i went to traffic court for the first time when i was 19 i looked young but was very tall. i didn't know what to expect i just knew everyone hated it. i don't know how it is in other cities but in the bay are you have to be there at 7 in the morning, just to wait in a line that stretches around the block. but the doors dont open till 9a.m. so i figure this out when i get there. so i see alot of cute girls in line, i ask the O.G.(old man)behind me to hold my spot. to make a long story short i got 3 numbers and a spot closer in line, inside was another loooooooong line. i don't make it to the window in time and i have 2 come back at 2:30p.m. i had no car, and only enough money 2 get home once. as im thinking about what to do an amazingly beautiful women walk in front of me

she was about 5'9 with light tan brown skin, and the body of a athlete, and the ass of a track star. breasts that were very perkey but not to big. her hair was brunette and crystal blue eyes. she walked passed me and smiled, showing her perfectly white teeth. i hesitate but eventually go over and talk to her. i flirt with her a little make her smile and giggle, and find out she is a 32 year old Egyptian women. we talk and flirt 15min or so.just as i"m actually getting to know her and starting to like her a little. they call her on the intercom. i realize she works here and by the way shes dressed she looks like she has some kind of say so power. i tell her my situation. she got me into the early court hearing, and she is the judge. she calls my last out of a group of 50. she let me slide with out paying anything. as every one leaves the room we catch eyes and she signals me 2 come back. she said she has a two hour lunch break. i tell her i have a craving 4 peaches and cream, she smiles and laughs thinking i was joking. until she looked in my eyes and saw i was serious.

she said i know a place, she locks the doors and leads me to a small office room in the back of the court room. locking the door as it closed she turned and sat down on the chair, motioning me to come over. pulling me down 2 my knees she said "i have all u cant eat". as i slip her pants off i plunge my tongue deep in her already wet pussy, working my way to her clit. her legs start shaking and a few minutes in she screams, i lap up her cream and she pulls me up and pulls my pants off. she immediately starts to deep throat me. i was amazed, although im not mandingo, i was still 9inches, and very thick. as she got my 9 to a 10,she slipped me inside her we went from the desk, to the chair, wall, to the ground. and just as i was getting ready to blow she jumps off my dick and wraps her lips around me. it had been a whole week since i last came, so i knew it as going 2 be big. i let loose in her mouth and she swallowed as i came.

i look forward to court every time i have to go. and just to keep it a fantasy we only fuck when ever i have to be in traffic

another day for a hoop star in the bay
100% (9/0)
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4 years ago
Hi spyda14 you have a great story there the question is how many more stories does the judge star in.
4 years ago
true story