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Wow, what a weekend, was away for my wifes "friends" going away do, she is emigrating to the US. We were staying in a hotel and the scenery around was amazing so
>her friend was saying all night that she wanted to go out and see it. Everyone kept saying yeah will go out with you later... Over dinner and all evening her friend was passing
>compliments to me and saying how nice I was etc. Anwyay my wife got a bit d***k and went to bed early so the rest of us kept drinking and chatting away and her friend
>mentioned it again so I said oh all right I will bring you out... Now her friend is really hot and had the most amazing little black dress on with black tights and long legs. She
>has a round little arse that looked so amazing especially when she walked and it moved from side to side in the dress. I couldn't keep my eyes off it all night and was
>thinking about filthy things I could do with her. So I accompanyied her out around the grounds and we stopped at a sort of a railing looking over the Glen of the Downs. She
>started saying how much she would miss us all and especially me and started sort of streching and sticking out her arse and making horny moaning sounds. I had had
>been hard in the bar looking at her and had to disguise my hard on by putting my hand in my pocket and hold on to my cock so nobody would notice. I could feel the horny
>tension and I was really nervous. I couldn't resist it and I stood right in behind her. I was shaking like a leaf, I was so excited and nervous. I couldn't resist the temptation
>and started rubbing her arse. She bent out her arse in approval and started rubbing it into my cock which was at this stage oozing serious precum.. She looked over her
>shoulder at me in a very secuctive way but didn't say anything but puckered her lips wondering what I would do next. I started rubbing down her legs to her silky tights and
>then up the inside of her leg. I knew that I didn't have much time in case we were caught so made up my mind that the damage was already done so wanted to fuck her
>now. I reached under her short black dress and fingered her moist pussy through her tights. She didn't say anything and seemed to like it so I ripped her tights with my
>finger to get me access to her tight little fuck hole. This is a complete georgous girl who has not got fucked by the way for the last at least year. I know that for a fact and
>here I was with my fingers in her cunt. Wow Wow Wow I was so excited I took them out and licked my fingers. She was as clean as a whistle which is a huge turn on for
>me. She looked behind her as if to say "where is your big cock?". I unzipped my trousers and took out my big swollen knob and squeezed my shaft as hard as I could so
>my knob would swell up as big like a balloon and purple as possible. She had made me horny looking at her so many times in the past that I wanted to really to open up
>her cunt with my knob to let her know how excited I was. I also wanted to destroy her perfect little cunt before some American fucker got to her. What a thrill, I felt like a
>porn star, wanking my cock for her before I put it in her. She had a skimpy little black thong on which I wanted to rip off her as a trophy but knew I had to leave her intact so
>nobody would suspect anything. Imagine if we came back with her walking funny with ripped tights and spunk running down her legs? Anyway I tried to insert my knob into
>her pussy but only got to her lips and felt lots of friction. I put my fingers back into ther pussy through her ripped access hole and thong and fingered her some more. I also
>fingered her arsehole with my thumb which she moaned at the filthy little whore. I tried again with my knob and f***ed my cock through what little moisture was there. I felt
>a bit of burning and put her right leg up on the railing hoping to open up amazingly tight cunt. I was mostly in but wasn't stroking her with my cock. The excitement was
>getting too much with the thought of being caught and my cock started to twich and throb uncontrollably. She could obviously feel it and reached back and started to
>squeeze my balls. She said, I hear you like that don't you?. My wife must have told her?? My balls had tightened up like a tennis ball and I shot my hot spunk into her
>cunt. I used every muscle to try to unload every last drop. After that I withdrew my very sore cock from her tight pussy and wiped it all over her tights. I tongued her mouth
>and said thanks. We went back into the bar to join the gang.. Nobody suspected anything. When I went to bed I couldn't stop thinking about it and got really excited. My
>wife was asl**p so couldn't fuck her. I kept thinking how it would have been great to have more time and in a bed, undressing that black dress, rubbing those silky tights,
>licking her little tits and teasing her cunt with my tongue by slobbering over the backs of her tighs and arse before licking her clean cunt clean. She was fairly hairy I think
>but clean. I would have loved to lube up her cunt so my cock would slide in her and talk dirty to her while I fucked her. I got rock hard again and went into the bathroom for
>a wank... My cock was still sore so put on some moisturiser to ease the pain.. I wanked off my jizm thinking about her. xxx

Posted by Squirtcum 3 years ago
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