The Misadventures of Anita Chapter 3

The rest of the day was spent eating and fucking between all three of them until nearly six in the evening and by then Joe was almost exhausted and he and Karen had a party to go too and Anita needed to replace the food they had eaten and she wanted to look for some sexier underwear. So getting dressed she left the house and waved to Sami her neighbour as she was getting in the car. Anita noticed Sami beckoning to her and stopped and went to her. “Are you going out to Asda?” Sami was 32 and only 5’ 4” and 34” of those were her legs. Sami weighed 160lbs and was 36d-32-38, with curly blond hair and blue eyes although she was 32 she was often mistaken for much younger as her face was a baby face, offset with black framed glasses.
Anita nodded yes, and Sami smiled “can I grab a lift as I forgot a couple of things when I went earlier and I would like to thank you for the show this morning it was very entertaining. Who was that guy you were fucking his cock looked nice and big, was he any good as he lasted a lot longer than Dean every does.”
Anita was shocked and then smiled at Sami. “Yes you can come and he is my boss from work and Karen’s boyfriend and he is very good in and out of bed and I have under my control, as Karen has told him to fuck me every day she is at University so he does not stray with other women and too come to her at the weekend and fuck her. He is about 9” in length and usually last’s the first time around 1 hour and then depending on what you do too him it can be 30 minutes to almost 2 hours after that.” “You dirty bitch do you mean you have been fucking him all day” said Sami.
“Yes and now he is drained, and if want a piece of him you have to go through me to get him, but Dean would tear you a new one I would think if he saw you fucking another man.”
“Yes he would but for a cock like that I would risk it” said Sami.
“Get in the car now, or the shop will be shut before we can get there.” Going around the car Sami opened the door and slipped in and sat as Anita got in and started the car and drove off. “I told you for his cock you would have to go through me? What are you prepared to do to have some of that cock?” As she talked to Sami, Anita ran her hand up her leg to the top of her skirt. Sami was shocked that Anita was touching her as she had never had a woman touch her before and did not think she had any lesbian instincts in her body. However when she thought about this morning and watching them all fuck she was turned on by Anita and Karen’s bodies and then licking each other but could feel her pussy getting wet thinking about fucking that cock and Anita’s body. Sami took Anita’s hand and guided it to her panties and spread her legs and pushed her Anita’s fingers on too her panty clad cunt and pushed them against her slit and rubbed them up and down.
Sami felt her cunt juices flow as she pushed Anita’s fingers against her cunt she was surprised at her own depraved actions, but after seeing Anita’s body this morning and fucking the way she had she wanted Anita almost as much as that man’s cock. Anita smiled at her but pulled her hand back “Later sweetie otherwise we will crash.”
However Sami would not wait and pulled up her skirt and pulled her knickers to one side and used her own fingers on her cunt and once they covered her fingers with her juices she pushed them into Anita’s mouth and she greedily sucked the juices from her fingers. “Oh spicy with the taste of cum from Deans cock I should think unless you have another lover.”
“No it was Dean’s cum he has been fucking me on and off all day after seeing you and Karen fuck that man this morning. I know he wants you and definitely he would love to fuck Karen if he could.”
“Well he has no chance with Karen as she is totally in love with Joe, and she will only share him with me and her best friend Stephanie, whilst she is at University. So that just leaves little old me, Joe, you and Dean and I do not think Dean would be too happy seeing you fucking Joe. Maybe he will be willing to share you with Joe if you fucked them together, but I think he will be jealous of that nice big cock or would he like that or would he like to see me fucking you with a nice big strap on in that fat ass of yours or you sweet little cunt?”
Sami smiled and looked at her “I would love to have a threesome or a foursome if Dean could cope or maybe just you and me and you strap on or maybe even better me, you and Joe and we could do what you did this morning if you like.” Pulling into the car park Anita found a parking space at the back and turned off the engine and then pounced on Sami, pushing her hand back up her skirt and forcing her panties into her cunt and pushing two fingers into her wet cunt. “Listen to me slut if you think I am going to share that cock with the likes of you then, you must be out of your mind. I do not think you would dress the way we want you too and I do not think you could keep up with us do you understand.” Sami was surprised at the speed of Anita’s attack and that her fingers were deep in her cunt and f***efully finger her quickly to a climax but she would do anything to have that cock in her.
Anita watched Sami’s face and f***ed her fingers deeper. “I am waiting for an answer bitch?”
“You can always train me and I will do anything you wish me too, please finish me I am so close as I have never felt so horny in my life.” Anita quickly worked her fingers in and out of Anita’s cunt and was greeted with a squeal of pleasure two minutes later as Sami finished and then a torrent of cunt juices from her cunt. Anita had never felt such a flood, and smiled at Sami. “Good bitch now clean yourself up slut.”
Sami pulled her panties off and left them in the car and used a hanky to dry her legs, before going into the store with Anita and following her up the stairs to the women’s clothes and with her and looked at the panties and bra’s section. Anita made her bend over and look at the lingerie on the bottom row whilst lifting her skirt and fondling her ass. Sami tried to stand and move her hand away but Anita would knock her hand away and whisper just think of that cock. Anita was a man two rows over watching and smiled at him and winked and when they went to the changing rooms and he quickly followed.
He saw them enter the final cubicle and close the door. Checking behind him he saw no one else was in there and went down to the door and knocked on it “Open up the door security.”
Anita was on her knees licking Sami’s cunt went the knocking happened and on instinct opened the door and a large black man stepped in and shut the door. His cock was already out of his trousers and hard. “Get on your knees bitch and help her suck my cock.” Sami stared in horror at him he had be 50+ and fat his body odour in this small confines was almost over powering and his cock was about 6” long and quite thick, she saw Anita take his cock in her mouth and start sucking him as he looked at her. Suddenly a stinging slap brought her back, “I told you suck it bitch” and she was f***ed to her kneel in front of him. Anita offered her the man’s cock and looked at her “suck it bitch now, all the way down your throat, as if it where Joe’s”
Steven could not believe the slut on the floor took his cock and sucked it and now the other one was on her knees and was sucking his cock all the way down her throat, and fuck she was good at giving head. These were two typical white sluts needing a nice black cock to fuck them and he was going to fuck one of them and then he would get his son to fuck the other slut. Her tongue and throat seemed like a vacuum and was almost sucking the cum from his ball’s, but he pulled back and looked down at her stand up bitch and spread them apart. Sami did as she was told and then felt his cock push against her cunt lips and then he was in her filling her with his black cock. She had never had a black cock before but Anita had her begging for more when she was licking her out and then this man was suddenly filling her with his cock but what she wanted was Joe’s cock in her and eating out Anita’s cunt at the same time or maybe Dean filling her ass with his cock as they both fucked her.
Steven fucked the bitch for as long as he could and then with a grunt he shot his load deep into her cunt, Steve was pleased with himself pulled his cock out and zipped himself up opened the door and left without looking back. Anita pushed the door shut and pulled Sami’s cunt lips apart and sucked at the cum dripping from Sami’s cunt. Sami could not believe that she had allowed a total strange to fuck her and cum in her and know Anita was sucking his cum from her cunt. Anita’s tongue seemed to be everywhere and was amazing on her clit and seemed to go deep into her cunt and then she pulled back and pulled her ass cheeks apart and was licking her asshole. Sami squealed in pleasure as her ass was eaten out as well. Then Anita stopped and stood up, now get on your knees and lick my cunt out slut and do a good job of it
Sami went to her knees and spread Anita’s cunt lips and started licking at her cunt, It was the first time she had ever had eaten a woman’s cunt before and Anita’s cunt juices were flowing like water down her throat. Going higher she found Anita’s clit and sucked on it hard and felt Anita shiver with pleasure and then f***e her face deeper into her cunt as she climaxed and flooded her juices into Sami’s eagerly awaiting mouth. When Anita finally released her she stood up and looked at her “Was that any good Mistress.”
Anita was stunned at her eagerness and willingness to suck her cunt out and also to be fucked by a total stranger as well. Then the door opened again and a young black bull stepped in with his cock out and growing hard as he stared at Anita’s wet cunt and she saw the old man behind him.“ Know let’s see how fuck my son slut.” Anita smiled at him and dropped to her knees and sucked the young guys cock it was a little bit bigger than the old man’s but not as thick. He grinned as she sucked his cock and looked down at her “That’s right bitch suck my big black cock, this is the best you will ever have believe me.”
Sami watched as she sucked him all the way down to his shaft and then stood up and told him to fuck her. Jamie lined his cock and shoved it in balls deep in the slut’s cunt and fucked her really hard, and as deep as he could get. The whole time Sami watched as he fucked her hard and then like his dad he gave a grunt and shot his load into her. Then just like his father he zipped up and left. This time Sami locked the door and turned and saw his cum dribbling down Anita’s legs. “Well what are you waiting for slut lick it up or no big, cock for you do you understand?”
Sami hesitated but slowly dropped to her knees and licked the cum from Anita’s thighs and then her cunt but instead of swallowing like Anita had she kissed her sharing the younger mans cum with Anita, but also forcing three fingers into her cunt and frigging her really fast until she came on her fingers. Anita loved the taste of the man’s cum mixed with her juices and Sami’s salvia and then Sami’s fingers were in her fingering her cunt and she actually made her climax which was even better, maybe she would share Joe’s cock with her as she tasted sweet enough and she could be trained. How Joe would feel about fucking her she did not care as he had awakened the whore within again and he was going to learn a big lesson, it see what it meant to be her lover.
Finally her lust had been sedated for a few minutes Anita tried on the panties and bra’s and chose the sexiest ones and then turned her attention to Sami and made her dress in bra and panties she would have never picked out and told her they were the ones she would have to wear from now on and I will check to make sure you are wearing them 24/7.
Leaving they paid for the clothes and past the two black men at the bottom of the stairs and did not even look at them as they passed them, but neither noticed Steven raise his phone and take their pictures. He texted his friends about the two white sluts who needed black cock whilst shopping and he had happily obliged them.
Anita got back in the car and drove home with hardly saying a word and Sami was day dreaming of having Joe’s big cock all to herself and being fucked stupid by him. Arriving outside Anita’s house she turned to Sami and commanded her “Come with me slut now.”
Sami opened the door and followed Anita as she told and entered her house for the first time ever and she could smell the odour of stale sex and sweat, but otherwise it was empty, and no sound. Closing the door Anita beckoned her to follow her up stairs and into her bedroom and pointed to the bed, sit down. Going to the curtains she pulled them closed and turned to Sami “For Privacy” and then turned on the light. Sami could see a suitcase lying on the floor with the locks open but the lid closed. Turning Anita opened the case and pulled out sex toys that made Sami’s eyes widen with horror and trepidation, then some clothes and finally pictures. Coming over to her Anita sat next to her and smiled and handed over the pictures and she could see Anita being fucked by a man she did not recognise, and in positions she did not think were possible. “That was my husband John, the only man who until today who had ever fucked me, and our love is eternal, but Joe has awakened the whore within me and now I want any cock or cunt I can get. So far today I have fucked two men’s cocks, licked out my daughters cunt and ass and your cunt.”
“Does it make me a whore I do not know, but I do not care. As you can see I can and will do anything to enjoy sex, are you prepared to go that far?”
Sami looked at the pictures and saw how Anita was dressed and the pleasure in her eyes and she wanted that pleasure, she wanted to be used like that and then saw Anita with another woman and they were using one of the toys she could see on the floor. She was dressed in different uniforms from a school girl, Nun, policewoman, Nurse, Ballerina, Gymnast, Doctor, just lingerie that barely cover her body, bikini’s, micro bikini’s, a Teacher, Dominatrix and many more. Looking at the pictures Sami’s mind was whirling could she dress that way in those clothes and shoes, as they were so big and use those sex toys on her cunt and ass.
“Yes Mistress I can dress that way, but I will have to look for clothes that size which will fit me, and shoes that are my size.”
Anita looked at Sami and smiled “Good now go home and take your clothes and get some rest, and on Wednesday come to my house at 6.30pm, dressed in your sexiest lingerie and a coat. As I know that is Dean’s day he goes out with his friends and does not come home until late. By then I will have Joe feed and bathing so we can join him in the bath if you want and we can play with that lovely big cock of his, but you will not say anything of this to anyone do you understand?”
“Yes Mistress I understand and thank you for sharing him with me.”
“I need someone to help with him as he is so demanding and you will do nicely.” Leaving Sami sat on the bed she went to a wardrobe and pulled out a magazine. Handing it to Sami “You will come dressed like this bitch, but you can wear a coat over the top for now.”
Sami looked at a stunning blonde lady with heavy makeup and very bright red lipstick. She was wearing a half cup red and black bra, red and black suspender belt, black stockings and red stiletto shoes. Looking up at Anita, Sami smiled “But I do not have any of these clothes Mistress.”
Anita like a snake grabbed her hair “Well you will buy them from a shop bitch or do not ever bother to come here again. You will dress like that and the same heavy makeup do you understand.”
Sami could not believe the pain bur blurted out “Yes I will get them.”
Then she was thrown to the floor good now get out and do not me see you again until Wednesday 6.30pm on the dot understand, dressed in that set up and shoes. Sami picked herself up from the floor and practical ran out of the house what had she gotten into, but she wanted that big cock in her and did not care about the consequences of it.
Hearing the door shut Anita lay down on the bed exhausted and shut her eyes and drifted off to sl**p.

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