Squirt Fantasy Continued

*Not true. just a fantasy continuing on*
Im picking up where I had to end suddenly. ran out of space apparently. Anyways. I last left it with a woman sucking on my cock while im getting squirted on. some of the women even squirted on my cock. which lead to the woman sucking on it. so one by one they all squirt on me. from head to toe im soaked. even swallowed some squirt. even helped some women as they straddled my face by licking and even fingering them til they came.
the woman who sucked me off she is a hot stunning blonde. nice big firm breasts and shaved wet pussy. she actually resembles former WWE diva Torrie Wilson. then again this is a fantasy of mine and shes my favorite diva of all time so well just say this woman was Torrie. :D
afterwards someone hands me a towel to dry off and directs me to the shower. on my way there "Torrie" wanted to join me. she tells me she really loved sucking and squirting on my cock and making me cum. clearly you know where this is leading to. but thats for next story.
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3 years ago
wow,,how do you manage to get to sleep with all that squirting going on in your head??? mmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!