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A Note on Story Content

I've noticed some comments on my stories from people who disapprove of the content. Learn what story codes mean! The little "f" means the story involves an u******e girl. And please, this whole accusation of "c***d porn" is asinine. Fictional stories involving u******e characters are protected by the First Amendment, a fact that has been upheld by the Supreme Court. Picking on someone for having a preference for stories of that type is akin to haranguing someone for preferring John Grisham over Stephen King. There are many fantasies that are far more disturbing than enjoying a tale of consensual sex between a minor and an adult. Personally, I don't understand the joy in tying up your lover and whipping him, or taking a piss into someone's mouth, but I won't go around telling them they need therapy either.

Save your righteous indignation for causes that merit the effort. If you don't like a particular genre, then don't read it.
Posted by Spectreofhell 4 years ago
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2 years ago
thank you for putting this into words. some readers tell me they have some stories deleted because of the under-age of participants.

er, a fictional story? but seems they don't get it.
3 years ago
i agree! with the way things are going, there will be laws about how and what a person can even think about
3 years ago
raptorking2003@yahoo.com tell that to this guy Pedophile01 on here.... he freaking advertised for child porno on here... freaking sicko
3 years ago
i don't understand some people, i don't read literature that doesn't interest me, nor do i watch videos that don't interest me.
i have had similar comments on my profile about how i look and what i write and how i choose to live, as long as noone forces it on anyone live and let live i say
3 years ago
I agree with you completely, but I am finding more and more sites that are steering clear of stories involving underage characters, never mind that the stories are fictional, and no real persons are involved. I'm told it has to do with porn sites being driven by keywords that don't distinguish between real CP and fictional stories. Advertisers and banks are withholding payments to sites, and it is causing them to disallow even First Amendment protected literature. Sad but true.
3 years ago
And make sure you tell them to kiss your ass too!;)
4 years ago
pompis whinners this is great erotica
4 years ago
good 4 you :)
4 years ago
Well said.