New obedience

Life had changed lately, really changed. She did not know if it was for the better or for the worse but she could not think of going back now. Nothing would prevent her to do so, nothing was out in the open, she could have say stop when ever she had wanted to, yet she did nothing. At the beginning it was a mix of curiosity and adventure. But as it went on it became more about abandoning herself, abdicating responsibilities, letting someone else making the decisions and just obeying, pure and simple obedience. Of course there was a strong element of naughtiness in all this, going against the flow, doing something secret you would never dare to speak about to someone that was not on the know. That had excited her straight away, still did. She was a strong independent person, at least that is what people would say of her and she would do nothing to correct them. After all that was an image she had worked on hard, herself. Over the years it had become more than an image: a way of life. She still kept this pretence to the outside world but within closed doors this life had exploded. In the privacy of her own household she had reverted to the little girl she had always felt, deep inside, she was.
It all began very simply. She suspects her partner must have been watching or reading porn on the internet and that it gave him ideas. She never asked and now she will not. They were having sex on their bed, just normal out of the box sex, as they would normally (always) have. It was good, fulfilling and until recently she would have said as good as it gets. He was lying on his back and she was on top of him, on her knees with her hand on his chest and bobbing up and down on his cock. His hands were on her thighs rubbing them up and down. He brought his left hand behind her shoulders and pull her toward him so that her back was arched her ass well exposed and he was now doing the moving while immobilising her. She was enjoying feeling his cock ramming her. He was massaging her cheeks with both hands, spreading them apart, pressing them together, moving them around in circles. Out of nowhere the sting came. Her first thought was too tell him off, what did he think spanking her? But her pussy told her otherwise. It was like an electric current had run through it sending small shock waves through her lower body. When the second smack came she simply moaned. After the fourth she asked him to hit her harder, which he duly obliged. She came quickly and very strong before collapsing on him.
Things had moved a bit since this first spanking she thought. Her wrists were tied together in her back with a rope. The same rope was running to the spreader bar attached to her ankle cuffs forcing her shoulders backward and thrusting her breast out. She was kneeling like that in the middle of the living room only wearing her hold-up stockings, high heels and a string. Her mouth was held open by a gagging ring the back of which was attached to her wrists by another piece of rope pulling her head backward so that she was staring at the ceiling. She was not allowed to move and in any case was not able to. Her master was currently holding a funnel in her mouth, through the ring gag, and was busy pouring olive oil in it and obviously in her. She could feel the warm and viscous liquid filling up her mouth and running its way down to her stomach. She knew the result it would have on her, in an hour or so, but there was nothing she could do about it. In a way she was not in control of her body any more, her master was. He had decided that he would purge her and now her body was going to do just that. What she wanted was irrelevant. Her master poured the oil and her body would expel it and she would not be able to prevent either. Her master wanted her clean today and she doubt he would stop at that. She did not know how much she had swallowed by the time her master stopped pouring but she could almost feel the effect of it already. She was allowed a bit of wine to rinse her mouth but since it was dispensed the same way as the oil she did not really get a chance to appreciate any of it. However it did had the desired effect and her mouth felt slightly better even if still very stretch. She really did not like the ring at all, it was very uncomfortable to wear and after a wee while her lower jaw would go numb and if her head was not pull backward she knew she would have been dribbling by now. Her master left her to simmer for a few minutes before coming back to untie her. She did not rise from her kneeling position until she was ordered to. When she did it was to be ordered to do the hovering and other dusting round the house. The spreader bar on her ankles was replaced by a chain that f***ed her to make small steps when walking and the ring gag was removed at the condition she remained silent otherwise a ball gag would replace it. She started with the dusting. The chain proved not to be a problem, the oil was already working its way through her body and she was busy tightening her anus, stopping her from making big steps anyway. She was not allowed to go to the toilets without asking permission and she knew her master would not grant it for a little longer. Not until she was really desperate. So she kept on dusting and hovering and tightening her little ass. The pressure in her bowels was going crescendo; she was going to have to ask now as soon the cramps would follow. She was refused the bathroom and sent back to her hovering but soon afterwards she was bent in two over the Hoover and clinching her thighs to avoid releasing her load in the middle of the living room. She walked as fast as the chains and her bowels allowed her to her master, knelled down in front of him and asked to be allowed the bathroom. The answer was unambiguous, her master unzip his pants and pulled his dick out in front of her face. She did not lose any time and took it in her mouth and hand and started working on it franticly. She had to stop from time to time as her tummy cramped and more than once she was close to defecate on the carpet. But her ass held good and she was able to make her master come. She swallowed his semen dutifully before requesting the permission to relieve herself which this time was granted. She rushed to the bathroom to find the door to it locked. She turned round, bemused, to her master and found him smiling and nodding toward the kitchen. Her heart sank. Through the open kitchen door she could see, on the middle of the floor, an old style metal bucket with her name written on it...
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Interesting beginning