Found (MF, cons, inc, rom)


by SpectreOfHell

Antonia excused herself from the reception hall after the Maid of Honor had made her toast. She just couldn't take it anymore. It wasn't that she was not happy for her little s****r, not at all. She loved Alicia to death and was overjoyed to see her s****r so happy. She was just jealous, that's all. Sad because she was about to turn thirty and she had never been able to keep a boyfriend longer than a year. It had been nine months since her last breakup. Not her longest dry spell, but now that her s****r was married off Antonia was the only one of her siblings who had never had a deep and meaningful relationship.

She couldn't figure out why, either. She was an attractive woman, she didn't have to be vain to acknowledge that. Five foot four, slender, a perfect tan, and killer green eyes, she had made more than a few men drool over her. She stepped into the women's room to check herself in the mirror, to wipe away the evidence of her tears and fix her makeup. She fluffed her short-cut black hair, spritzed herself with perfume, and headed out again, fully intending to get very, very d***k today.

Walking out of the bathroom she collided with a man who had just emerged from the men's room. "Oh! Excuse me," she blurted as strong hands kept her from toppling over. She looked up at his face, a fake smile already appearing on her lips. And she realized it was her b*****r. Suddenly, for no reason she could explain, the smile became genuine.

"You okay, s*s?" Marko asked, smiling back at her.

A sudden flush came over her. She knew it was the combination of her emotions and having already had too much to drink, but she couldn't help noticing, and not for the first time, how handsome her younger b*****r was. Younger by only a year, she reminded herself. They had often been confused as twins, she recalled. They were the same height, so her eyes were level with his. When she flung herself into his arms, sobbing, she was acutely aware of the fact that his crotch was exactly lined up with hers.

"He's your b*****r!" a tiny voice screamed in her head. "So what?" yelled a louder voice. He wrapped his arms around her gently but firmly, seemingly not surprised at all that she was upset and crying.

"Shh, it's okay," he murmured, stroking her hair with one hand and her back with the other. The dress she wore was mostly backless, so his hand caressed bare skin. She shivered at his touch. Angling her head, she met his eyes again. Mouth aligned to mouth. She felt his hot breath on her lips. She didn't know what he saw in her eyes, but she knew what she read in his. Surprise, desire, shame.

"Marko," she whispered. And then she kissed him. It was a light kiss, but lingering, definitely more than they'd ever shared before. To her everlasting delight, he returned the kiss. His hold on her tightened. The kiss ended and she leaned back in his arms, panting. He was panting too, she saw.

Then reason reasserted itself. She pushed him away, horror and shame contorting her face. "Oh, god!" she gasped before turning and fleeing from him.

"Antonia, wait!" he called to her. She didn't. She ran, the heels of her shoes clicking on the tiled floor, her dress trying to trip her up as it flowed behind her. She gathered it up in fistfuls, not caring that she was exposing her pantyhose clad legs to any who wanted to see. The elevator lay ahead, doors open as if awaiting her. She ran into it and jabbed buttons blindly. Looking up, she saw Marko running after her. Almost, just almost, she held the doors for him. The look on his face...that was not the look of a b*****r ashamed of his s****r! But she stayed her hand, the doors closed, cutting him off, and the elevator began to rise. Antonia fell against the wall, sobbing anew.

"What the fuck?" she cried out loud. She had kissed her b*****r as if he were her lover! Worse, her pussy was wet not, filled with an aching desire. For him! For her own b*****r! The worst part was knowing it wasn't the first time she had felt this way.

Growing up, they had always been close. She knew their relationship was unusual compared to other siblings. They never fought, and they almost preferred each other's company to anyone else's. Victoria, their little s****r, was four years younger and very different from her older siblings. Where Marko was the smart one, and Antonia was the athletic one, Victoria had been the pretty one. She was always popular in school, especially with boys. Antonia ran track, played basketball, and was on the swim team. She had told herself she just didn't have time for boys when, in reality, it seemed boys didn't have time for her. Marko did okay with girls. He had a natural charm that drew most girls to him like a magnet. Not the stuck-up ones, but he didn't seem to want those. He dated some of Antonia's friends, and they always told her what a catch he was. The relationships never lasted, for some reason, but none ended badly.

She had been so jealous of her friends. Marko was exactly the kind of guy she wanted to be attracted to her, and he was off limits. That didn't stop her fantasy life, though. The first orgasm she ever had occurred when she lay in her bed late one night dreaming of Marko laying atop her, kissing her, his hard cock rubbing up and down through her slit. She'd rubbed herself before but had always been left frustrated. That night, it was Marko who pushed her over the edge, and it was dreams of Marko that had made her cum again and again throughout her teenage years.

In college, she put those thoughts behind her. That was the kind of thing teenagers do, she told herself. It was normal. In college, she gave her virginity up at last and, she had thought, put those taboo thoughts of her b*****r out of her head forever. But, as she flung herself down on her hotel bed, she knew it wasn't true. She sobbed into the bedspread even as she squeezed her thighs together. One hand snaked beneath her, down between her legs, pressing the fabric of her dress and the panties beneath into her crotch. "Marko," she whispered.

As if in answer, there came a knock at the door. Antonia sat up, spinning around, terrified. She said nothing, made no sound, and prayed he would go away. She had forgotten he had been the one to book their rooms, and he had a key to hers. The sound of the keycard activating the doorlock sent such a wave of anxiety through her that she thought she would faint. The door opened. Marko peered in. When his eyes fell on her, she melted. "Are...are you okay?" he asked, voice low and husky.

The only answer she could give was an inarticulate groan. She saw his eyes dance over her, taking in her barely-there cleavage, the way the split in her dress combined with the way she was sitting to show off her long, lithe legs encased in white nylon all the way up to her upper thighs. His eyes rose again, met hers. She tried to stand. When he saw her wobble, he raced to her. The door closed behind him, the lock engaging automatically. He caught her as she began to swoon. She felt like the heroine in a torrid romance novel, cradled in the arms of her handsome hero. Marko stared into her eyes from inches away. She saw his lips tremble with words he could not say.

"I love you," she managed to croak.

His hand caressed her face, brushing away stray hairs. "Oh, god," he sighed. "Antonia...I love you, too. More...more than I should."

And that was when she knew she wasn't alone. Impulsively, she put her hand to the back of his head and drew him down to her. They kissed again, but it was nothing like what had happened downstairs. Someone moaned, it might have been both of them. She opend her mouth intending to push her tongue into her b*****r's mouth, only to find his already pushing into hers. For the first time in her life, she tasted her b*****r's mouth, and he tasted hers. He was shaking with emotion. His legs threatened to give out on him so he sat on the bed, leaving her d****d over his lap. She curled up against him, devouring him. One of his arms went under her, perhaps inadvertently going under her dress, so that when he picked her up his arm was touching her legs, separated only by her nylons. He carried her around the bed, gazing into his s****r's eyes, a brilliant smile on his face.

He laid her on the bed, far enough from the edge so that he could climb on after her, straddling her body. He held himself over her, but she felt the weight of his crotch on hers. He was rock hard. "Tell me you don't want this," he whispered. "Tell me, and we'll pretend it never happened."

"I want this," she whispered back.

"You know it's i****t," he said. "Right?"

"Oh god, Marko!" she groaned, pulling hiim down to her. He settled onto her, his weight a heavy comfort. They kissed frantically, hands pawing at each other. How she managed not to rip her dress she would always wonder, but she got the straps off her shoulders and bared her tits to him. He rose up so he could see them, his face a mask of wonder and appreciation. She'd never had a man look at her breasts that way before. She was an A-cup, if that, always the disappointment of her lovers. But not to Marko, not to her b*****r.

Grinning, he lowered his face and took one erect nipple between his lips. She closed her eyes and moaned loudly. His tongue, hot and wet, laved her nipple in slow circles. He suckled gently while his hand massaged the other, thumb caressing her nipple expertly. Antonia began tugging at her dress, trying to pull it up. Marko had to rise up and shift his knees to help, and she bitterly missed his mouth once it left her breast. He saw her crotch exposed and a fiery hunger came into his eyes. She moved his knees so that they were between her legs. That allowed her to pull her knees back, to spread widely for him. This is for you, she wanted to say. All of me, for you.

"Antonia," he groaned. She shuffled back on his knees so that he had room to bend over, to push his face between her thighs. His hands touched the backs of her legs, pushing them up a little higher. She cried out when she felt his mouth cover her crotch. She felt him chewing at her right through the nylons and her panties. The smell of her arousal filled the room.

His movements became almost frantic. He clawed at the top of her pantyhose, pulling them down. Antoina had always been rather shy about her body, but not that day. She rocked her hips so that he could get the nylons over her ass. He took her panties down with them. She wondered what he thought of her snatch. She didn't trim it, but she still wasn't hairy. If he didn't like the bush she presented him, he made no complaint, showed no hesitation. Once her undergarments were nearly to her knees, he pushed her legs into the air again and dove onto her cunt. The first touch of his tongue on her labia sent wves of screaming ecstasy through her body. She stiffened, flung out her hands to clutch at the bedspread, and moaned her approval to the ceiling.

She might have decided, later, that he was not the best pussy licker she'd ever encountered, but his lack of refined technique made what he did to her all the more special. He had not had many other women to practice upon. She was not just another woman to him. And he was gentle, loving, in a way that she had not felt anyone be before. He licked her lips, relishing her taste, drinking the flow of wetness she exuded. His lips nibbled at her clit, his tongue probed into her. He even licked her asshole without shame or hesitation. That was new. And when that tongue probed into her backside, she cried out, wanting more.

Her b*****r sucked her clit and slid a finger into her. She was already at the edge of orgasm when he did that, and when he curled that finger inside her, effortlessly locating her g-spot, she exploded and came so hard it left her seeing stars. The breath rushed out of her, icy fire raced along her nerves. He rode it out, his face firmly attached to her pussy. When it was over, he rose up, grinning triumphantly. She wanted his cock in her mouth desperately, but he had other plans. He lowered her legs so that her thighs d****d over his. She watched him open his pants, watched him push them down, watched her b*****r's cock spring free.

It made her gasp. Longer ones, she had seen, but never one so thick. He would never get it inside her! The very thought, however, that this was her dear b*****r's cock and that he most certainly was going to fuck her with it, that thought made her pant and drool. He squrimed his pants down to his knees. She lifted her legs in invitation. He moved closer. His cock brushed her pussylips. The memory of her fantasy returned to her. As in her dreams, he slid his member back and forth through her wet slit. Only this time, after a few strokes, he angled the head down, lodged the tip at the entrance to her body, and began to push.

Antonia moaned like an a****l as she felt herself spreading around him. He stretched her, almost painfully. It did not sink in right away. He had to work it, hunching his hips and thrusting slowly but firmly. Her pussy swallowed his cock. She had never felt so full. He inched into her until she felt his balls rest against her asshole and knew that every solid inch of her b*****r's cock was buried inside her. He loomed over her, his face a mask of pure desire.

"You're inside me," she whispered.

"Yeah," he whispered back. He eased out, then back in. His movements repeated, becoming a little faster. She was so wet the sound of their fucking filled the room with squishing sounds and sucking. Her feet, still in white nylons, rested near his shoulders, toes flexing and wiggling as he fucked her so sweetly. Another orgasm ripped through her. She curled her toes and her pussy clamped down so hard he had to stop thrusting. When it was gone, he resumed, but she could sense that the end was near.

"Cum inside me, little b*****r," she said to him.

He moaned. "But...but what if..." he panted.

"What if I get pregnant?" she finished for him. What if, indeed! She smiled broadly to show him she had no fear. "Don't pull out," she begged. "Please, cum inside me!"

He cried out and thrust into her hard. She felt his cock throbbing, swelling, felt it begin to pulse. He was cumming! His hot, i****tuous seed was spilling right into her unprotected womb! Another orgasm rocked her at the thought he might very well be impregnating her. She felt a surge of pure love for him, for her b*****r, felt her pussy milking his cock for every last bit of his seed. He thrust again, then again, obviously in the grip of a powerful climax. He sagged, finally, spent. They both panted for breath.

Now, she knew, now would come the moment of truth. He lowered her legs gently. He eased his cock out of her. She felt his semen start to drip out of her. It would stain her dress, but she didn't care. He loomed over her. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist, used her arms to pull him down, gladly taking his weight. They kissed again, soft and tender. "I love you, s*s," he whispered.

"I love you too, little b*****r," she whispered back. She waited.

"Antonia?" he asked softly.


"Are you...sorry?"

"Sorry?" she asked.

"Do you...regret..." he said.

"No," she cut him off. "Do you?"

He smiled like it was Christmas. "No!" he said. "God, Antonia, I've wanted to do that with you for a long time."

"Are you k**ding?" she asked. He shook his head, so she said, "You know, you're not the only one."

"Really?" he asked.

"Really," she said.

He kissed her for a long time, then. "Want to take a shower together?" he asked.

"I'd love that," she said.



"You're my girl now. Right?"

She giggled like a teenager. "As long as you want me," she said.

"Good," he said. He kissed her again, then finished stipping her. It was awhile before they made it into the shower. But that was okay. They had plenty of time.

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5 months ago
bro and sis love is always so intense
1 year ago
Yes, I need / want to read all your stories. They are sensual and caring. Love it!
2 years ago
this is so hot. like how your story has such tenderness.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Awesome story yours are always the best
3 years ago
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3 years ago
Fuckin' Spectre strikes again!! You, my friend, are the Master of your genre. I am honored to know you. Great work!

3 years ago
Nice story