"From a Jack to a Queen and a King"

It’s not often that I go for a walk alone in the woods, but I’d been told to experience “Jack’s Forest” [oddly Jack was my nick-name], anyway, “Jacks Forest” is somewhat remote and the only way you can get there is a 20 minute drive into the countryside. But it was a beautiful Sunday evening so I thought, why not!

I’d been walking for some 15 minutes deep into the forest, when I noticed a 4x4 car and a tent attached to it, I didn’t think too much of it, but as circled around it I could hear some deep groans and aggressive and threatening language, I could hear a woman’s voice screaming … “You dirty bastards, your fucking sending me crazy … don’t shove that barrel’s up my cunt! … Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh … you dirty fucking perverts! … Please rotate it up my fanny …. Urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh … Shit, that’s great now put the other fucker up my ass!”
I thought, “What the hell is going on here!” …

I approached the tent, and through a gap I could see a woman spread-eagled on top of the car’s bonnet, her hands and feet tied to the car … she was squirming and gyrating as two naked guy’s were shoving what seemed like a shotgun up her pussy and her asshole … she shouted out “Right you two horny fuckers, I wann’a feel both barrels up my cunt, but first I wanna watch you suck on the end of the barrels’ and suck my love-juice off then spit on the end and shove them both up!!!

The guy’s duly obeyed, then sucked the end very leeringly and very seductively, they both then pissed on the barrels and edged closer to the woman … she cried out “You dirty bastards, can you piss all over my cunt and ass-hole first!” … the guy’s did … they pissed all over her fanny and ass, they then slid their hands into her cunt fingers first, then deep up the hand … the other guy stretched her cunt wide as the first guy put his whole hand in her fanny and gyrated his hand!!!! … She screamed out … “The pair of you now put one hand up inside my cunt … fucking now!!!!” Both guy’s did … and both squirmed and twisted their hands inside her pussy … “Ouch, you fuckers!!! … shove that fucking shotguns up my cunt … NOW!

The guy’s slip their hands out her fanny, then pissed and spat on the shotgun’s barrels and they eased both up inside her dripping cunt … “Fuck my cunt, harder … shove them both in!!! …. Ahhhhhhhhh … fucking great!” she shouted!!! … “Put both up my ass-hole … now!” The guy’s removed their weapons’ and then spat on and sucked on the barrels then eased both h gently into her ass-hole … “Argghhh! … you dirty filthy fuckers!” … both guy’s shouted out … “Shut up you dirty slut; you fucking love it, we’ll make you fucking cum and cum and fucking cum, then we’ll wank all over your cunt, ass & the gun’s and shove the while fucking lot up your dirty slutty cunt, bitch!” …

She squirmed and uttered “You outside the tent, fucking come inside and wank in my mouth!” … I didn’t think she saw mw … even so, I obeyed … I took my clothes off and clambered onto the bonnet and began rubbing my hard phallus … “Go on fucking rub it against my lips, I wanna feel your cock and see the love-juice oozing from your cock!” … Meanwhile the two guy’s continued fucking her cunt and ass with the shotguns … she then blurted out “OK, all of you wank over my mouth, and shoot your cum all over my mouth and each others cock, then I’ll suck each one of you dry, you horny bastards!”

All three of us, rubbed like crazy and |I came first and sprayed her mouth and the two guy’s cock’s as well … the first guy also came he shouted … “I’m cumming you dirty slut, take my fucking load!” … he then grunted and groaned as he cum all over her cum-sodden face and lips and he had some left to dribble over myself and the first guy. Eventually, the other guy, rubbed his cock and grunted “Ok, babe, take this fucking lot over you slutty-face!” His cock seemed to spray like a hosepipe and he saturated her face and our cocks, what a fucking sight it was!!! She did indeed suck us all off, and duly cleaned up the cum from our reddened cocks She then shouted out … “OK, I wanna kiss all you dirty fuckers on the mouth, and maybe exchange some of your cum!” We all lined up, I was first and her French-kiss was awesome as her tongue darted in and out of my mouth and then let a flow of cum seep into our mouths. “OK, guy’s your turn next!” … she kissed both guy’s and let the remaining cum flow out her mouth so it dribbled down to her heaving tit’s.

Thanks guy’s, that was fucking great, now what’s your names? … I replied “Jack”, the other said John Queensbury!”, and “I’m Paul King!” … she laughed and said, “Well, from a Jack to a Queene and King!”
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very interesting