MILF in training Part III

Pete got her to open the doors and carried her up the stairs to the bathroom door and when she opened the door she was amazed by its size it was huge. It was bigger than her bedroom Sarah thought. In one corner was a stand in shower that looked big enough for two people and then a huge bath big enough for four people took up the space on one wall which all so had a shower attachment on it. In the other corner were a toilet sink and a bedit.
“Do you need the toilet?”
Sarah nodded and he placed her on the toilet and left her and came back about 10 minutes later and knocked and asked if she had finished. Sarah called out she was ok and was trying to stand but it hurt too much, so he opened the door and entered and walked towards her and for Sarah he was a welcome site, because as she stood her legs gave way and he caught her before she hit the marble floor. Sarah looked up at him “Sorry sir, but my feet and legs are too sore to stand.” Looking at her he wanted to fuck her right now, but he had other plans, so picking her up again he head to the shower and turned it on and waited a few seconds before entering and carrying her in with him. Sarah did not object as she could feel his body against hers and she felt like a little girl again being carried by her father, mind you her father was never nude and she never thought about his cock or thought about fucking him.
Pete put her down on to her toes and asked if she could stand if she held on to him. Sarah tried and nodded as she mainly leaned against him and wrapped her arms around his chest. Pete took the shower head and sprayed her body and watched it run off her breasts and down her legs, “Turn around and I will wash your back.” Sarah did as she was told clung to the wall as one arm of his held her waist and he sprayed her back and put the shower head back and picked up the soap and washed her back with the soap digging in deep with his fingers massaging her as he washed. Sarah had never felt so comfortable with anyone and his massage helped her relax even more, she was astonished at his kindness after being so brutal to her. Sarah sucked her breath in a couple of times as he touched very sore parts of her back, and then he would with great gentleness wash them very slowly and then felt him kiss her there and it send a shiver down her body, as she had never know such things were possible, from a complete a****l one minute to a kind and caring lover the next and making sure she was well and cared for.
Then his hands touched her ass and she winced as it was extremely sore from his spanking and he could see his hand prints on her ass, which he regretted only slightly, but then with soapy fingers he found her tight rosebud of an asshole and played with it hearing Sarah moan in pleasure and finally finding her voice “please be careful as my ass hurts from the spanking and fucking you gave it with that dildo, but please do not stop.”
“How far are do you me to go?” Pete asked Sarah.
“You can do anything sir.”
“So I can do anything I want is that what you are saying anything goes and no holes are barred?”
“Yes sir I am your slut and my body is for you to use as you wish.”
Still holding Sarah against the wall he takes the shower head off the shower and uses some liquid soap to grease up her ass and the shower lead. Then he pushed the end of the shower into her ass, Sarah has never felt anything like it before, as the water filled her ass and her colon, after a few seconds he pulled it out and water and shit fly from her ass, he applied it time and time again until the water finally ran clear. Sarah had never been treated like it before, as it was her first ever enema but then he shocks her, as he tells her to do it to him.
Sarah takes the shower lead and has him lean over so she can lay on his back, and then she applies soap to his ass and the shower end she then pushed it into his ass just as he had and pulled it out and shit and water flowed from his ass and she did the same time and time again until it runs clear. Sarah could not believe she had just done and felt quite a thrill of being so dirty and in control with a man and washes the shit down the plug hole. Sarah then leans back against the wall as he holds her up and his cock looks bigger than ever and ready for fucking, but Pete leans back and turns the shower off, and catch’s her unawares staring at him as she is swept up again in his arms. He pushes open the door and takes her to the bath sits her on the edge as he runs the bath and adds a sweet smelling bubble bath. Sarah watches him fascinated by him, and his mood swings and how he can be so rough one minute with her and then so gentle and kind and well almost loving of her. When the bath is poured out he gets in and then very gently lowers her into the hot steam bubbles, as he lowers her in the bath she notices on his shoulder the bite mark she gave him last night which looks inflamed and sore.
“Sir do you have any antiseptic cream, as your shoulder may be infected, from the bite I gave you last night.” Pete cannot see the bite mark but gets up and goes to a cabinet and takes out a tube of cream and hands it too her and then turns his back to her so she can apply the cream. Sarah takes a small amount and rubs it into the wound and can feel his muscles under his skin moving like a liquid, to her touch. Then before she knows what is happening he has reached back and taken her legs and wrapped them around his waist although it hurts her she says nothing, as he guides her hands to his chest and slowly down his stomach to his cock, and then leans back pinning her to the wall of the bath, and looks directly at her “I want you now, but first we have to take care of you.”
Sarah was confused he could taken her in a heartbeat but he wanted her well, her cunt was aching for his cock and she needed him like a d**g and holding his cock was great as she could feel it throb in her hand. However he took her legs from behind him and got out of the bath again, and went to the same cabinet and picked up some shaving foam and razors. Coming back to the bath he stepped in and moved next to her and kissed a long and slow passionate kiss which Sarah enjoyed. “Do you trust me? “he asked Sarah.
“With my life Sir” said Sarah.
“Lay back like you would in a swimming pool and hold the edge of the bath and I will support you back and legs.” Sarah did as she was told and watched as Peter took the shaving foam and shook it and then squirted a large dollop on her cunt and with his fingers spread it over her cunt. Putting the shaving foam down he opened the straight razor and put it into the water and then in horror she watched as he put it next to her cunt, and then very slowly and very carefully shaved her hairy cunt.
Sarah watched fascinated as he very slowly and deliberately cleared away her hair pubic. After five minutes she was almost bare, he then took the safety razor and finished the job, and ran his hand over her pussy and then leaned in and licked her cunt lips and felt Sarah shiver in pleasure. Pete pulled her lips apart and licked deeper into her cunt and then slipped two fingers into her and pushed them as deep as he could and felt Sarah’s cunt spasm in pleasure. Pete knew her pussy well and pushed his tongue higher until he found her clit and sucked on it hard and long then pushed it around with his tongue. Sarah could not believe it as he ate her out, her juices went into free flow again and her orgasm was building rapidly.
Sarah gained confidence and pushed his head into her pussy as she knew she was close and then without warning she begged him “now suck my clit harder now” doing as he was told Sarah’s orgasm hit her and she moaned and spoke “Yes eat my cunt please master eat me as I am coming now, oh my fucking god I am coming” and she pushed his head in deep into her cunt and her juices squirted from cunt again into his mouth and chest. Pushing back Pete smiled at her “That was very nice and well done for trusting me, now you will keep it that way, completely bald and waxed, which we will do later.” Now turn around and I will do the same again. Doing as she was told she heard the shaving foam being sprayed around her ass and then saw him take the razor again and this time very slowly, shaved her ass hole, again he took it slowly and did a very good job and finished it with the safety razor and then just like before he started licking her ass hole rimming her and pushing his tongue in to her ass hole. Sarah was lost for words at the feeling as he probed her ass and then pushed two fingers in her ass opening her up to his fingers as he pushed them deeper, up to his third knuckle and wriggled them in her ass. Sarah gasped and begged for more, and then he stood up behind her and took his cock and pushed it against her ass. He then pulled his fingers out and pushed his cock head against her ass and pushed it in. Sarah was shocked and excited as she had never been butt fucked before, but she wanted his cock in her. Slowly Pete pushed his cock into her ass waiting for her to cry out but she did not, so he slowly started fucking her ass pushing a little deeper every time.
“Yes sir fuck my ass please, fuck my ass like the whore I am I deserve it, as I am a slut and your slut needs your cock and cum in me. “
Pete was stunned at her speech so increased his pace fucking her ass harder, but he wanted her to wait for her surprise before he emptied his balls into this time then looking up he saw her wince in pain. Pete decided immediately to change positions and wrapped one arm around her waist and the other under her legs and lifted her up and slowly moved his own back against the bath and sat down in the bath and pulled Sarah down with him. Making sure his back was against the tub he let Sarah’s go and she lowered herself into his lap. Pete held his cock and guide Sarah’s ass down onto his cock again, but she went at her pace. Pulling her head back he looked at her “If I ever fuck you and it is causing pain then say so.” Sarah looked at him and kissed him hard.
“Master it is my duty to please you, no matter if I suffer” said Sarah.
“No your duty is to please me when and where I want and I only punish you if you make me angry like you have done twice, if you want I can dominate like earlier, but when I fuck you I want you to enjoy it without pain as it does nothing for me but if you want pain I can inflict it on you just say the word.”
“Fuck my ass master and fuck it hard as you can I need you too I do not care about the pain all I want is you to fill me with you cum, please Master do it for me.”
So Peter pushed upwards filling Sarah’s ass with his cock and she pushed down and screamed in pleasure as his cock filled her ass complete to his balls, he reached around and pulled her nipples getting another small scream of pleasure and with his other hand he pushed three fingers into her cunt. Sarah could not believe the pain and pleasure she was getting from his cock in her ass and then he was playing with her nipples again. Then somehow he was fingering her cunt and her body was on the edge and he was fucking her harder than ever and his fingers seem to be probing deeper into her cunt than her own ever had and he was stretching her out with his fingers.
Pete pushed a forth finger into her sweet tight little cunt and his cock was buried in her ass as far as he could go and he could tell she was loving it but his own balls were burning and he wanted to fuck longer, but the way she bouncing on his cock he knew he could not hold out much longer. Pushing her forward so she was on her hands and knees in the bath, but Pete stayed in her ass and moved his hands to her hips and thrust harder and harder into her ass. “I coming bitch I coming now.”
Sarah looked back and smiled”good cum in my slutty ass please Master teach me a lesson, fuck my ass hard.” Then she felt him hold her tight to him knowing he had come in her ass as he grunted and then she felt his cock pump his cum into her and then her ass griped his cock and she orgasmed on his cock in her ass, and seemed to try and suck him in deeper. They stayed in that position for almost 40 seconds as his cock seemed to be pumping for such a long time. Sarah could not believe he had fucked her ass, and it felt so good and his cock was amazing in her.
Finally he pulled out and he rolled back onto the side of the bath but his cock was still hard but he needed five minutes before starting again on her. Sarah was in heaven she had gone without sex for years and this man had fucked her already to more orgasms than her husband ever had. Sliding over to him she cuddled into his chest and looked down “Oh someone is pleased to see me” said Sarah.
Suddenly one of his hands was in her hair pulling her hair back, “Give me five minutes rest then I will fuck you again ok, I am not as young as I used to be.” Sarah looked at him and laughed “What you can only be 32 at most and you cock and body are so hot I want you in me again, I need you in me I need you to teach me more about fucking and to train me fully to be your fuck slave, my body is yours to use, so please use me.”
Pete laughed “Oh I am going to use this body of yours bitch no doubt about that and I am going to take hours of pleasure in it, but try again at my age.”
Looking at him Sarah smiled “Ok 35.”
“No try again a little higher”
“Please you cannot be older than me, but how about 40.”
“Bingo the lady gets a price.”
“No way, I would have said you were 40, as you look so young and your body is incredible. So what’s my price?”
“To be my personal sex slave and come to me when I call. Do you have a job?”
Sarah nodded her head embarrassed as she worked at the local supermarket on the checkout during the week “Yes sir I work in the local supermarket on the checkout as that was all I could get after going back to work when my son was at school.”
“Well from tomorrow you will be working me in my shop in town as I need an assistant and I am going to change the shop around and I can then fuck you anytime I want and you can learn more about the business as I have more female customers than male and you can help them with the ladies clothing, toys, DVD’s and anything else they want. I can start you on £500 per week, and if you increase business like I think you will then we can review the salary in three months time.”
Sarah was speechless she had just been offered a job that was twice the money she was currently earning and she knew they would be having sex every day in the shop and he was offering her more money if she did a good job and she could final move away from the area she was in to an area where she was no known and could possible save up to get a nicer house. “Yes please Sir that would be great, as long as you promise to have sex with me every day.”
Pete smiled “I think I can manage that” he then very carefully put his arm around her and lifted her into his lap so she was facing him and he moved away from the wall of the bath so she could slip her legs around his back. Sarah was amazed that he was so gently in picking her up as her back was so sore and then she was facing him and she knew what he wanted. Moving her legs behind his back she reached down with one hand and held his cock and guided it into her waiting cunt. She slowly lowered herself in to him as he filled her cunt and she was being stretched apart by him, but she slowly bobbed up and down and with every move she managed to accommodate a little bit more within her, until she final found that she was grinding against his pelvic bone.
Pete knew she was tight but fuck she was like fucking a virgin every time and her cunt gripped his cock like a vice and seemed to suck his cock deeper into her. Lowering his head he nuzzled her neck was greeted with a whisper “Oh yes that’s nice” so licking and kissing her neck so slowly moved his hands on her back one to hold her the other towards her ass. He could feel her hands digging into his back just like yesterday and knew she was enjoying the nice slow fuck they were having. Then being very brave she lifted his head and kissed him hard and started to nuzzle his neck like he had done to her and then he was enjoying it. “Oh yes that’s nice more he told her” and Sarah smiled and licked down his chest and nipped his nipples and sucked on his chest.
Slowly they both increased their momentum in the bath and tried to time each other’s thrusts so they both gained the maximum pleasure from it. Sarah could not believe his stamina and he was so good his cock was filling her pussy so much it felt filled to the max. They changed positions numerous times and yet neither could finish completely, Sarah felt on the edge of a mind blowing orgasm but her body would not go that extra little bit and Pete felt his balls ready to explode, but kept trying every trick in the book to delay his own orgasm. Finally Pete could not hold back any longer “Fuck it bitch I coming.”
“Fill my cunt with you spunk I want it all in me, Sir, fill my pussy till my juices overflow.”
Pete grunted and thrust as hard as he could and exploded deep into her tight little cunt and her cunt seemed to grip him and drain his balls of his cum. Then just as his last squirt finished she bit down again on his shoulder and her felt her cunt grip his cock and squeeze hard as she came again, once more her orgasm was so powerful she drew bl**d as she tried to stifle her cry of joy, and felt his bl**d slip down her throat, and it seemed to increase her orgasm even further, and she bit harder into him. Pete felt her bit and his bl**d flow, but fuck she was worth it and her cunt seemed like a vice on his cock, and was squeezing his cock dry.
Sarah finally stopped biting and looked at him and saw the damage she had done, and could still taste his bl**d in her mouth. “Sir I am so sorry for biting you so hard, but my orgasm was so strong and I did not want to scream out loud and upset your neighbours and you orgasm send me over the edge and well your bl**d and seed made it worse still.”
Pete could see the teeth marks this time and the bl**d flowing from his shoulder in little trickles, but he ignored it, as he had never had such a strong fuck and a woman match him blow for blow or allow him free rein of her body. As they always seemed to hold something back, but Sarah just gave her all and he knew it. Looking down at her his lust arose once more he wanted her again it was as simple as that, he could see her flinch expecting a smack, but he surprised her by wrapping his arms around her and lifting her up and standing himself, “bedroom now for a nice comfortable rest and fuck.”
Sarah looked up at him expecting a hand to smash into her body or face, but he lifted her up instead like she was a c***d and wanted her in his bed for more sex. She felt her body was exhausted, but she felt his cock still hard hit her ass. How could he still be hard after that fuck, but feeling his cock on her ass she wanted more of him and wanted to drain his balls dry. Walking towards the door he pointed out the towels and she reached out and grabbed two large bath sheets, and he walked out of the door and to another room. Sarah reached down and pushed the handle and was confronted by a bedroom that was stunning, along one wall was a fitted wardrobe, with mirror doors, a huge chest drawers with a large mirror, two large beside cabinets and a Queen size four poster bed, with a canopy around the side and as he walked into the room she saw above the bed was a large mirror and the sheets were a white rose satin print and a large window that overlooked fields and again trees either side to protect his privacy.

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very good, how about a follow up with sue?
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i mean .. Awesome story!! lol.. sorry!
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Wow!! Awesome stroy!!
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love all 3