The Misadventures of Anita Chapter 4

Anita woke and saw it was 9.00pm by her watch, she knew Karen and Joe would not be home until much later from the party so took the opportunity to shower and wash her hair. Stepping from the shower she wrapped her body in a towel and went back to the bedroom and opened the locked wardrobe and looked at all her fetish clothes and dressing up clothes and smiled. After John had passed she had wanted to sell it all but too many memories were there and she kept it and tried it on when Karen was out of the house. Running her hand along the clothes she picked out a rubber car suit and tried it on, after a lot of squeezing and sucking in off her breath she finally got the suit on, and zipped up. Then picking out her thigh high rubber boots she got them on and picked out her elbow length rubber gloves and slipped them.
Looking at herself in the mirror Anita smiled and then got her makeup made herself up then looking across the room she smiled at her thoughts and went to the bed picking up an inflatable butt plug and large dildo. Lying on the bed she sucked them both getting them nice and wet and then reached bag and unzipped the rubber cat suit from her ass. “Oh Joe you cock is so big please be careful with my ass” and pushed the butt plug at her ass and slowly felt it push in and then suck the head in up to the hilt and then with the dildo she slowly pushed it at her eagerly awaiting cunt “Oh Joe you are so bad fucking me with that big cock of yours what would Karen say.”
Trying to impersonate his voice Karen spoke to herself “Karen told me to take care of you so I am and your sweet tight little cunt needs taking care of and that lovely ass of yours, now shut the fuck up bitch and let me fuck them for you.”
Then she started pumping the bulb in her hand and felt the butt plug expand in her ass “Oh Joe your cock is filling my ass, please stop it’s too much.” Then Anita pulls the plug out of her ass and its stretches her ass open she sucks it clean and then deflates it and shoves it in again, and repeats the procedure numerous times until her ass is left gaping. “Oh Joe look what you have done to my ass you naughty boy.”
As Anita is fucking her ass and cunt she does not hear the front door open or close as Joe carries in a sl**ping Karen from a d***ken stupor. Knowing his way he does not turn on the lights fearing to wake Anita, but as he reaches the top of the stairs he hears her speaking to him and then replying to herself. Laying Karen on the bed he goes to Anita’s room and opens the door slightly and sees her fucking her cunt and ass, his cock immediately grows hard and he rubs it through his trousers. Watching he watches as Anita pulls the inflatable butt plug from her ass and suck’s it. Joe starts to undress and then has an idea and goes to the kitchen and opens the freezer and takes out an ice lolly and takes the wrapper off.
Going back up stairs he stands outside Anita’s bedroom door and waits for her to turn her head away. When she does he pushes the door open and quickly rushes over to the bed and climbs behind her and before Anita knows what is happening she feels a freezing cold object on her asshole. Looking back she see’s Joe and he has an Ice lolly on her ass. He then pulls the plug from her ass and admires her gaping ass before rimming her ass and then pushing the lolly in her ass. The freezing cold temperature makes her ass contract and sucks at the lolly. Then Joe pulls it out of her ass and sucks it and then licks her ass and suck’s her asshole sucking out the juice from her ass, then pushes it back in her ass and pulls it out and this time offers her the lolly which she licks with really passion and then he takes it back and slides it in again. This time a piece breaks off in her ass and rapidly melts in her ass. Taking the melting lolly she pulls the dildo form her cunt and rolls on her back and shoves the remaining lolly in her cunt. Looking at Joe “Suck it out” said Anita. Never needing a second invitation he licks and sucks at her pussy, making Anita rapidly climax and Joe swallows her juices.
Anita looks at Joe and his cock which seems bigger than ever to her. “Fuck me Joe I need your cock, fuck me like the slutty whore I am and make me cum on cock, fuck me anyway you wish and any hole, just please fuck me hard like you do to Karen, and by the way where is Karen anyway?”
“Karen is doing her sl**ping beauty impression after getting d***k at the party and trying to get Stephanie to give me a blow job in front of everyone. The poor girl went bright red and ran off, as she knows she wants my cock in private not in front of everyone. ”
“Get on your knees and your ass up in the air like you where when I came in.”
Anita got in the same position as she was when he came in and she watched him pull her ass cheeks apart and then lower his mouth to her asshole and felt his tongue lick around her gaping ass, then his tongue was in her ass licking her ass on the inside and she moaned loudly as her own hand push’s two fingers in her cunt and plays with her clit. Suddenly a stinging blow hits her ass “Stop playing with yourself slut, no one gave you permission to do that” said Joe. Anita smiles at him, but another stinging slap to her ass shows he is not playing and Anita removes her hand.
“Where are those restraints?” asks Joe.
“In the top draw of the bedside cabinet Sir” Anita meekly replies.
Joe climbs off and gets the restraints and ties them to the bed and then ties Anita’s arms so she cannot move and he positions himself behind her and she watches as he spits into her asshole and shoves three fingers in her ass to open her up some more. Then another spit and he pushes his cock down with one hand and squatting backwards he stuffs his cock into her already gaping ass. His cock slides in easily from all her abuse and his and he is soon literally balls deep in her ass as she feels them slap against her. Anita moans in pleasure as his cock fills her ass and it slowly closes around his cock again, increasing her pleasure. Joe knows how to keep her going and keeps pulling his cock almost out of her ass before pushing back into her ass filing her again and again. After 15 minutes he pulls his cock out of her ass and pushes towards her mouth, which she takes greedily suck and licking it.
Pulling his cock from her mouth, he returns behind her and f***es her onto her hands and knees and in one huge push fills her cunt with his cock. Anita cries out in pleasure at being used so roughly and he fucks her cunt like she is a rag doll. Anita moans in pleasure at the fucking she is getting and does not see Joe pick up the dildo on the bed and then, her ass is filled with the dildo. Anita climaxes immediately as the dildo hits the top of her ass, and her cunt contracts on his cock, almost making Joe shot his load, but he was expecting something like that. He increase his pace again and after 5 minutes fills her cunt with his spunk, he leaves his cock in her cunt keeping the spunk in her so it is sucked into her womb.
Anita looks at him “Thank you sir for such a great fuck, but you are wasting your time I am barren and your seed has nothing to go too, as I cannot have babies, as Karen is my adopted daughter, if she has never told you. So you can always fuck me with a condom and have no worries about getting me pregnant. Just like the black bastard did earlier tonight.”
Joe pulled out “so you fucked a black man tonight did you where was that?”
Anita told him about Sami and the black men that had fucked them and she was so horny she had never felt anything like this before, and all she wanted was cock, especially his, as it was so big. Joe listened to her and smiled so his girlfriends Mum was a cock hungry slut, well he was going to enjoy himself at her expense and he decided that he was going to fuck her at work, as well as at home in the week and he was going to make videos of him fucking her and maybe he would invite some friends around to help him with this cock hungry slut as he had a couple of guys in mind she would love and he knew Ian the owner liked her and Marion her boss hated her for it as she wanted Ian for her own, but he always wanted to fuck Marion and huge tits and have her suck his cock and pull out and shot his load over her face.
Listening to her gave Joe time to recover and he picked up the dildo and pushed it into her cunt and his spunk squirted back towards him and he swept it up with his hand and offered it to her and she licked it up like it was cream and swallowed it down, with a huge smile on her face. Moving back to her cunt he pulled the dildo out and then pushing his fingers together he pushed his fingers into her cunt. At first she stretched to accommodate him and he kept pushing back and forth making her juices flow like water from a tap and Anita was groaning in pleasure then finally her cunt stretched a little bit more and his hand was in her cunt. Anita cried out in sheer pleasure as she had never been fisted before and she could feel his hand in her cunt and it was driving her crazy with lust. “Oh fuck yes fist my cunt please harder and deeper.”
Joe did as he was told and felt Anita climax again so hard that it felt like his hand was being sucked into her womb. Anita’s legs collapsed under her as her whole body shook from the climax and trapped Joes hand in her cunt, but then she felt him fingering her ass as well and she barely looked back and whimpered “Please let me rest, I cannot take anymore.”
Joe just smiled at such an evil smile she shivered in horror and felt him pull his hand from her cunt and then he was lying on top of her forcing his cock into her abused ass again and with deep strokes he fucked her ass. Anita looked back and pleaded for him to stop but he ignored her pleas and continued fucking her ass even when she burst into tears under his onslaught he continued fucking her ass without mercy until he finally shuddered and filled her ass with his seed. Then lying on top of her he whispered in her ear “That was for this morning slut, next time you will never fuck my ass again will you?”
Karen shook her head in tears, she had never been abused like this before, and part of her enjoyed it very much but another part was ashamed at her abuse.
Finally getting off Anita he looked at her and smiled, now the bitch knew her place in the scheme of things and he would fuck as and when he wanted and how he wanted. Getting off the bed he headed towards the door when he heard her beg to be released from her restraints. Looking back at her he debated her request and finally decided he would release her, taking a restraint he undid her hand and then took the other one and unlocked that hand as well and then pulled her to him and kissed her hard and Anita could do nothing but respond to his kiss with her own and a free hand sort out his cock, but he slapped her hand away. Pulling back he looked at here “You do not touch my cock our body without my permission do you understand, or do you need another lesson.”
Anita looked at him and nodded her head. Her mind was whirling she was afraid of him, but lusted after his cock and now he was treating her so horribly what has she done to provoke this response. Did he not enjoy this day fucking her and Karen, any other man would be over the moon having two willing sex slaves for his cock and maybe she had gone too far fucking his ass but he seemed to enjoy it and she had planned to share him with Sami as well.
Getting off the bed he headed towards the door and at the door way he turned and looked at her “great clothes, tomorrow you will wear them in front of Karen and we will have another marathon sex session and you will say nothing of this night to her, if you do then I promise to make your life a living hell at work. Oh and by the way when you come to work from now on you will not wear any panties just in case I fancy a suck or fuck session at work do you understand?”
Anita looked up and smiled “Yes I understand and I will do what you say from now.”
“Good now it’s time for both of us to sl**p and tomorrow and you will serve us breakfast in bed in your best French Maids uniform and sexiest shoes and lingerie, forget the outfit you have on now that will be just for us, oh and do not forget your sex toys when you come through as well, Goodnight and sl**p well and if you decide you cannot sl**p I can always comeback and fuck your cunt and ass again if you wish.”
“Thank you sir for the offer but I am now very tired and must clean up before I go to bed as I must take these clothes off and shower, as my body smells of sweat and I want to be my best for you tomorrow.”

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