MILF in training Part II

Sarah drove away smiling and extremely happy, even with her ass still stinging from the caning she had received she had never been happier. Her dress was rubbing against her abused nipples and she knew she had to buy some decent underwear from somewhere, but where could she find any at this time in the evening, the only place open would be Asda as they closed at 10.00pm. Looking at the car clock she saw it was 8.30pm. No, it had to be wrong she looked at her watch and it was right, they had been fucking and playing for almost three hours. Sarah burst out laughing, Sarah thought of her ex husband who was lucky to last 3 minutes, and she had been fucking and sucking for three hours.
Pulling into Asda she rushed in and went to the women’s lingerie section and selected the sexiest underwear she could see and took 5 sets and then went to the clothes section and got the shortest skirt she could find to fit her and then the shoes and selected 3 pairs of Stiletto shoes. Paying for them felt strange, but very happy. Leaving she managed to flash one of the young men pushing the trolleys and he almost crashed his trolleys into a parked car, laughing she pulled out and went home.
Hitting the shower first the water hurt her ass and she washed her body and thought about shaving her pussy, but he wanted to do that tomorrow and that could be fun in the bath or shower. Wrapping her body in a towel she went to her room and checked her ass in the mirror she could still see some of the cane marks on her ass, but her back was clear, he obviously very good at inflicting pain she thought and not leaving a mark. Slipping into her bed nude for the first time in many years she remembered back on what they had done and masturbated until she orgasmed again, and finally fell into a dream sl**p of being tortured by him and having him fuck her in every possible position she could think of and he finally came deep into her womb, and then from nowhere Sue was sucking his cum from her cunt and drinking his cum before spitting it into her mouth and they shared his cock together and explored each other’s bodies as he watched and filmed them.
Sarah awoke from the dream, with her pussy flowing juices, but she had never had lesbian feeling before and besides Sue was married and well very beautiful and her figure made Sarah’s look like a 12year school boy, with her huge breast’s and well shaped ass. Then she remembered the pictures of Sue maybe she was married but that had not stopped her fucking him. Finally it sunk him he was always Sir or Master I do not know his really name.
Looking at her watch she saw it was 6.30am and turned on her computer and looked up his address on Google earth. Her jaw dropped when she saw his house, it was in the expensive part of town and was surrounded by a wall and trees and was at the end of a Cul De Sac and overlooked open fields. Zooming in she saw a small pool and a sweeping drive way that guarded his privacy. Well he was at least rich from selling his filthy she thought.
Getting dressed into her new lingerie from Asda she opened the other back and took out a white rubber suspender belt and white fishnet stockings and attached them. Her ass this morning was clear of marks she saw, but her mood was one of a nymphomaniac all she wanted was his cock, and sex as dirty as possible and as often as possible. Applying her makeup she finished and went for some breakfast and had toast, coffee, and eggs, looking at her watch she saw it was 8.00am. Finishing her tea she went and cleaned her teeth and grabbed her bags.
Well he told her not to be late, getting in her car she saw the time was 8.15am, well better earlier than later she thought, then he could not complain about her being late, and to avoid his anger. Pulling out she drove in the direction of his house got lost and asked directions from a woman walking her dog, after following her instructions she was at his house at 8.36am. She pushed the Buzzer for the gate and it opened, and she drove up and guessed the car parked was his and parked alongside, it and applied her lipstick and kicked off her old shoes and put on the new Stilettos and went to the door and rang the door bell. The door flow open and a voice boomed out “get in her you stupid fucking bitch.”
Sarah felt her knees go weak what had she done wrong, she was early not late, but she stepped over the threshold and into the entrance way, where her heals clicked on the wooden floor. The door was shut behind her and he was stood in just a pair of pyjama bottoms. “What the fuck time do you call this you stupid cunt, I am note even ready for you yet! I said 9.00am not 7.40am you numb ass, I ought to smack you in the mouth right now, before you give me some bullshit.”
Sarah looked at him and her face trembled and tears flooded her eyes and suddenly she was back as a little girl again and bawling her eyes out. Before she could open her mouth to reply he moved past her and grabbed her arm and sat in a chair and she was across his lap, and his hand crashing down on her backside repeating the same phrase “You will learn to tell the time” with each word his hand smacked her ass, and Sarah was now crying in pain as well as being upset by his words.
He then pushed her roughly into a corner and told her “not to fucking move an inch and shut the fuck up bawling or her ass would be beaten square.” Taking in deep breaths Sarah stood as still as she could, and felt her good feelings leave her. Why had he reacted the way he had with her, she thought he would be happy she was early. He returned a few minutes later and handed her a hanky and clean up and follow him. He walked towards a door and held it open and ushered her in, pointing to a stool he told her to sit, but her ass was so sore she did not think she could, but she tried her best. He then poured water into a kettle and made coffee for them both.
Looking at her Peter could not believe she had turned up so early, he had just taken a Viagra and it would take almost another hour to work, but she looked extremely hot, even with her red rimmed eyes and he wanted her now. “Ok give me your excuse why you are so early?”
Sarah looked at him and saw his pyjamas had started to bulge, feeling more confident she pushed out her hand and showed her watch “see its 8.50am”.
Pete burst out laughing “Did you not know the clocks went back last night, its 7.50am you stupid bitch!”
Sarah noted a softening in his tone and then it struck her she forgot about the clocks as she was too busy looking forward to seeing him again. Sarah stood and walked to him and dropped to her knees and looked up at him “I am sorry master I forgot about the clock’s as I wanted to see you again and your magnificent cock and I want to touch it and feel it in me fucking my cunt and mouth and emptying your balls into me.” She then moved her hand to his bulge and rubbed it, and smiled as he groaned at her touch, then pulled down his pyjama bottoms and took his rapidly growing cock in her mouth and sucked on it and pushed her own mouth down to his ball sack as his cock filled her mouth and the back of her throat, she gagged but kept it there and swallowed the salvia and spit down.
Pete was amazed she had swallowed all of his cock as yesterday she could only manage half and now she was literally balls deep in her mouth and throat. He heard her gag, but she kept it under control and he praised her for that. Hearing his praise Sarah grew bolder and started to play with his balls tickling them and running a finger nail along his perineum and heard him groan in pleasure. Then without warning she moved the finger to his asshole and pushed it in like yesterday but today it was harder and she felt her nail scratch him looking up at him he did seem to notice as he was biting his lip and she knew he close to coming in her mouth, then he grabbed her hair and pulled his cock out of her mouth and he erupted spunk that flew and hit her face and he held his cock as it covered her face and when he finished he pushed it back in her mouth to suck any remaining bits out of his cock, which she drank greedily.
Pete saw her cum covered face and pulled his cock out of her mouth and told her to stand and not touch anything, as he rushed off and brought back a camera and took pictures of her face covered in his cum, then took her fingers and swept it up and had her dangle it over her mouth as he took a picture then in her mouth and then after shot showing her empty mouth.
“That was very good of you, but you need to strip off all your clothes and come with me now.”
Sarah knew she was not being asked she was being told and did a very slow sexy striptease in her mind in front of him. Pete watched smiling at her strip show but she had so much to learn. When she was finished he took her hand and led her out the door and down some stairs into a room that was decked out with chains, whips, canes, Cross frames, stocks and other devices she did not recognise. He led her to the stocks and opened them and told her to put her head and hands in them. Sarah hesitantly lowered her head and hands into the stocks and then Pete locked them so she could not move and he went to a wall and brought down a multi lashed whip and cane. Then he approached her “so what we have here is a clear case of failing to understand simple instructions. Did I tell you to suck my cock? No I did not. Did I tell you to do a strip tease for me? No I did not. So now you will have to accept the consequences.”
Sarah watched and listened to him and tried to brace herself for the impact of the cane or whip on her body, but instead he brought a chair and made her kneel on it, then stood behind her. Still waiting for either the cane or whip on her body she was caught out when the cane struck the soles of her feet and he did not let up continually smacking her feet with the cane for five minutes until they were red and sore. Sarah cried out in pain but he did not care, then he moved from caning her feet to using the whip on her ass and back. This finally broke her and she started begging for mercy and tears rolled down her face.
Pete knew not to beat her too hard to leave marks on her body, but he also knew she had to be taught a lesson on what to do when she was told. Finally stopping her released her from the stocks and pulled her up and dragged her to the Cross frame and tied her hand and feet to the frame. Then putting back the whip and cane he went to a cupboard and took out the largest dildo she had ever seen and a vibrator. Returning to her he placed them on the floor, and looked at her “What he have here is a failure to understand simple instructions and I am quickly growing tired off this. This is you last warning do as I say when I say it or I will punish you so hard you will bleed and beg for mercy, but you will find none and you will be used as a sex toy for some friends of mine and believe me they do not play nice.”
Sarah looked at him and nodded and shivered as he delivered the speech in a dead pan voice and she knew he was not joking. “You may speak” he told her.
“Yes Sir I understand, please do not hurt me anymore, I cannot take it anymore all I want to do is impress you and have you cock in me fucking me like last night. I will do as you tell me and you can do whatever you want to me please do not beat me anymore I have learned my lesson. Please sir you have awakened within me a desire for sex that I thought was dead, but when you took me last night I had never been fucked so well or cum so hard in my life. I have never let a man use me the way you did or dress that way before, but when I did it was to impress you and when you kissed me on the street I knew I had to have you again and see you again. I want that cock of yours in me and I can see you want the same as she looked down at his erect cock I am your willing sex slave and will do anything for you.”
Looking at Sarah he smiled “I know you will bitch and now you will be punished for your transgression this morning and I have not forgotten we still have to shave that hair cunt of yours later.” Bending down he picked up the vibrator and turned it on to a low setting , and moved it next to her nipples, and ran it over them bring them fully erect. He then licked and sucked on her nipples and heard her moan then reapplied the vibrator to her nipples, whilst watching her face. Sarah was enjoying the feeling of the vibrator on her nipples, and suddenly his hand was between her legs playing with her cunt and her juices were running down her legs.
Pete could feel her juices free flowing and knew the bitch needed cock again but, he was going to teacher a good hard lesson first. Moving the Vibrator away from her nipples he turned it up to full power and with one hand pulled her cunt lips apart by her clit and applied the end directly to her clit, the effect was amazing. Sarah screamed in pleasure as he applied the vibrator to her clit and her cunt juices exploded from her like she was pissing, in one long flow, leaving a large puddle on the floor. Sarah kept screaming in total joy and her orgasm seemed to be never ending, as it faded another struck her again as he kept applying the vibrator to her clit, then take it away for a few seconds and then reapplying it. Finally Sarah found her voice “Please, please I beg of you please no more my mind cannot take it and my body is on fire, please Master, I cannot take anymore, please stop.”
Pete smiled a wicked smile that send a shiver down her spine, but did pull back the vibrator, giving her some relief from the continuous orgasm. “So you can have multiple orgasm’s then slut, well from now on we will have to make sure you do at latest once a day.”
“Please sir my legs are jelly, my cunt is on fire from your attention to it and I want you!! Sir I have never wanted a man so much in my life, what you have done is show me the error of my ways and I will do anything you say to please you and give you the happiness that you have given me in the past few hours that I have know you. Sir if anyone had told me on Saturday morning I would be begging for sex from a complete stranger I would have laughed and thought they were mad, but you have shown me that I am slut and I need your attention and you cock in me all the time and I must dress as you wish. You can share me with others if you wish but I would only long for your touch as you are my true Master and only can give me the attention that I need and want and deserve.”
Pete smiled at her and turned off the Vibrator and put it on the floor and picked up the biggest dildo he had, and approached Sarah, taking her hair on his hand he f***ed her head and neck back and kissed her hard. He could feel Sarah responding to his kiss as best as she could, and with his other hand he pushed the dildo across her breasts and down to her cunt. Her pussy lips were already gaping and he pushed it into her, cunt filling her cunt with ease as she was so wet and she could feel his cock pushing against her body. He then let go off her head and pulled the dildo out and reversed it and shoved the other end into her cunt and then bend the dildo and pushed it at her ass hole. Her ass resisted at first but her own cunt juices had lubed up the dildo and with some effort it pushed her it to her ass. Sarah screamed in pleasure as he fucked both of her holes together with the dildo. Sarah had never felt anything like it before as both her holes were violated at the same time. Her ass was sore from its beating, but now was on fire from the dildo in it, but she knew this would change in time and her abused cunt was on fire from all his earlier attentions.
Sarah did not take long to reach another orgasm again and again was begging him to stop fucking her with the dildo. Pete knew that she was now really ready for his attention, so relented and pulled out the dildo and dropped it to the floor. Reaching up her untied her hands and then untied her legs and Sarah collapsed to the floor as her legs could not support her as they were like jelly and her feet stung and were too sore to stand on. Then a foot was on her back pushing her flat to the floor “Lick that mess up bitch, you made on my floor.”
Sarah looked and saw the puddle and without thinking she licked at it and swallowed her own juices from the floor, as she remembered what had happened yesterday. Tasting her own juices was quite exciting for Sarah and the pressure on her back was let off. Then finally completing the job she raised her hand but kept her head down. “Yes what do you want Slut.”
“Can I look up and sit up Sir?”
“You may and very well done on cleaning up your mess. How are your feet? and can you stand or walk yet?”
Sitting on her legs with her feet flat behind her, she kept a fairly straight back and looked up at his face. “My feet are too sore to stand on sir and I do not think I will be able to walk just yet.”
Pete looked at her, “You need a bath and shave bitch and that is upstairs, how are you going to get up there?”
“I may be able to crawl sir but it might take a long time.”
“I cannot wait that long, and I do not have you lead yet.” So Pete walked over to her and bend down and placed one arm around her back and Sarah winced at the pain as he touched her skin, but she understood what he was going to do and pushed up with her thighs as his hand slipped under them and suddenly she was next to his chest and her arms around his neck, and he was striding towards the stairs as if she was nothing. “Thank you Sir, this is very kind of you” and then she laid her hand on his bare chest, feeling his heart beat.
Pete looked down at her and felt his lust grow as she touched his chest and looked at her “You are welcome, slut but do not expect this treatment all the time.” Sarah laid her head on his chest “Thank you Sir.” Sarah could feel his cock banging against her back and ass and wanted him, but at the moment her back and ass where too sore, as she was thinking about asking him to shift his position and she could slip her legs around his waist and have his cock slide into her gaping pussy, but the pain in her back from the whipping and caning was too much, maybe one day soon, he could fuck her standing up.

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