MILF in training

Sarah was furious with her son she had told him to stay away from that shop and whilst cleaning she had found one of those dirty magazines under his mattress. She was disgusted by the cover showing a poor woman naked and being spanked, and when she dropped it even worse was revealed the man had his thing in her and she was enjoying it. Taking the magazine between two fingers she dropped it into a bag and thought of burning it, but then had a better idea of returning to the shop and complaining about such filth being sold, to young boys and getting his money back and then going to the council to get the licence revoked.
Sarah was 36 and divorced, her husband had left her after her son was born saying she was frigid and unloving and had left her for his secretary of all things, although he paid for his up keep they never spoke again and had she never dated another man. Sarah was 5’ 6” tall and weighed 120lbs with 34c breasts and a tight ass and flattish stomach, she long legs which she knew where in good shape for her age and drew attention when she wore short skirts playing badminton. Putting on her best shoes, with their two inch heels which she thought were slutish but so comfortable, she left the house and drove to that shop. She had campaigned against the shop opening, but the local councillors in their wisdom granted it a licence and now look what had happened her son had been corrupted by this filth. It took almost 30 minutes to drive to the shop and by then Sarah had worked herself up into a foul mood. Parking around the back of the shop she checked her watch and saw it was closing time perfect no one would see her entering this disgusting shop.
Going in the back door she did not expect her senses to be overwhelmed so quickly the passage way was covered with posters showing DVD’s for sale showing women naked and having sex in various positions and all the women were very beautiful and had very nice figures and the men she noticed seemed to chiselled from stone with huge cocks. Then she entered a room that had hundreds of DVD’s and two small screens showing a disgusting DVD of a woman and two muscular black men having sex with her. Sarah looked away blushing at the sight, but it kept replying in her mind, but she pushed on and then entered another room and was confronted by rows of sex toys, clothes and magazines, and another two TV screens showing the same DVD and now the woman was on her knee’s sucking their very large cocks.
Turning away from the front door Pete was confronted by one of those pains in the asses who wanted his shop before it closed before it even opened. Mind you she had a nice figure and was fairly attractive all she need was a good fucking seeing too in his opinion. “Sorry love I am closed come back Monday, then I will give 10% off anything you buy or if you after a modelling job, I am currently looking for MILF’s, but she would have to pass a test first and the earliest that he could make a test would be tomorrow as I would have to get the test room set up.”
Sarah was in shock and sick to the stomach as she looked around the shop and at the grinning idiot in front of her. Looking him up and down she was shocked by what she saw he was about 6 foot, quite broad in the shoulders, muscular arms, chest, a flat stomach, and toned legs she guessed he was maybe 32 at best. He was wearing an ordinary T Shirt and blue jean shorts and trainer’s, he had soft blue green eyes, ginger hair and freckles and a stupid shit eating smile, that might have helped him with other people but Sarah’s mood was foul. Turning to the idiot in front of her she unleashed her full fury “I want to see the fucking pervert who runs this place and want to talk to him about selling this disgusting magazine to my son and what the fucking hell was a MILF when it was at home, you disgusting fucking pervert.”
Moving past her Pete ignored her and went to the back door and locked it and turned around and went back into the main part of the shop. “I am the owner of this business and I am not a fucking pervert, bitch, if you son brought that magazine then he was over 18 and showed ID to pay for it. As for a MILF it stands for Mother I’d Like to Fuck, but I doubt anyone would want to fuck a stuck up ice queen bitch like you, now fucking leave my place of business.”
Sarah had never been spoken to that way before in her life and was stunned and furious and then without thinking drew her hand back and tried to slap him. Pete watched her closely and saw her arm going up and caught the slap aimed at him, but was caught by the second blow which he did not see coming from her other hand. Catching both hands and arms he twisted them behind her back and pushed her up against the counter, and pushed her feet apart with his own feet and then pushed her arms in front of her. Leaning across he grabbed the handcuffs attached to the metal bar running along the top of the counter and handcuffed her to the bar.
Sarah shouted to be let go and get his hands off her or she would call the police and have him arrested for sexually assaulting her. Then the next moment something was f***ed into her mouth and she could not speak and it was tightened behind her head, she tried to call out but could only manage a mumbling sound. Then she felt something pushing against her ass then it struck her the man had a hard on and was excited by her and what he was doing. Sarah looked back and saw him take something from a wall which looked like an iron bar. Moving towards her he grabbed one of her kicking legs and placed it around one ankle and locked it and then taking hold of the other locked it and she could no longer kick at him but her legs were spread apart and she could not move without hurting herself, Sarah started to panic, with good reason as she saw him take a cane from a stand and what looked like a medieval flogger.
Pete put the leg spreader on her and then returned for the cane and he would teach this bitch a lesson in respect and who was in charge. Pulling up her dress as far as it would go he was confronted by knickers that he would expect a ninety year old woman to wear but Jesus fucking Christ she had a nice ass that any woman should be proud off and legs were fucking amazing well toned slim and long. These were legs he would love have to have wrapped around his waist or either side of his head. However she had changed his happy mood into a pissed off mood and she was going to pay big time for that and he did not give a fuck about the consequences of his actions as so far he had 10 of these stupid bitched come in here shouting and screaming and everyone had learned a very hard lesson and a couple still came and saw him. “Are you having your period bitch?”
Sarah tried to scream but no noise came from her throat. “I asked you a fucking question bitch and I want a fucking answer now! Are you on your period? Sarah shook her head no and wondered why he asked that question then she saw a knife pulled out from behind the desk and felt it slip under her knickers and then she felt the materials split and the elastic go. Then he tossed them on the counter by her side. Looking at her knickers in abject horror she never saw the cane being raised, only the sudden stinging pain on her ass, as it smashed down on them leaving a red welt across her ass cheeks. Sarah tried to cry out in pain, but before she could catch her breath another sting struck her ass, then another and another. Pete was lost in his own world as he whipped the bitch’s ass red raw, then he heard her cries and saw her crying tears of pain and humiliation.
His own cock was straining against his Shorts, and he thought about fucking her here and now, but he wanted the bitch under his control. Sarah looked back through tear filled eyes and saw him undo his shorts and pull them down and his boxer shorts and she could see his rigid cock throbbing. Sarah’s eyes went wide as it was far bigger than her ex husbands and must have been seven or eight inches in length and three in width. Then he was behind her his cock pushing at her sore and naked ass, but his hands where undoing the buttons on her dress, she shook her head violently protesting but he ignored her and moved around the counter and pulled her dress up to her arms and then undid one hand cuffed hand and pulled the dress down her arm and the held her arm and re-cuffed her before she pull away, and did the same with the other arm.
Pete looked at her “Jesus bitch who fucking dresses you your fucking grandmother, you have a nice ass and figure but your dress like a fucking granny, what the fuck is that bra from the 1890’s. Taking his hanky he whipped her tears away and snot from her nose. Then again he picked up the knife and cut off the straps and pulled the remains off her body. Sarah was aghast as he stripped and she was now naked as he was but she was terrified was he going to **** her and kill her like some sex pervert or worse. However deep in Sarah’s brain a part that laid dormant for years was finally awakened and memories poured back in of her father who was a strict disciplinarian and often smacked her naked ass and her mothers and she also remembered once watching her Daddy smack her Mummy and then fucking her afterwards and Mummy loved it and cried out for more and the young Sarah ran to her bed terrified but always with this as her first impression of sex. Now this man had awakened these memories and her body was responding to his attention even though she was horrified by it but she could feel her libido rise and she was getting turned on something she had not felt in years.
Thinking back it must have been the magazine that she saw was the start of this and seeing all these pictures in here and that DVD, had awakened her libido and being treated like this made her feel humiliated, slutty and dirty but extremely horny and wanted his cock in her. Sarah tried to deny it but she knew she was wrong and she was fascinated by the size of his cock, as it was the biggest one she had ever seen in the flesh. Pete moved around the other side of the counter and he then pushed his cock inches from her face and he grabbed her tits and fondled them hard and pinched her nipples which responded to his attention. “You like that don’t you bitch? You like me touching your tits and pinching your nipples?”
Sarah could only shake her head no, but she watched him pick up the cane and then she felt the sting off it on her ass again. Then he asked the questions again and this time she nodded yes, “See it’s always better to tell the truth is it not?” Sarah nodded again, then she saw him take his cock and rub it on her face, Sarah tried to back away but he took her hair and held her head still whilst rubbing his pre cum juice on her face. Sarah was shocked but excited by it and she could feel her juices flowing down her legs. Sarah was always a strong woman, but in front of him she was weak as a new born kitten and worse of all she was enjoying it and was enjoying his attention, her mind screamed out she need his attention, and must please him.
Pete then picked up the bag she had brought and took out the magazine and showed it to her. So what’s wrong with this magazine as he showed the pictures but Sarah’s eyes where focused on his cock and imagining him fucking her like this helpless and restrained and he could do anything he wanted to her. Pete noticed her eyes and moved slightly and her eyes followed his cock. Smiling so “You want my cock do you bitch, what makes you think I want to fuck a stuck up bitch like you, my cock could get frost bite from your cunt and I doubt if you know how suck a man’s cock properly all you have got is a big mouth and an ass that needs fucking, just like this bitch” and he showed her a picture of a woman chained to a bed and the man had his cock in her ass and she was looking at him with real pleasure in her eyes. Sarah looked from the magazine to his cock to him and then nodded yes, which surprised her.
Pete put the magazine down and pulled out another folder marked private and showed her that one which he said was for special customers and it showed him fucking different women in different posses and then she saw her neighbour Sue. Sarah was shocked as Sue had campaigned with her against this shop but she had ended up fucking this man and she looked very happy about it, then it struck her all the women in this folder had been in her group and they all had fucked him. Putting the folder down Pete moved around the counter and ran his hand over her ass and down her crack and to her pussy. “Umm some one’s wet and needs a good hard fuck don’t you?”
Sarah was shocked her body responded the way it did and her pussy seemed to be free flowing her juices down her leg and his hand made it worse, and she pushed back against it involuntary and felt a finger sink into her which made her groan. “I asked you a question slut!” and with each word he smacked her ass with his hand. Sarah looked back at him with tears in her eyes again and then nodded very slowly yes. Pete smiled and pulled his finger out of her and went to a shelf and picked up a few things. Pete returned and put them next to her, he picked up a tube of something and opened it and then she felt it being squirted on her ass. Then he picked up a metallic object with a bulbous end and Sarah shook her head and tried to speak no, however Pete ignored her and squirted something on the object and then pulled her ass cheeks apart and pushed the thing against her asshole. Then with a grunt he pushed it into her ass, Sarah tried to scream but the gag meant it was muffled and he kept pushing it in deeper, the pain was horrible, but then he pushed his hand onto her cunt and he slipped two fingers into her pussy and Sarah lost it completely.
Her cunt just squirted her juices on to his hand and her orgasm struck her like a tidal wave, she had had an orgasm like it the intensity was wonderful and it last for almost 30 seconds. As her cunt contracted the object in her ass was pulled in deeper as well. He then patted her ass and told her to hold it in her ass. Pete could not believe she just squirted and wanted to taste her juices. Pulling her legs back away from the counter so he had room he sat underneath her and looked up at her hairy cunt, then reached up and pulled her pussy lips apart and started licking her labia, her juices flowed down his throat and he swallowed them all. Sarah could not believe he was licking her pussy and she was enjoying it so much no man had ever done what he had done to her and she thought she would never let a man do these things to her, but here she was and could do nothing about it and she was enjoying it so much she did not want his to stop.
Sarah pushed her pussy into his face and f***ed his tongue deeper into her hidden depths and then he licked something and Jesus h fucking Christ her body was on fire and he kept on licking and flicking it with his tongue, it must have been her clit she thought. Sarah tried to cry out but her brain had taken control of her voice and was enjoying the pleasure too much and then she felt something she rarely ever felt even when she masturbated her pussy orgasmed under his tongue and mouth, and it felt like she was pissing on his face as her cunt shoot out its juices and Sarah lost her mind and control of her body again for a second time within a few minutes. Sarah could not believe it she rarely orgasmed and this man had made her finish twice within a few minutes.
Pete could not believe that she orgasmed so hard on his face and he was covered with her juices. Her cunt was so fucking tight he had to fuck it and soon, but he wanted this bitch to know he was in charge now and she was his fuck slut and cum dumpster. So finally pulling his face away, he stood up and looked at her, he could see she was lost to her orgasm so picked up the flogger and whipped her back gently, to bring her back to him.
Sarah felt the sting of the lashes on her back and her brain registered the pain and screamed WHY WHAT HAD SHE DONE? Looking back she could see his cock dripping it’s pre cum from its end and she wanted to taste it in her mouth and feel his spunk in her mouth and throat and fill her cunt whatever he wanted she was his and she wanted it now. She did not care about what she had become in such a short space of time but all she now wanted was to be fucked and fucked hard like all those sluts in his folder. Would he take pictures of her and put it in the folder, and show other people or was it for his own private use she did not care.
Pete could see he had attention and mover the flogger towards her cunt. Sarah’s eyes opened wide in horror and she shook her head no, as she thought he was going to whip her cunt. Pete smiled at her and nodded yes, but at the last second he switched it around and pushed the handle into her pussy and the pleasure in her eyes was obvious as it stretched her cunt open. Sarah was had shut eyes expecting a sting pain but then she felt something enter her cunt instead and she looked at him and the pleasure she was getting was obvious. Dropping to his knees he used one hand to fuck her cunt with the handle and with the other pushed her ass cheeks apart and started licking around her ass hole and with his teeth pulling on the butt plug in her ass.
Sarah tried to cry out in pleasure but the gag stopped it so her moans got louder and louder instead. No one had ever done these things to her and she was in heaven, she did care about her surroundings or that she had been mad all she wanted now was to cum again and please him. He was the best lover she had ever had and all he had done was give her pain and pleasure and she had not even touched his cock, except when he rubbed on her face. Her ass was on fire now from pleasure as his tongue sort out her ass and her cunt was flowing again, then something strange happened her ass suddenly twitched and sucked in the butt plug, had she just orgasmed in her ass YES!! As she felt the same euphoric pleasure as he gave her with his tongue in her cunt, was it possible to orgasm that way, obviously it was as her brain was swept away with pleasure.
Pete could not believe she had orgasmed again this time in her ass. God what a great fuck she must be he thought to himself, possible better than her neighbour Sue and she was great in bed and out and a total dirty slut now she had training and was willing to do anything for him.
Pete stood and moved around the counter and looked at her, she was still not paying attention so he slapped her cheek and she looked up with a red hand print across her face and tears in her eyes again. “Cry bitch and I will really hurt you!” A single tear drop rolled down her cheek and she watched him, closely, how could he give her so much pleasure then hurt her, then another rolled from her eyes and she saw move his hands and she followed his hands picking up the cane. Sarah shook her head frantically pleading NO!! And he looked at her and smiled, and brought the can down on her ass not as hard as last time, but strong enough to her gasp.
Pete smiled as he knew he had her now. After smacking her ass again, he looked at her and sat on his stool with his cock throbbing in front of him he could toss off on to her face he thought but he wanted this bitch to suck his cock and drink his cum. Sarah watched him like a hawk watching her and wondered what he was going to do next to her, but her eyes would flick to his cock and her mind screamed she wanted in her.
Turning Pete took the key from a shelf behind him and showed it to her, “this is key to your cuffs do you want to be released and are you going to be a good bitch?” Sarah tried to speak but mumbled something, but then just nodded at him. Pete moved forward and undid the gag and pulled it off Sarah inhaled deeply and moved her jaw to get the bl**d flowing again. Then looking at him “Yes Sir I will do anything you say, please do not hurt me anymore, please.”
Pete smiled when her heard her words, “Fine” and undid the cuffs and she stood up stretching her body, she looked at her legs, “No they stay for the moment, but kick off your shoes and go over there and find a pair that fit you.” Sarah followed his finger and saw a stack of stripper heels, that where huge heels and platforms. “Sir I have never worn heels and I am afraid I will fall and hurt myself with this on me and I could damage your merchandise, can I take this off me please first.”
Pete looked at her and nodded and she bent over to undo it, as she did he leaned across the counter and ran his hand over her ass and she shivered at his touch. Sarah finally undid the spreader and moved forward towards the shoes, but before she got there she looked at the other clothes and picked out a pair of fishnet red stockings her size with a rubber hold ups and put them on feeling extremely sexy and sluttish and then picked out a red rubber suspender belt and put that on and final she took a quarter cup red rubber bra and added, that to her clothes. Turning she could see him smiling and nodding his approval. Sarah then moved towards the shoes and picked put a red pair that were her size and put them on, at first she was unsteady and wobbly, but soon got her balance and walked towards him. “Well do you think Sir?”
“You look like a cheap fuck slut who needs a good fucking and you need to shave that hairy cunt of yours, so it is clean and waxed smooth, but for now I will let that go, because I want you and you have made an excellent choice in clothes.”
Sarah smiled to herself he wanted her and she could always shave when she got home for him and send him pic’s of her shaven pussy, to please him. Approaching him she stood in front of him and slowly reached out and took his cock in her hand it throbbed in her hand. Then he pulled her head down to his and kissed her. Sarah’ s move opened and kissed him urgently back as their tongues played with each other, her mind started screaming what are you doing, but she was his and he could do anything he wanted and she knew that. All she wanted was to please him and have that cock in her fucking her and making him happy. He pushed her away and pushed her head downwards towards his cock and she knew what he wanted squatting on the heels she looked at his cock and then up at him as she licked along his shaft and nibbled his cock as she remembered what the woman had done to the two black men.
Pete groaned in pleasure as she licked and nibbled his cock, fuck she was good then she could feel her warm wet mouth take his bell end in and lick and suck the pre cum from his cock. Then she pulled it out and licked down his shaft to his balls and sucked them in her mouth and rolled them around her mouth with her tongue. Pete shifted his position on the stool and lifted his legs up and spread them for her. Sarah did not know men shave there pubic area and his was as smooth as a babies bum, and then being daring she licked along his perineum to his ass and worked her tongue around his asshole like he had. Then an idea hit her as she looked at him she sucked one of her fingers and then pushed it at his ass hole as she sucked the end of his cock.
Pete felt her finger in his ass and knew he could not last much longer so he took her head and f***ed his cock deeper into her mouth. Sarah started to choke as he pushed his cock deeper into her mouth and then heard him grunt and felt something hit the back of her mouth, then again and again, and she knew he was shooting his load in her mouth. Wanting more she pushed her finger deeper and wriggled her finger in his ass and he kept coming her mouth was full and some dribbled down her chin, then he released her head, and she pulled back and looked up at him and opened her mouth showing him his cum in her mouth. “Swallow it all slut.”
Sarah looked at him and heard his words and complied and swallowed feeling the salty spunk slip down her throat, then opened her mouth showing him it was empty. “Very well done bitch” Sarah smiled at him and dared to ask a question “Was I good sir?”
“Yes that was very good for your first attempt, at sucking my cock and a very nice touch with your finger in my ass. You may call me Sir or Master from now on do you understand?”
“Yes sir, thank you sir and thank you for my orgasms they were the best I have ever had.”
“Well they are the only the start as you need training, to improve your techniques and your demeanour to me, and your clothing sense needs a lot of adjustment, but what you have on is very good.”
“Thank you master, but I wanted you to fuck me as well but I must have trained your balls after all that you shot into my mouth.”
Pete smiled and pulled her up by her arms and looked at her. Turn around and lay across the counter again, doing as she was told he spread her ass cheeks and dug his fingers under the butt plug end and pulled. Sarah had forgotten it was in her, but felt her ass stretch out as it popped out of her ass, then looking back she saw him insert two fingers in her ass and push them as deep as possible in her. Sarah moaned in pleasure at the feeling and then felt his other hand on her cunt and he was slipping fingers into her as well. “Yes Master finger all my holes I am whore who needs it and I need you.”
“Do you think that little suck job is going to stop me from fucking that tight little cunt of yours bitch, from now on your are going to be my personal cum dumpster and anytime I call you will drop everything and come to me and suck my cock and expect to be fucked hard by me or my friends if I wish do you understand.”
“Yes Sir I understand.”
“Now spread you legs further apart”. Sarah did as she was told and she felt something push at her pussy, she looked back and saw his cock was still erect and he was trying to fuck her cunt. He then lifted her up a little and his cock slide into her pussy and seemed to fill her like never before. Letting her back down he slowly pushed into her and then resumed fingering her ass, as well. Sarah could not believe he was erect again and that he was now fucking her cunt and had his fingers in her ass and she could already fell own body respond to his cock in her, she moved her hands to her breasts and started playing with them and pulling her nipples.
God I look like a slut and I am being fucked by a complete stranger thought Sarah and I am fucking loving it, I have already had three orgasms and a fourth is building, within me. Why could she have not met a man like this before as she would have freely given up her life for him and she could have had such pleasure for almost all her adult life. Sarah tried to get into the same rhythm with his ever thrust into her cunt and with his fingers in her ass. His thrusts got stronger and harder and faster but he still did not come but Sarah, felt her orgasm hit her again and her cunt sucked and pulled his cock into her deeper, and he still carried on fucking her harder than ever. He then pulled out of her and turned her around and lifted her up and put her on the counter and then got her to wrap her legs around his waist and he supported her ass as his cock slid into her pussy again.
Pete kept fucking her harder knowing he was going to come soon and fill her cunt full of his spunk. He leaned down and started licking her sweet little breasts and pulling her nipples with his teeth. Sarah bit down on his shoulder at the pain when he bit her nipples and drew bl**d as she could taste the coppery taste in her mouth. Pete felt the bite and slapped her ass hard but he was close and then it was too late and he grunted as he shot his load deep into her tight little cunt filling her with his spunk. He kept his cock in her until he finally stopped shooting his load and then placed her on the counter and made her lay back and pulled her cunt lips back and watched his spunk dribble out of her cunt mixed with her juices.
Telling her to sit on all fours Sarah does and looks down at the cum on the top of the counter. Pete then pushes her head down towards it “Lick it up bitch you made the mess now clean it up.” Sarah heard the words and hesitantly lowered her mouth towards the cum, and then licked at and Pete watched ”all of it bitch.”
Sarah licked it and eventually ate all the cum from the counter. Picking her up from the counter he looked at her and put her down “get those clothes off now and put on your dress slut. “ Sarah started to undress in front of him and Pete turned and got a piece of paper out and wrote on it putting the clothes back on the counter she picked up her dress and got her shoes on. Looking at her ruined bra and knickers she shuddered at their feel on her body and the feel of the clothes she wore in here. Turning towards him she looked at him and wanted him to talk to her again anything to hear his voice, he looked up smiling and handed her a piece of paper, taking it she looked and saw an address, then looked at him “be at this address tomorrow by 9.00am, for every minute you are late I will cane you ass six times, you will tell you sons you are away all day doing an errand or something and will be home late that evening. Do you understand these instructions?”
“Yes sir I understand perfectly well” and she did she knew he was going to spend all day with her fucking her and other things with her and she could not wait for it. Looking at him, she raised her hand and he nodded “Can I kiss you before I go?”
Pete looked at her and nodded. Sarah came to him and wrapped her arms around and kissed him with all the passion and lust she had, and he responded equally to her kisses and fondled her body through her dress. Finally separating he looked at her “before you go pick out your clothes and shoes for tomorrow and a couple of DVD’s.”
Sarah looked at him and smiled “How about the one behind you” she pointed to Deviants by Tanya Hyde and that one “Young Harlots in London”.
“Fine, now you clothes quickly I have work to do.” Sarah looked around the store and picked out things at random and placed them next to the clothes on the counter. He placed the DVD’s and clothes in a bag and gave them to her, “bring them with you tomorrow.” Looking around he made sure everything was away and turned off and e****ted her to the back door, opening the door she stepped out into the twilight of the setting summer son, and shivered. Pete opened a panel and set the alarm and locked the door and still found her stood next to her car door, he was looking at him for something, so he walked over and pulled her to him and kissed her again. Sarah kissed him hard and passionately like never before and could feel his hands on her body and she wanted him, then she felt her dress being pulled up and her ass was exposed to anyone’s view and he pushed two fingers into her ass. Sarah did not care she wanted him again in her or just touching her it did not matter to her.
Finally Peter pulled back and offered his fingers to her and Sarah took them and sucked his fingers clean. “Good bitch now do not forget 9.00am tomorrow.” He opened her door and watched her get in and finally drive off home.

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Hot and very nice!
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hope we find out what happens next
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imaginative and good for it
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Fantastic....Thanks for sharing