sun. I came in from being out with my friends and when I walked into the living room, Mark was there. I was a little shocked to see him and was told to sit down. I was getting a little scared, had Mark come clean? However my worries were misplaced. My parents and Mark explained that he had won a holiday for 1 week in Menorca. He had two tickets and claimed he didnt have anyone to go with and he was asking me. My parents were okay with it, maybe they wouldnt have if they had known what we had been doing but I wasnt thinking about that. I said yes and knew I was set for a week alone with Mark abroad.

I'll skip the boring part of the flight and skip to the hotel. We arrived there about 7pm and went to our room. It was a pretty big room with a double bed. I was nervous about actually sl**ping in the same bed as him, I was so used to going to my own bed after we made love. Once the cases were down and we were settling in to the surroundings and making sure things worked. Mark and I went out for a few drinks and something to eat, coming back at almost 10:30. Once inside our apartment we spoke about being able to be a real couple for a while, something that I had always wanted to experience.

Excited by the thought I led Mark into the bedroom. He sat on the bed and I moved in close to kiss him. He slowly lay down on the bed with me laying on top, kissing him. His hands travelling all over my body until he began taking off my top. With my top off I unbuttoned his jeans and peeled them off his body, taking down his underwear at the same time revealing his cock. I moved down to my knees and stroked his cock, slowly before moving my head over and starting sucking his cock the way he loved it. After a few moments I stood up and took down my jeans and underwear before removing my bra.

With both of us naked I crawled onto the bed, over his body until I lay on top of him kissing his soft lips, our bodys firmly pressing against each others. I could feel hsi hard cock almost tickling my pussy, teasing it. I slowly moved back onto his cock and felt it slide into my wet pussy. I sat up and began to rock back and forth on his cock with my hands pushing on his chest. His lands caressing my body and playing wiht my breasts. I started rocking faster and faster before Mark sat up and pushed me against his body before taking control and flipping me onto my back, still with his cock inside of me.

Now on my back Mark really started to take control and fuck me pretty hard. I could feel his balls banging against my body with every thrust. Before long I was feeling wave after wave of ecstasy as Mark pounded away at my pussy. He slowed down from time to time but it was only a moment, catching his breath before giving me another rapid burst. He slowed down once again but this time told me he was close to cumming. He didnt have a condom on so he pulled his cock out of my pussy. We quickly changed position so that I could start sucking on his cock, to finish him off.

I worked on his cock, licking the tip before pushing more and more of his cock inside of my mouth. Eventually I could sense Mark tensing up and I knew that he was about to cum inside my mouth. I started vigorously sucking, tightening my mouth around him when I could until eventually he let out a big moan and I felt the bursts of warm salty cum on my tongue. He seemed to keep going for ages with burst after burst before Mark himself pulled his cock out of my mouth making a little dribble onto my chin. Being the sexy minx I am I let him see the cum in my mouth before swallowing it all, even mopping up teh cum on my chin.

I lay down beside Mark on the bed, totally naked. Mark suggested that we get some sl**p. This was going to be a whole new experience for me, sl**ping naked with a guy and not trying to have sex with him. After a few hours of dozing off I was on my side and I felt Marks arm come over me. His cock was rubbing against the cheek of my ass and I had to try and resist from the urge. I still had another week of hot action with Mark, tonight was only the start and at least here we dont have to worry about being found out...

Note: Ive fast forwarded a year, you havent missed too much really. Decided to share this experience with you as a few things did happen over the holiday. Hope you all enjoy
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3 years ago
well done
4 years ago
Wonderful tale of a hot holiday with lucky Mark.
(Or did he organise his win himself? ;-)P
Anyway, spending the night together in one bed after long hard sex
and the erotic touches afterwards were a new experience for young Stephanie.
4 years ago
Very erotic tale, extremely well put together xx
4 years ago
i concure with the jokingwolf and hard too stephyx you are amazing
4 years ago
love all your stories,they are amazing and yet again you have made me hard