The Lonely Wife Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – The Lonely Wife
Fiona was bored, with her almost loveless marriage her husband who was an International Banker, who only thought of money and thought his two minutes of sex, with the lights off on every Saturday night was the best his wife had ever had. At 37 she still thought of herself as attractive, not head turning, but ok as she kept herself fit, at the gym three times a week and was still 36c-28-37, not bad and just a little tummy no matter how much she tried, to get rid of it. Fiona had tried everything with him from sexy lingerie to dressing up, but nothing changed. She had even told him she had a very submissive streak and he could do anything he like to her, but it was always the same and no variety.
None of the men in the gym were worth having an affair with as they were either her neighbour’s husbands or retired and most of the gym instructors were women and the two male instructors were so conceited she was surprised they did not disappear up their own assholes. It was whilst she was changing to go home that she overheard Anita and Liz talking about the new window cleaner in the area and it seemed he did more than clean windows, with the bored women in the area.
“He’s not exactly handsome, but he is trim and his stamina is fucking amazing. At first I thought it was Joe the old window cleaner, but he said he had hurt himself and he had stepped in to help his Uncle. Well I thought nothing of it and went to have a shower and washed and thought he would wash the front windows like Joe, but he did the back first. Well I thought he had finished the front windows and I was feeling horny so I got out a vibrator and was pleasuring myself and was lost in my own fantasy world when he started cleaning the bedroom window and well he saw everything. Then the cheeky fucker said if you need a hand with that let me know. Well I was shocked at first but then I saw him and was so horny I thought why not I need a cock and fuck and he is available.”
“So what were you thinking, when you saw him watching you?”
“I did not think I just pulled out the vibrator and opened the window and invited him. Well he was in the window in a flash and I could see he was excited by his bulge in his jeans, and it was far bigger than pee wee Rupert’s when full erect. Well I just lost my head and rubbed his bulge and told him he could do anything he wanted as I was a helpless lady. Well the next thing I know, he had swept me up in his arms and I was carried to the bed and he threw me on the bed and pulled off his t-shirt, kicked his shoes off and dropped his jeans, and wham I was confronted by an 8” snake.”
“Umm nice! So what did you do?”
“Well I thought finally a real cock to fuck me, but he grabbed my hair and pulled me towards his cock. Tears welled up in my eyes but fuck I was horny and well I wanted him take control of me. He held his cock with one hand and f***ed my mouth towards his cock, he was saying “Suck on this you stuck up bitch and things like that.” So I opened my mouth and he pushed it in against my cheek, which bulged I licked along his shaft in my mouth. He then pulled it back out and told me to lick his shaft and balls. He let go of my hair and he got on the bed on his knees and had me lay flat on my back whilst I lay almost under him and I took his cock in my hand and pulled it down to my mouth. “
“Go on your making me wet.” Said Liz.
“Making you wet, Christ just thinking back to that bit has made me dripping wet and wanting his cock again. Well I took his cock in my mouth and licked and nibbled at his end and shaft, whilst his hands found my boobs and nipples. Well the next thing I know is that they are being twisted and pulled with his fingers and he is calling me a “Fucking slutty little whore who is going to her ass fucked off”. Well I thought typical man all bull as usually. Next he was on all fours and had pushed my legs apart with his elbows and well he could see my pussy juices flowing from me. Then he slowly licked along my all ready open pussy lips, well I was already horny, but feeling his tongue there was like an electric shock through my body. “
“Oh my god you slut, was he any good at licking your pussy.”
“Will you stop interrupting me and let me finish. He was not bad at all and he took his time and really got my juices flowing and I was sucking his cock deeper into my mouth. Then somehow he pulled my legs and back up and the next thing I know he was licking my asshole, and fuck my orgasm just exploded within me as his tongue licked it. No one has ever done that to me before and well I was shocked, but so fucking turned on as well that I almost choked on his cock as it slipped down further into my mouth. I touched his balls and was rubbing them when I felt them tighten and next thing I know his spunk was hitting the back of my throat and I had no option but swallow his load. Well after he finished cumming I thought it was all over, but he just looked at me and said “Oh no I have just started with you.”
As Fiona stood there listening she could feel her own pussy juices starting to leak from her pussy. “Come on we have to get going, and I will tell you the rest later and believe me he really did fuck me as good as he said he would”, Anita said with a dirty laugh.
Typical thought Fiona a bitch like her gets a good fucking and all I am left with is a prat who thinks two minutes of fondling and pumping is all I need. Why could I not have an affair like that with a real man for once? Feeling horny she left the gym and drove home, thinking about what Anita had said and just getting herself more wound up and hornier.
Trying to stop thinking about what Anita said Fiona stripped off and put on her bikini and went down to the pool and swam for 15 minutes and then lay on the sun lounge enjoying the warm sun on her body and drifted off to sl**p and dreamed about a real man giving her the fucking off a life time and treating her like a totally fuck slut and being his sex slave.

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2 years ago
good start
2 years ago
Wifey appears to have taken of her itching wonderlust--and absence of hubby (funcking).
2 years ago
2 years ago
very good start
2 years ago
More please
2 years ago
looks promising