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Ladies do you massage your man's balls?

So ladies, do you massage/squeeze your man's balls as he fucus you? Person ally I find nothing more a turn on not to mention primino the balls for a enormous unloading. Check out the attached around 14:50 if unsure how to...

Posted by Squirtcum 4 months ago

[Story] Squirted on her Friday Squirted on my on Saturday

I want share a story about the horniest weekend of my life involving 2 different women. I had started seeing this girl recently and it wasn't too serious as we had only been out once or twice on a date. I had early in the week to meet her on Saturday night and I was hoping I could finally get her into bed to have sex with her. She was very sexy, black bobbed hair, slim and nice tits or so they looked. I couldn't wait but was very nervous on how our date would go. There was a work night out in a well known rugby club on the Friday night and it was a barn dance theme night. I said I would g... Continue»
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[Story] Great Sex

Well I had the most explosive start to the year with the most intense f***ed orgasm I have ever had. I was alone as my girlfriend was out with her friends, one of them being a right filthy whore I

believe, as when they go out she always wants to be fucked when she comes home d***k. I am convinced she tells my girlfriend to go home to me and fuck me silly. This night though I wasn't

expecting her home so was on xhamster looking at my fav vids, friends etc. This one finally did for me:
Unloaded everything I had as... Continue»
Posted by Squirtcum 2 years ago

Help!! Need a particular handjob video

Have you noticed that 99.99999% on handjob videos seem to be nearly all staged with the man in a certain position which is normally sitting down? I am looking for a missionary or horizontal handjob movie with the man on top and the woman reaching down to pull his cock. In most cases he will be kissing her and she wanking his cock. Well when I was first properly wanked off it was by a girl from New Jersey and the experience was amazing. I would love to find a video like this if possible. Anyone out there know where I could find?
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cum slit

Mmmm just noticed that my cum slit really opens wide when I am about to shoot or squirt my spunk. When I am really excited and hold the skkn tightly back towards the base of my cock by my balls. Normally shoot tons of spunk. See my vids under "Funmenow" on adult friend finder. Will try to upload here too. Interested to know if any other men have this situation with their cum slits or had it licked by a woman
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One of my horny stories

Wow, what a weekend, was away for my wifes "friends" going away do, she is emigrating to the US. We were staying in a hotel and the scenery around was amazing so
>her friend was saying all night that she wanted to go out and see it. Everyone kept saying yeah will go out with you later... Over dinner and all evening her friend was passing
>compliments to me and saying how nice I was etc. Anwyay my wife got a bit d***k and went to bed early so the rest of us kept drinking and chatting away and her friend
>mentioned it again so I said oh all right I will bring you out... Now her friend is... Continue»
Posted by Squirtcum 3 years ago