"Three Cock's In A Fountain"

“Three Cock’s In A Fountain”
(A True Story)

It seems like only yesterday when I visited my b*****r and his wife’s house 10 years ago. I visualize now being asked to look around the house and check out the study room to look-over his computer. How was I to know that the door I opened was his daughter’s bedroom!

As I opened the door I heard a faint groaning noise; so I realized this wasn’t the study; but it was! The sight before me was of my b*****r’s 17 year old daughter Carrine and her b*****r Kyle, who was fucking her from behind whilst she watched the laptop which was showing a porno film! … “Hello, Uncle James!”, she spoke softly, sorry you saw this but I just needed a fuck and my b*****r was handy. “You horny pair!!” I said … “Don’t tell my dad, he’d go ape!” Corrine spoke … “Nah, I wont, don’t worry!” I replied … “Can I suck your cock, Uncle James, I want a threesome,. Just like the movie!?” This somewhat shook me, but I replied “Yes, OK!” … the sight of this 17 year-old being fucked from behind was a turn-on … as my cock was now very hard.

I approached her from the front and she told me to take of my trousers and pants, then she said “I want to suck your cock as my b*****r fucks me from behind, then I’m gonna spurt all over you both!” … Spurt, I thought? … She sucked hard on my cock and I could feel the cum building up in my balls …Kyle and I the changed position, she sucked on his cock and I lunged my rock-hard cock into her dripping-wet cunt; I began fucking hard and roughly …

“Hang on guy’s I wanna; spurt over you two i****tuous fuckers!”, With that she turned around and faced us both then raised her hips, opened her legs and then she spurted some 3 yards all over myself and Kyle … this was such a turn-on … she pissed some 3 minutes till she said … “Now wank all over me, I want to suck your spunk and my piss!” …

We obliged and began wanking … she teased us by also playing with her pussy … rubbing her fingers over her clit and into her cunt … “Come on, you dirty bastards, fucking shoot your load over me”!” … I shouted out that I was cumming and so did Kyle … “Don’t cum yet, I wanna suck your cock’s first!” … which she did … both cock’s in her mouth!!

She released our cocks and said “Right, now you can wank all over me … FUCKING NOW!”, she cried out … Kyle came first as his young cock spurted oodles of milky-white cum … “Now it’s your turn, Uncle James … shoot into my mouth … fucking gag me with your cock and cum!” …

I did, I exploded in her mouth … and as I pulled it out of her cum-sodden mouth she let some of the cum seep out the corner of her mouth … she licked it … and sucked the last drop up … “That was great, now I want you to call my dad and mother, as I wanna fuck the lot of you!” … “What!” I said … “Don’t worry Uncle James, we fuck regularly, it’s not a problem; we all fucking love it!”
She shouted down the stairs …. “Mum, dad, see what Uncle James & Kyle have just done to me … they fucked me!”

To Be Continued
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1 month ago
Very very hot
2 years ago
Love piss games also reminds me of my sister and brother. Very hot my cock is still hard
4 years ago
very nice stroy
4 years ago
well you left us hanging please write what happens next
4 years ago
nicely told story that made me harder again :)
4 years ago
Funny how it goes from her saying to not tell her dad to her saying they fuck all the time and even yelling for her dad to come see.
4 years ago
talk about keeping it all in the family lol good story
4 years ago
ahh im horny now oh and what did the parents do lol
4 years ago
that was BRILLIANT