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Hidden Desires and Fantasies

This isn't fiction, it's opinion, so if you don't care what I think then don't read further.

I just wanted to comment on something I've noticed over the years. While publicly everyone decries the very idea of someone having lustful thoughts about girls below the age of 18, it has been my experience that many, many people are extremely turned on by the fantasy of such young girls. Things like Barely Legal, or schoolgirls, or fucking the babysitter, or i****t, or anything where a young woman has tiny breasts and shaved pussy so that she could pass for someone much younger, are very popular.

This trend is evident in film, photography, and fiction. While almost anyone would be quick to revile the p*******e, equating the word and giving it the same weight as "c***d m*****er," secretly they get off on fantasies of young girls being with older men. Males more than females have this desire, but I've met plenty of ladies who fantasize about being a little girl and having sex with an older man, or who just get off on dirty thoughts of the young.

Fantasies about u******e sex are NOT an indication of someone's potential to cause harm. They're just fantasies. I've met plenty of people who fantasize about ****, domination, enslavement, pain, humiliation, and plenty else, who would never do such things in real life. Likewise, people who enjoy fantasies about young people having sex with each other or with adults are not the same people who would stalk playgrounds. **** isn't about sex, it's about power and control and ego. c***d m*****ation isn't about love and tenderness and sexual release, it comes from a mental defect, when someone convinces himself or herself that all c***dren are capable and desirous of sex.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with fantasies, no matter what labels others might apply to them. In the US, the First Amendment to the Constitution protects all written works that do not libel or contain depictions of criminal acts against real persons. In other words, if you make it up and don't include characters that are similar to real, well-known people, then it is 100% legal.

Remember, this only applies to the written word and NOT to photographs or artwork. Depictions of minors engaged in sexual activity even if they aren't real (in other words artwork or computer generated imagery) are in most cases NOT legal. However, that ruling also seems to cover porn in which an adult is portrayed as being much younger, which confuses me since there's TONS of that stuff around. Videos and still pictures of skinny, nearly flat chested women with shaved pussies posing naked and engaged in the most raunchy sex while dressed as cheerleaders or otherwise wearing items most commonly associated with young girls (wearing Mary Janes, schoolgirl uniforms, etc.).

But whether a particular image or video is legal or not, the fact remains that it wouldn't exist if there wasn't a market for it. And what happens in your head, in your thoughts, or in your dreams are never, ever wrong. It's only when you ACT on them that you cross the line.

For all of you who are quick to call someone sick for admiring the beauty of youth or for fantasizing about enjoying such beauty in politically incorrect ways, you should remember that there are many more people out in the world who have those thoughts than you could imagine.
Posted by Spectreofhell 4 years ago
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4 years ago
excellent well thought out & i totally agree
4 years ago
wow you are very insightful and well written. i have fantasies of a younger woman but i cant seem to get any idea of what we would have in common other that just fucking. great post
4 years ago
I definately agree with you on this. Fantasizing is good and as you say, it's in more people's minds than they want to admit. The age difference makes it that much more exciting and I applaud you for including that in your submissions. Daddy/daughter is a definate thumbs up!
4 years ago
i agree with you on all of this.
4 years ago
what is so true is there is more incest going on than we realize. many dads do sleep and lust after their daughter. i was never a part of that world but had a friend who was. it was their secret.
4 years ago
you hit the nail on the head . just like all most every body has thought about robing a bank
but all most all of us are not dumm to do it .
also with the way the world is today i think a lot of laws need to be updated .
4 years ago
Very well stated...an important message for those who are confused and conflicted about their own hidden desires. Hopefully, your explanation will help some people come to terms with their own feelings and make peace with their inner consciences.

Thanks for making the attempt!
4 years ago
i totally agree with you mate most people enjoy reading such stories but that does not make them child molesters or paedophiles