Saturday,August 7,2011
So im going to be talking about my first experience at a bath house.

I decided to go to SteamWorks in Toronto if you dont know what that is basically its a gentlemens club where you pay a certain amount of money to get in and have sex with random guys mind you when you enter this enviornment everyone has a towel on with no breifs underneath you have to be 18 to get in.

in this place you will find a place to exercise, watch porn, sauna, hot tub, showers, darkroom etc. you could also buy a room if you wanted to the sizes vary from small, medium, large and extra large, Its also a very dim place.

enough of that im sure you guys wanna read what it felt like my first time going to a place like this.

I decided to go to SteamWorks Around 2:15am I went in with my head held high, once I got in and paid my fee I went directly to the locker that I rented for 8 hours and started to get undressed at first I felt very uncomfortable mind you it was my first time and I was probably the youngest guy there. As i was getting undressed i could see the other guys staring at me as if they were interested in me i didnt know what to think of it so I gave them a grin as if acknowledging them.

The first place I walked towards was the showers cause nobody want to have fun with a smelly guy at least i wouldnt, once I Opened the door i could feel the eyes of all the guys looking directly at me as if saying fresh meat.

the shower was in the same place where the sauna, hot tub, and steamroom is, and on top of that its an open shower with like 8 shower heads and no curtains i was like whatever i have to get all cleaned up anyways.

As im proceeding to put on my shampoo on my body i was showering with 4 Guys all of us naked and without a care in the world not caring who was looking or who wasn't.

I then started to head towards sauna let me tell you it was very refreshing nad it took my mind off things, I left the hottub and started walking around let me tell you something there was allot of sexy guys, they looked at me bopping their head as if saying come here for a second but if you knew me you would know i was the type of guy to flirt and act like i was really into but in reality i thought you were the ugliest person in here.

It was i guess around 2:45am and there was this uy that was hitting on me when i was just minding my own business watching the porn that was on the television mind you i was on the same couch across from him so i was flirting with him for the fuck of it cause I really didnt care what was going to happen next, and to my suprise next thing you knew i was fucking him good and hard in front of a huge crowd i didnt give i fuck i was like shit im a pornstar know cause one minute they were watching the porn on the T.V then a minute later they were watching us go at it. He rode my cock good and hard just the way i liked it. as we continued fucking he asked me questions like are you gay bi or jus curious of course i lied to him and said i was straight and this was my first time having a sexual encounter with a guy which obviously we all no was a lie cause im 100% GAY and besides look at the place i was it wasnt where a straight person would go only gays and bisexuals come here cause theres no girls up in here only guys.

He told me dont worry im just going to give you a blowjob let me tell you he wasnt that great ive had better ones but hey a blowjob is a blowjob so i didnt complain afterall i was still getting my dick sucked anyways. But as you probably already figured out it turned me into me fucking him without a condom which later on i regretted because i wasnt about to catch aids from this guy Im just saying.

let me add i never sucked him off cause thats dirty i know where his dick has been and thats up someones ass i wasnt about to suck no dick.

We went to a dark room which had beds we went to the top one co continue our hot and sweaty sex we eventtually stopped and we started jerking off he wanted me to cum so bad he said he would pay me
40$ at first i was all about but then im like fuck you and grabbed my towel and left.

It was around 3:15am when i decided to depart from him and go my seperate way, luckily i did that because i found this other amazing guy that i saw earlier on the streets of church street but i didnt know it was him until he told me whish was really funny to me because who would of figured that we would ever see eachother in a place like this but i didnt regret it cause he was gorgeous not to mention hot.

He was Looking at me so i gave him the nod as if saying whats up he then came up to me and asked if i wasnted to go to his room, I replied with a yes why not besides i wanted to get fucked.

So we get to his room and instantly when the door closed behind us and i took my towel off he went down and sucked me off but this time it was amazing not like the other guy ealier. Of course I had to return the favour i was sucking his dick so good that he moaned but it was that kind of moan out of pleasure and satisfaction not pain.

so after sucking him for a while and he sucking me we decided to take a break and lay down on the bed but surprisingly he wasnt like these other guys that just go straight to the sex and get it over with nope he was different which i loved about him we were lying on the bed talking about our life and when i mean talking about our life i mean really talking telling him stuff i wouldnt of dared tell somebody else especially a stranger that i just met but he was different.

We talked about things we liked and disliked about the gay community which to my suprise we had allot in common with eachother so we kept talking we made out oh dont get me started on how how good of a kisser he was so then I poped the question and asked him if he wanted to fuck me?, he said you want me to i was like yeah i do with a smile on my face, then it turned out i was the one fucking him i could tell that he wasnt usually the one that got fucked but that was okay with me because he at least tried it out even though it took long but i didnt mind at all it was quite pleasurable. Even though it didnt last long cause it hurt hm too much i didnt get mad we just went back to sucking eachother.

we laid down for like 2hours talking about our lives and getting to know eachother more. We then went back to jacking off we made out while doing this i cam first it was sex and he came all on my stomach he then proceeded to lay on his cum on my chest not caring that it would stick to both of us but then again thats why there is showers in this place for occasions like this.

He then told me he was single and i w as too so of course i popped the question and asked if he wanted to go out he said yes BUT..... I was like oh boy he said but, he then proceeded to say that there was a 25year age difference i knew their was but i didnt have any problems with that neither did he but the problem was what would our friends, f****y and society say about us. So we talked about it and i realized this wasnt going to work out i was obviously sad cause i really liked him allot and this was the first time i ever felt like this for a guy.

So I turned my face away and was sad he said Specksz not going to expose my real name now so lets just say my name is specksz, look at me i didnt so he took my chin very gently and said its okay baby i know how you feel i really like you too and he kissed me so passiontaly I could tell that he meant it because he took his time and it was romantic.

So Im guessing by now it was 7 somthing in the morning and i said i hope you knoe that i really like you allot he looked in my eyes and said yes i know baby i like you too so we laid their holding eachother kind of falling asl**p in eachothers hands it was romantic but sadly we knew this had to come to an end and we probably would never see eachother again but he looked at me in my eyes and asked do you wanna keep on seeing me i was like yes obviously i do so hes like okay why dont you take down my number and call me anytime you wanna hangout or just talk. I was like okay and have the biggest smile on my face :D.

He then asked me if i wanted breakfast i was like yes i would love breakfast, but before we started to head out we took a shower and got dressed. We left steamworks around 10:25am but little did we know it was a rainstorm outside but oh well it was just raint and i didnt care plus his car was just parked outside ot the place anyways so we drove to the breakfast place which was only 5 minutes away.

once we got there we sat down and ordered our food and talked more about what we thought about eachother and i asked him would you ever say sorry to your boyfriend if you thought he was cheating on you and he wasnt?, he answered yes i would apoligize becuse i doubted him and then i asked would you be upset if he got mad at you?, he replied no i wouldnt cause im the one that doubted him.

So we finished our breakfast that he bought for us i said thank you with a smile and he said your welcome with a smile a smile on his face, and when we got to the car what do we find a damn ticket for 60$ apparently we didnt read the sign that said no parking so he said its okay and when we got in the car we held hands all the way to the gast station he pumped gas and then we were on our way again.

As he came in he leaned over to me and kissed me i loved it, we drove and practically every red light we kissed so he finnaly dropped me off home i said thanks for everything and took his number down, and we didnt kiss but we hugged.

DAMN I will never forget the night i spent with a wonderful man named Conejo (not his real name a fake one, cause im not going to put his name on blast either)

Hope you enjoyed it and part 2 coming soon!!
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4 months ago
Good story, terrible grammar
1 year ago
Hey Padma pics in ur profile are hot get me some of the contacts if possible .......

Want to taste how aunties are.....

And Possible add some more.

Well at On other pics am not able to get the option to comment :(
2 years ago
If you teased like that at the club I belong to you would be raped or kicked out
3 years ago
Lovely story...
3 years ago
Nice story.
3 years ago
Hot story but with the same feedback as dmf399.. mind your punctuation as well. Thanks for posting it
3 years ago
A suggestion, take the time to check spelling. Otherwise, I'd like to hear more.