wild night of sex

A few years ago before I met my wife my girlfriend had a birthday party for me. Well hardly anybody came since it had snowed and turned cold.

Before everone showed up she desided since we havent had time to have sex and it was that time of month she would give me a blowjob. She said that she loved to swallow. I reminded her that I can cum alot sometimes. And since I hadnt came in 3 weeks well I was gonna blow. She started sucking and well it was no time and I let her know. Her eyes got real big as I felt the biggest load I have ever had shoot into her mouth over and over again. She took it deep and every last drop. It was afterwards I noticed some cum coming out of her nose and she said that when i said I was gonna cum that I had already been cumming then just started shooting. SHe said that it was almost to much for her to handle and some did come up her nose.

Ok now a few people are there and not much going on. My girlfriend has to leave and well party sucked. As soon as my girlfriend leaves my ex calls and wishes me a happy birthday. Invites me up so I go. SHe answers door naked and starts sucking me deep and slow. Then gets her toy out and we start playing. SHe squirts several times and as always she made me wait and eat her out before I could fuck her. Then I pound her hard and deep as she squirts again. THen I pull out instead of cumming in her and shoot a hot load all over. I went off like a shotgun. SHe was surprised i came so much after what had happened just a few hours ago. For the first time she enjoyed my cum and left it on her as she got dressed. I went home and was like wow what a night.

As I pull into drive a friend with benefits was at my house naked and wanting sex. So I played with her big massive tits eating her out and fucking her doggy. We went on for about an hour sucking fucking playing. SHe said cum in my pussy and eat it out. SO I said ok. Jeez I couldnt have much more. Well I was wrong. I came like I hadnt came all day and not only got to taster her juices tasted mine as well. We then kissed passionately.

Well I fell asl**p and woke up with my fwb next to me. Called my girlfriend and had another wild day with sitting around naked with my fwb as we had lots of oral and plenty of fun.
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