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WTF!!!!! Men posing as women on here are fucking L

My god. is this how much of a loser men can be. that they create profiles saying they're women and then fucking after getting so many male friends they changetheir profile to being a guy on here? like wtf is wrong with these stupid fucking losers. you can tell they don't have a life when they pose as a woman. like Beneficence. that's really a dude. and here i was chatting with "her" about doing all sorts of things and just now turns out its a dude >.< hold on i have to go throw up now.....-_-

ok i'm back sorry bout that. disturbing images came to my mind writing that last bit. anyways i posted a comment on that persons page and they deleted it clearly they didnt like what i said. hence this blog post. lol

makes me wonder if i've been talking to guys posing as women more then real women. *shivers* better not think about that. otherwise i'll be in the bathroom all night throwing up lol

but still. WHAT THE FUCK!
Posted by Squirt_Luver 2 years ago
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2 years ago
There are A LOT of them on here. Pisses me off and I don't really see the point. That's why I'm so picky about adding and talking to people, never know who is real are not. Some are very obviously fake and other having gotten good at posing.