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so the more im on here the more im reading some hot stories, looking at pics and watching videos that catch my eye mostly squirting videos though. and chatting with friends i have made. like i said in my about me that im not an attractive guy. im fat and really dont like my looks and one paticular part is my cock. i dont have a big fat cock for sexy beautiful women to gag on. i have a 5inch uncut cock. and recently talking to a friend and asked her what her preference is for cocks and she shocked me by saying she likes small cocks. that right there blew me away...no pun intended lol and hearing this i told her how big my cock is and being uncut. and i told her that ive never had sex or even been sucked off which is true by the way incase you think im lying. anyways she made me look at the brighter side by telling me that i will love it once it happens and that there are women out there that love small uncut cocks like mine and will get great pleasure from it.
Posted by Squirt_Luver 3 years ago
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3 years ago
A guy with a small dick actually has an advantage when it comes to getting a bj. Personally, I could orally please a smaller cock for hours if the guy would let me. A larger penis causes the jaw to get tired much too quickly.
3 years ago
dont feel bad or anything. ive never understood why most girls seem to like big cocks the most. i like all :)
3 years ago
You sound like a regular guy to me except for never having a relationship with the opposite sex. Why don't you join one of those internet dating websites and see if there are any older women that want to have sex with younger men.