MILF Learn a Lesson Part 1

The morning heat was oppressive and the humidity made her clothes stick to her body, and cling like a second skin to her. However that was not on her mind what was on her mind was her daughters ex boyfriend who thought he could treat her precious little daughter like some cheap slut to pick up and put down when he wanted. Well he was going to get a shock this early Saturday morning, and he was going to get his balls kicked up around his ears. As no one treated the women in her f****y like that as they were the superior beings and the men were just to provide money a home and sometimes entertainment, and only they if they were adequately endowed.
Mary parked her car and got out and walked the five minutes to his flat and was lucky to catch a neighbour coming out as she looked at the keypad and was just starting to press his flat number. The young woman walked out and held the door for her and Mary accepted the offer and thanked her, and the woman smiled at her a sweet sexy smile “No thank you for the show, and if you need a hand with those call me Flat 23 and ask for Louise.”
Mary frowned at her and then looked down her top was stuck to her chest and her nipples had rubbed against the material and when poking through like small fingers. Mary looked at the woman understanding her offer then woman stepped into her personal space and put her hand on her ass and gave it a squeeze. “Umm nice and tight just the way I like them on older ladies.”
Mary pushed the woman away “Please stop this at once I am a married woman and have no interest in any form of sexual liaison with you.”
“Umm that’s a shame as I bet you fuck really and I have a nice big fat dildo upstairs with your name on it and we could have some real fun together, think about it honey.” Then she grabbed Mary’s face with both hands and kissed her hard. Mary struggled against her hold but was trapped and she felt her own body respond to this unwanted violation and made her gasp as the woman pulled away. “Don’t forget Flat 23, Louise.”
Then she was walking away her hips swinging at her ass wriggling like a snake. Mary could not help but watch and was caught out as the woman stopped and looked back over her shoulder and smiled at her. Then she pulled her top up exposing her own bra clad breasts at Mary smiled at her knowing deep inside she would be back and this young woman was going to get a big shock when that dildo ended up being used on her, by Mary and Stephanie, as she would never turn an opportunity like this to fuck a fresh young slut.
Stepping into the Apartment block she saw the open lobby space and a door marked stairs and a set of, lifts off to the right. Walking towards the lifts Mary could not help but get the girl out of her mind, it was insane and the girl was clearly crazy as well. However first she had to sort out that asshole in Flat 54.
Pushing the button to the lift Mary waited for the doors to open and thought about the woman’s offer. Smiling to herself she could just imagine what Doug would say if she told him what had happened. He would almost certainly cum in his pants at the thought of Mary and that woman going down on each other and would beg her to watch the show with his midget cock in his hand, and wanking like mad as they licked each other out, before they even started to explore each other with toys and fingers. Then he would grunt as he came and be useless to them both.
Thinking about the scenario made Mary feel hornier than she had felt in years and rubbed at her own crotch without thinking about it making herself even hornier and her panties were soaking wet by the time she got to the fifth floor. As the doors opened she stepped out and looked up and down the corridor and saw no one around so quickly slipped her hands up her skirt and pulled off her panties and pushed them into her handbag. Mary looked at the numbers on the door and strode down the corridor until she found number 54 and knocked on the door.
As she waited she adjusted her clothing and pulled her top off her chest to stop the show on display. With no answer she banged on the door again and finally was rewarded with a grunt from the other side. “What the fuck is it, I am trying to sl**p?” came a deep voice from the other side of the door. Mary was shocked and angered at the language used to her.
“Open this door at once I will not be spoken to in that manner, by you or anyone” Mary demanded
The door opened a crack and Mary was on it like a hurricane pushing the door opening. Using her 154lb weight to catch the man on the other side of the door off guard and before he could react she was inside and closing the door and hearing it click shut behind her. Turning around she is confronted by a young man maybe 25 plain looking nothing special she thinks holding together a sl**ping gown. He was maybe 6’2” and 140lb soaking wet, what the hell, had her daughter seen in him, she thought.
Mary looked at him in disgust and she could see he was looking at her with naked lust and greed on his face, especially at her ample bosom and nipples that were erect and throbbing through her top. Her skirt seemed to be plastered to her thighs and his eyes were everywhere on her body.
“Who the hell are you bitch and what the fuck do you want?”
Mary looked at her anger growing and how he dared to speak to her. Then she as she looked at him his dressing gown pushed apart and she was confronted by a rapid growing uncircumcised cock. Mary was speechless as she watched him erupt from his dressing gown and push upwards. Gulping Mary watched as he filled out and got bigger than anything she had ever seen before in her life let alone experienced. Oh god Fiona had been fucking this, no wonder she gave herself to him. He had to at least three times the size of Doug in width alone and his length was at least four times. Mary had heard of such men before but never believed the stories, putting it down to male and female fantasy, but it was true. Then he was reaching out for her hand and taking it her pulled her towards him, and put his cock in her hand.
Mary was struck straight away by the heat from his cock and how big he felt in her hand, then he using her hand to rub his cock. Mary looked down at her hand and his wrapped around his cock and watched as he pulled his hand away and she continued stroking him, of her own free will. Then he was pulling her hair back and her head came up and he was kissing her mouth, with the same greed and hunger as the woman down stairs, but this time she was kissing back, with the same passion.
His other hand was pushing her top up and his hand slid up under her top to her breasts and he was fondling her aching nipples. Mary was losing control of her mind what was she doing she must stop this at once this was disgusting and he was young enough to be her son. He had violated her Fiona and he needed to be taught a lesson, yes he had to be taught a lesson after she had this cock in her, then she would teach him a lesson, yes that is what she would do she told herself. Just first I need to let him fuck me he will soon finish after all he was so excited now, he could not possible last very long, and besides she need a cock like this in her at least once in her life. She had to know what it felt like to be full of cock for once and what better way than to have this cock driving into sweet little cunt, oh my yes. Then she would fill his ass with her own dildo she had brought in her bag.
Before Mary could pull away or do anything he was pulling her head back and looking at her, seeing straight into her soul it felt like. “Now what am I, going to do with a hot slut like you hey, coming in here and making me all hot and horny? How about I fuck you in every hole you have and cum in them to teach you a lesson and then you can go back to your daughter and show her you got the same treatment as she did for being a fucking prick teaser, maybe that would teach you both a lesson.”
Mary heard his words and finally found her voice “Well you had better do what you said and you had better do a real good fucking job of it, As unlike my daughter I am experienced and need a lot of attention and fucking and this little popsicle might find a home in me if I decide that I want you in me otherwise you will be shooting you little pecker onto your hand. Usually I can get through three of four of these little things in a day.”
“Oh you have gang bangs everyday do you slut with cocks as big as mine every day?”
Mary looked at him and lied “Yes I use pricks like this to teach my daughter what it feels like to have a small cock in her so when she meets a real man she can be ready for him.”
Before Mary could move he grabs her arm and pulled her towards a door and was thrust through the door into a bedroom and then shoved onto the large bed covered with a rubber sheet and he was pushing her skirt up her thighs exposing her naked cunt to his greedy eyes.
“Nice a dirty slut already for me then” before Mary could speak his face was in between her legs and licking along her slit and sucking her juices into his mouth. Mary moaned in pleasure at this unexpected assault and actually started to react by pushing his face into her cunt then stretching her legs apart and reaching for her pussy and pulling her pussy lips apart allowing him better access to her. Mary moaned in pleasure as his tongue finally find her clit and flicked it up and down and then side to side driving her on towards an orgasm.
Mary had not expected such an assault on her aching cunt and soon was rushing towards her first orgasm from cunnilingus in years. Doug had not gone down on her in years and when he had he was fucking useless now he just expected her to blow him and then let him fuck her in the mission position. As Mary started to peak he stopped and she was left aching for him to finish her. “Oh come on don’t stop now I am almost their just a few more strokes and I will cum” she moaned at him and looking down at him.
He looked up at her and took her hands in his and pushed them up above her head and straddled her body. “So you are close are you slut well let’s see how long we can keep you that way before I decide to let you come?”
“No way you cannot do this to me I demand that you finish me now or I will not let you fuck me with that cock of yours understand me I am your Mistress and you will do as I say?” Mary stated looking up into his shining eyes.
Then he was kissing her mouth a full and passionate kiss that she responded to and their tongues explored each other’s mouth’s , but he did not let go of her hands and she could feel his cock push into stomach and chest as he pushed up and down her body. Mary was driven on by lust, she had to have that cock no matter what she said. The bed squeaked and moaned under their weight but his kissing grew stronger, until he finally pulled back and looked at her and letting go off her hands he grabbed her top and pulled it up to her neck exposing her tits and bra to him. “I am going to love tit fucking these puppies and coming on them and watching you like them clean cunt understand that, because from now on you are my fuck slut just like your daughter and when I call you will come dressed in the sexiest lingerie possible and get the fucking off your life time day or night.”
Mary listened to his words and almost burst out laughing but she could see in his eyes he meant it. Then he was wriggling up her body and his cock was in her face. Mary grabbed it and pulled it towards her eager mouth and started sucking his big purple head and sucking the pre cum down her throat. Well at least she had skills in this area she thought and I will get this fucker to blow is load real quick. However Mary had never had such a huge cock before in her hands and as she licked, up and down his shaft and bit his cock she started to think she was in trouble, when she arrived at his balls she knew it. They were the size of oranges and could only imagine the amount of cum inside them. Mary heard his groan and encouraged her to suck his balls and she actually tea bagged him having their heavy weight in her mouth made her almost gag as they were so fucking big, but god she was so fucking horny now, she could cum almost by sucking his balls.
As she sucked his balls, Mary felt him lean back and he felt his hand rub at her cunt lips and then push at least two fingers into her wet cunt. Mary groaned and sucked harder on his balls to show her encouragement but then he pulled his fingers out from her cunt and as she watched he sucked her juices off his fingers. “Umm that is one tight cunt; I think we might have a problem fucking you, so I think I need to get something.”
As Mary tried to hold onto him he pushed up and rolled off the bed and headed out the door. Mary was desperate for her orgasm so slowly pushed three fingers into her own cunt and started to wank her aching cunt, but despite her best efforts her orgasm remained just out of reach. Then he was back watching her “Oh you dirty little slut, we are going to have to do something about that” and as she watched he put down a bottle of baby oil and went to a draw and pulled out a pair of handcuffs.
“Oh my you are a kinky fucking bastard aren’t you” Mary states and moved up the bed and holds her hands above her head as he took the cuff’s and chained her wrists to the headboard. “Well come on then fucker now you have me at your mercy show me what you have got.”
“Oh I haven’t finished yet with you bitch” and as she watched he went to a wardrobe and pulled and a pair of leg spreaders and attached them to her ankles spreading her legs wide. “What size are feet?”
Mary looked puzzled “Size four why?”
As she watched he bend down and pulled out a pair of red patent leather shoes with a huge heel, and then he put them on her feet. “Um better much sexier looking, than just bare feet” then he pulled out a ball gag and smiled at her and then a selection of toys and vibrators.
“Oh you are a truly disturbed bastard aren’t you?”
“Yes and guess that is why slut’s absolutely love it especially this” shaking his cock at her face.
“All you are is talk boy you have not done anything yet to me and I am still waiting to finish and anyone how small is that cock of yours anyway?”
“13” and you are going to every last inch down your throat and up your cunt and ass before I finish with you, then I may let you go or I may do it all over again. As I bet you are married to some small cocked little cockled fuck that has no idea what to do with a hot body bitch like you does he?”
Mary looked at him stunned how did he know about Doug being away and what was this shit about her ass. There was no way she was going to take that fucking monster in her ass, it would rip her apart. Then before she could react he was on the bed holding his cock and pushing it at her mouth. Mary opened her mouth for him sucking and licking his cock, but he kept pushing in deeper, and starting to panic Mary gagged on his cock as it hit the back of her throat. Salvia poured out of her mouth like a fountain to try and lubricate his cock and poured on to the bed.
She moaned loudly and tried to speak, but he took her head in his hands and held her head as he actually started fucking her mouth his cock was driven into her throat and she got scarred gagged more on his cock spewing up spittle by the gallon full but he kept on fucking her face until she finally felt his ball hit her chin. It was unbelievable her mouth and throat were filled with his cock and he just kept on trying to push more in too her mouth. Until he suddenly pulled out of her mouth and as she gasped for air he took the gag and tied it behind her head
As Mary took deep breaths as he turned his attention to her tits and was licking and squeezing them and pulling her nipples. Before long he was smacking them with his giant cock before slapping them with his open hand, leaving her tits red and aching. Mary tried to cry out and beg him to stop but he carried on and then took the baby oil and squeezed some onto her tit’s and slid his cock between them and started tit wanking himself with her tit’s and his cock head kept smacking her in the face. The room smelled of baby oil and then he pulled out from her tits and stood up over her. “Now let’s see what we have down here he motioned between her legs.”
As she watched he moved down the bed and grabbed the leg spreader and pushed her legs straight up and then pushed her legs back towards her shoulders so her ass and cunt were left up in the air and exposed to his view. “Now what hole should we fuck first”? Then he was running his hand over aching cunt and she moaned loudly under the pressure he was applying and then his hand ran down back between her ass cheeks and he was rubbing her ass hole with his fingers. Mary shook her head no, but he took the baby oil again and spread it over her cunt and ass and then over his cock. As Mary watched as he took his cook and rubbed it along her cunt and smacked it down on her aching cunt, making her gasp and then he was sliding it along her ass cheeks and did the same to her precious little asshole. Mary felt his very power rub against her precious little unused asshole and she moaned loudly and shook her head at him and tried to plead with him not to fuck her ass, but he did not seem to care or notice her pleas. Then he was pushing his cock back up her ass and within a blink of an eye he plunged his massive cock into her wet aching cunt, taking her by surprise, the pain was intense as he brutally pushed deep into her unprotected cunt. Mary had never felt anything like it before her cunt was used to Doug’s little pathetic cock not this monster, it stretched her cunt to its limits or so she thought. Fuck even his biggest lover had nothing on this fucking guy. Shit she would pass him in the street and think he was a pencil pricked little geek, not the monster he had. Then he was rubbing the top of her cunt stimulating her clit as was and Mary felt her orgasm, rush up on her, was he finally going to let her finish. So many times she he had brought her this close and would stop, but this time there was no stopping it.
Mary’s body shook as her orgasm swept her body her cunt clamped down onto his cock locking him in position as she shook and screamed from behind her gag, but he would not let stop he kept on rubbing her clit driving the intensity stronger and stronger than she had ever know before, then he body shook again and again. Mary lost control as her body was sent into uncontrollable orgasms and her mind was screaming in pleasure, then she felt something on her face, something wet and familiar in its smell. Opening an eye she saw her cunt squirt her own juices up into the air covering his face and chest and them dripping down onto her.
Mary had never knew her body could do this, and then she felt something else a pain deep in her stomach and opening both eyes she saw, he was buried deep in cunt almost to his balls, just another one or two inches and he would be fully in her. He kept on pushing deeper into her and Mary was screaming at him in her mind to go deeper, fuck her harder and deeper should could a fucking like this all day long, it was incredible he was still going. Then to her horror he pulled back out of her cunt and moved two inches lower and pushed against her puckered asshole. She tried to clamp down to refuse him entry, but he just pushed harder and her worst fear was happening, her ass hole gave way, and she could feel his monster in her ass.
The pain in her cunt had been intense, but this was off the scale as her ass was on fire, it felt like a Mack truck was being pushed up her ass. “Oh fuck this is so tight. Shit I thought your cunt was tight but this is off the scale bitch, have you ever had a cock up your ass before?”
Mary shook her head hard and screamed for him to stop. “Why should I stop bitch? Didn’t you say you could get through three of four of my cocks a day? Ray and his crew are looking for some new ho’s and you and your daughter would fit right in, well your daughter might but I don’t know if Ray like’s his MILF’s, this fucking sluttish. Which is good news for me as I do and besides you have been lying to me haven’t you slut about fucking cock’s like mine.”
Mary looked at him unable to remember if she had said that or not, but this was too much. Had he done this to Fiona, she did walk funny when she came home. How could she get him to stop this was too much.
Then to her relief he pulled back and the smell of shit hit her nose and he looked at her disgusted. “Shit bitch don’t you understand about enema’s before letting someone butt fuck your ass, now look at my cock covered in your fucking shit. I should make you like my cock clean for this shit.”
Mary’s relief was immediate, but then his words brought new horror to her world. Before she knew what was happening he was unlocking the cuffs and pulling her off the bed and dragging her across the room, she could not walk and was dragged through the door and across the hall way and into a bathroom, where he pushed her into the bathtub. With her legs up in the air wide apart and then had a shower head in his hand and was washing his cock with soap and water and was cursing her like mad. When he finished cleaning his cock he looked at her and the shower head. Dropping the shower head he moved up the tub and reached behind her and undid the gag.
Mary’s relief was immense as the gag came off “Oh please don’t fuck my ass again it hurt so much. Please fuck my useless cunt and dump you load into me as the first time was the best fucking I have ever had, please can you do it again.”
“Bitch I have not even started with you yet” then he was pulling her legs back up into the air exposing her ass and cunt to him again. Moving with the speed of a snake he had the shower head off and was water was flooding across her cunt and ass then she felt something push against her abused asshole and suddenly she felt warm water food into her as. Mary looked at him “Oh my good please stop, this is killing me.”
“No bitch it’s just flushing you ass out, you will survive.”
Mary could smell shit and hear water being sprayed out of her ass. It seemed to last for hours before he finally pulled it out of her ass and before she knew it she was out of the bath and bend over it and he was behind her, and pushing his cock back into her ass. Mary cried out in pain as his cock pushed into her again and again, each time going a little bit further. She begged him to stop but he ignored her and just kept on fucking her. The pain in her ass was slowly replaced with a warm feeling, that she thought was bl**d, as he must have busted something in her ass, and then to her surprise she felt her ass spasm and her cunt ache and clench and she knew he has just ass fucked her to her first ever anal orgasm. Mary felt him stop as her orgasm swept her body, and then to her surprise he was picking her up his cock still in her ass and he was fucking her standing up. Using her own weight to f***e his cock deeper into her ass, Mary was lost to the pleasure and grabbed her own tits and sucked at her nipples and then pushed three fingers into her gaping cunt and wanked furiously.
In her ear she heard him call her a dirty fucking whore, as she abused herself and he fucked her ass. “I bet if you husband saw you now he would not recognise you?”
Mary thought to herself not only him, but his b*****r and her past lovers, as no one had taken complete control of her like he had, in such a short period of time. What the fuck was Fiona thinking complaining about a cock like this and a fucking like this it was unbelievable. Then somehow he was actually carrying her to his bedroom again and this time put one the sheet and continued fucking her ass doggy style, Mary moaned with every thrust and then he told her to fuck his cock with her ass.
Mary looked back at him and smiled and pulled forward and thrust back at her pace now feeling him stretch, her asshole in his massive cock. Was this the feeling all those years Doug had when she fucked his ass, no wonder the little prick always came so fast. Looking back she watched his face for any sign he was going to shoot his load in her, but she saw nothing. Then he grabbed her hips and was thrusting into her again, this time she saw him tremble and knew he was close “Come on fuck me harder let me have you cum, fuck my ass, I am you ass fucking cock whore make me you slut.”
Then with a thrust she thought he had ruptured her ass he groaned “take this bitch” and he held her ass on his cock as he came into busted asshole. The thing was he did not just cum in her ass; he just kept oh thrusting filling her ass as well with his cock. Mary could not believe it, she had never seen anyone keep on thrusting after finishing but he was. Finally he stopped and pushed her forward again and re-cuffed her to the bed. Looking back Mary could see a trail of cum from her busted ass.
Then he was leaving the room “Is that it, just a quick fuck and you are taking your scrawny ass out of her and I thought you were some kind of super fucking stud. More like super dud now come back here and do it again.”
“I need a piss bitch or do expect me to stink up my bedroom, and by the way thanks for reminding me of something.” Mary watched him return and pick up another gag and apply it to her mouth. “When I am back we can see how much you can really take?”

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