katia loses her bum cherry

She was bent over face down on the table, her tall legs keeping her ass up in the air. Her hands were tied to each of the further away table legs while her ankles were attached to the closest ones. Her face mask prevented her to see anything; it was darkness all round and only her ears could help her guess what was happening around. All her senses were heightened by the deprivation of her sight. She felt very vulnerable and humiliated being so unable to move and cover her nakedness, worse, her bare ass so exposed made her feel like a bitch awaiting a male to come and sniff her little pucker before to climb her up. Of that she wasn't far from the truth. Her cunt was stuffed with her own vibrator; a piece of duck tape running from the end of the vibrator right over to her tummy button ensured that it wouldn't go anywhere. A good thing she had shaved her pussy not long ago or it would have hurt removing the tape. In the meantime she was getting orgasm after orgasm and her legs felt like jelly. She had been instructed to keep her legs straight and the welts that her bum must be wearing now were a tester of what would happen if she didn't. No stuffy muzzle came to sniff her asshole but an unexpected cool jelly applied there made her tighten her sphincters. It was pointless. The finger that had applied the goo was busy spreading it around her tight hole sending waves of sensations up her lower back. When the finger finally found its way in, there was nothing she could do about it. To add to the humiliation of being so intimately penetrated she found herself enjoying it. Her anus was relaxing quickly and the initial discomfort of being unwittingly opened was giving place to a warm sensation that turned her on even more. She was orgasming again, her pussy flooding despite the attention being on her ass. The finger withdrew and she found herself disappointed. Her sphincters kept contracting as if they were trying to suck up the whole world. But the finger came back with more jelly. This time it was most welcomed coming in and when its b*****r the forefinger joined in the fun to stretch her even further she started to want more. She could no longer keep her bum still and was now pushing on the fingers to send them ever deeper in her rectum. Eventually a third finger came in which f***ed her still again, at least until she became accustomed to be so invaded. The jelly made the movement inside her very smooth and she was now getting frustrated not to feel these even deeper her colon. When the fingers withdrew the emptiness that replaced them was intolerable and she begged for more, further humiliating herself. She didn't have to beg for too long, though, before something much bigger was applied against her anus. That scared her and she tightened her asshole again. It was his cock's head pressing her anus. After a few pushes she relaxed again and the new invader made is way in. It was much bigger than the fingers and her ass was now very stretched. It was a strange mix of excitement, shame, enjoyment and pain, all at the same time. What she hadn't realised was that only the head had gone through yet. When the rest of the cock was pushed through she gasped in surprise. She was now feeling very full, more like stuffed with the vibrator in her pussy adding to the pressure. The cock, once fully in, rested for a few second to let her adapt to her new condition of sodomised demoiselle. Then the movements started. The well lubricated cock was moving in her from deep within to almost completely out. This was leaving her feeling in turn very full or dreadfully hollow. It was also sending wave after wave of sensations in her lower back producing the biggest orgasm she ever had. The orgasm finally subsided leaving her almost lifeless on the table with the cock still ramming her hard. She couldn't tense or relax her anus anymore, it was like it no longer belonged to her. She was now being used as a cum bag by her partner, thus humiliating her further. She panicked a bit when she thought she needed a shit but it was just her bowels misleading her, not being used to such an invasion. Eventually the ramming became stronger and she felt the cock releasing its load in her before to withdraw. She received a few slaps to remind her to keep her legs straight and her ass in the air. Only now was she told that her ass would be sore for a wee while and that they would be at it again the day after the morrow. In the meantime she was to keep her ass up in the air a bit longer to keep his sperm in her bowels. When she would stand up again, assuming her legs would let her do so, she would feel the sperm coming down trickling between her cheeks. The thought of this was almost enough to send her in another orgasm...
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3 years ago
Very nice!
3 years ago
good story
3 years ago
great honey more!
3 years ago
wow! great story

please keep them cumming ;-)
4 years ago
there is more to this story how about a beginning & a follow up
4 years ago
yes please