Glory Saddle

My wife loves to have her home based businesses. She's sold the cooking items, candles, decorative signs and bags. For all these adventures she had parties at our home with groups of women coming to see what the latest craze in home based businesses is all about. The one business I was most excited to have her try selling was lingerie and sex toys. I loved the idea of a bunch of horny women in my house looking at sexy panties, dildos and telling stories about their men.

For my part, I tend to enjoy some femdom play and take great pleasure in eating my wife's pussy any time she lets me. I love having her "f***e" me to lick her labia. It doesn't matter if she just woke up, got home from the store or back from the gym. For her sex toy parties, I love hanging out in our bedroom while they slowly progressed through the night. Laura and I could barely wait for her guests to leave so I could lick her to orgasm. On more than a few occasions I'd have my tongue buried in her hairy red bush before her final customer would be out of the driveway.

To motivate Laura to embrace femdom play, I have her watch my favorite femdom videos on the internet. While we searched around the web, she saw a few glory holes videos and stated she didn't think it was fair for men to have this easy option to cum in a random woman's mouth. So after I explained it was most often two men she relented a little but the idea was still the same. This got my imagination going and after a few weeks I came up with a decent plan for her and her friends to have a Glory Saddle.

One night while I was rubbing her clit for all I was worth, I told her I had an idea for all her party friends to have their pussy licked clean during one of her parties. Like most of us who'll agree to anything during sex, she said she wanted to do it. I didn't take this as her final answer but at least I planted the idea. I mentioned it a few more times over the next month or so and finally when it was time for her to book another adult toy party, my casual mentioning of a glory hole for women perked her curiosity enough for her to ask.

"What is this female glory hole you keep talking about?"

I said, "I think I can setup our room to conceal somebody's identity, yet leave their mouth exposed enough for your friends to ride until they cum." I explained all the details of the Glory Saddle and she liked the idea of offering an additional service for her party guests.

"So I suppose you think I'm going to let you lie on our bedroom floor and lick all all my friend's clits", she asked?

I cautiously replied, "Well the thought has certainly crossed my mind.... I don't know of anybody else who loves to eat pussy as much as I do. Though if you have a suggestion, I'm willing to listen."

Laura looked around a bit and said, "I have a few ideas but let me think about who is right for the job. Let's plan on setting up the Glory Saddle and I'll let you know who my pick is just before the party."

I was heart broken and horny as hell all at the same time. I was supper excited she wanted to offer the Glory Saddle but sad I wasn't the outright choice for the job. At least I wasn't flat out denied. I hoped to play my cards right and be offered the job. I knew I had some say in who was in there and that I could be persuasive if needed.

A few days later the email and written invitations were sent. They read, "Come to my house for a private evening for women to enjoy chocolates, wine and the latest fashions of sexy lingerie and adult toys. A strict dress code of skirts or dresses will be enf***ed; panties are optional. No men are allowed, you may bring a guest and special entertainment will be provided. I hope you're looking and feeling sexy, adventurous, and ready to have a great night of erotic fun! See you soon, Laura"

I was erect with excitement as soon as I read them. I knew Laura was fully committing to having the Glory Saddle. The day before the party she told me her friend Rebecca didn't want to occupy the saddle. Again disappointment... because I almost came in my shorts with the thought of her sexy lesbian friend eating pussy in our bedroom... but that left an opening for me!

Laura and I had a serious conversation about it and she agreed to let me occupy the saddle. The conditions were that I could not speak and I was not to know who I was satisfying. I agreed but was a little nervous. Let's face it, there are some pussies we just don't want to eat. Fortunately, not seeing them would help remove this hesitation. Unfortunately, most of Laura's friends were decently attractive and I would miss out of the joy of seeing all these wonderful pussies lowering down onto my face.

The next morning Laura had me cleaning the house as she leisurely prepared her things. We parked my truck at the local grocery store to give the appearance I wasn't home as we picked up some last minute supplies. As soon as we put the groceries away I laid Laura across the kitchen table and lifted her sun dress to find exposed pussy lips glistening with wetness. I told her I wanted her pussy to be the first and the last pussy I licked tonight. I placed her legs over my shoulders as I knelt down to kiss her body. It didn't take long for my tongue and fingers to bring her to climax. Once she finished, Laura kissed her juices from my face. I asked her if she was ok with me doing this. She replied yes and asked the same of me; I responded by saying let's get things ready.

Finally it was time for me to get into position. I raised the height of the bed a few inches to allow for me to easily slide the majority of my body underneath. To cover my face I had purchased some black stretchy workout pants. I simply pulled my head into one leg and cut an access hole for my mouth. I removed most of the remaining material but left enough to cover my neck and upper torso. The material was thick enough to hide my facial features and Laura was able to cinch the draw sting and tie it behind my neck. This would make it slightly more difficult for anybody to remove my hood.

Laura tied my hands to the bed frame supports to keep me from jerking off and in place. I was concerned about getting suffocated but felt I could role to one side if I truly needed to breathe. The final touch was to d**** a blanket from between the mattresses down to my neck to fully cover my body. Yes, if one really wanted to know who was there we couldn't hide my identity but that's part of the fun for everybody involved.

I swear I laid there for days. Despite my initial raging erection I even managed a nap waiting for the first women to arrive. I could hear voices, laughter and the occasional hoot and holler. Finally, the bedroom door opened and I heard Laura's voice.

"Ladies this is where our second bathroom is located. I'd like you all to come in and see the room and the surprise I have for all of you on the other side of the bed."

I heard several pairs of footsteps coming into our room from the tile floor hallway. There were at least ten sets of flip-flops and high heels clicking on the floor. As the women walked around the bed, a few were startled, gasped and laughed. These ladies were getting d***k and were easily startled by the sight of a person sticking out from under the bed. It was quite funny to listen to them carry on. The excitement and curiosity brought the remaining guests into the room. Laura let them all chat and speculate what this whole thing was about. Meanwhile, my erection was returning and I was using my best detective skills to listen for voices I recognized.

Laura decided it was time to introduce me. "Ladies, I'd like to introduce you to Mouth. Everybody say hello to Mouth."

"Hello Mouth," they exclaimed. I was so excited, I was guessing I had between 15 and 20 ladies crammed into our bedroom; all looking down at my unrecognizable shape.

"Ok ladies, how many of you know what a glory hole is?" As Laura expected, a few had heard it and only a few knew what the term meant. So Laura passed around our iPad and laptop showing some videos of girls going to town on some big cocks. The sight of large cocks was getting the crowd excited. A few made the connection but Laura had to explain it for most of them.

"So ladies, I felt it was unfair for men to have a glory hole for their cheap thrills and us woman left unsatisfied. With some help from our friend Mouth, I came up with a way for you to have your pussy anonymously pleasured. This room will be available for your pleasure for the rest of the night. There are a few simple rules. First, Mouth will not speak to you, this person's identity is known only by me and Mouth does not know any of you. So rule number two, please don't try to remove Mouth's hood."

A woman asked if Mouth was a man or a woman. Laura replied, "Just like the back alley glory hole, the sex and identity of the person before you does not matter. I had all you wear skirts or dresses to make your pussies more accessible. You can use the master bathroom here before and or after Mouth pleasures. If you purchase a toy, you are welcome to bring it in here to use with Mouth."

Somebody asked how this was supposed to work. Laura said, "I'm really glad you asked," as she moved toward me. I felt her feet on either side of my head. You can face the bed and squat over Mouth's face...." As Laura said this I heard her left knee give that little popping sound it alway does when she bends it. An instant later I was rewarded with her moist lips pressing against my mouth. Immediately I began kissing her body, sticking my tongue into her pussy and sucking on her labia. She wiggled her hips to rub her clit on my nose. I was rock hard and licking her as enthusiastically as I could. Laura began to stand, "... Or you can face away from the bed and be on your knees or sit on Mouth's chest to put your pussy within reach. Try not to completely suffocate Mouth, I suppose that's rule three." This got some laugh from the girls. She sat down on my chest and slid forward to smother my face in her hairy pussy. I began my task of licking her again as Laura settled her body onto my face.

"Are there any other questions," Laura asked? "Ok, well just hang the "don't disturb" sign on the door if you don't want to be bothered while ridding the saddle and if there are no more questions please head back out into the living room and refill you wine. Rebecca will be modeling some lingerie for us soon. And I'd like a little privacy as I spend a few more minutes riding the Glory Saddle."

This brought some laughter as the girls left the room. I was happy hear a few women sound interested in riding the Glory Saddle and I was thrilled Laura was horny enough to ride my face in front of the others. Once everybody had left she said, "You're welcome, for this. I figured if I didn't show the girls how to get this thing started you might not get any action. If this works out like I hope, I'll sell double the amount of panties and toys than I've ever sold."

I didn't care about her selling anything. I was overjoyed to be lying there under her sexy sun dress with my tongue working her pussy to an orgasm. Laura was quiet and rubbing her pussy fast on my chin; I knew she was about to cum. She exhaled heavily with a sexy moan and I felt her juices flood my mouth. I continued licking her clean for another minute and Laura stood to leave the room. As she left she said, "Good luck Mouth, I hope you get all you want. Remember, you can't refuse anybody and I know there are a few woman her that you wouldn't choose to eat. You realize I'm going to encourage everybody to ride the saddle, even if it's just for a minute."

I heard the bedroom door close and I was left there thinking about what Laura just said. There are certainly body types and age groups I'm not interested in but I knew most of Laura friends. What I didn't plan on was any additional guests brought by the people she invited. Oh well, I thought, it couldn't be all that bad.

My face was dry and felt a little plastered from Laura's dried cum on my face. I could hear her talking and about her latest dildos as Rebecca was modeling. I really wanted to see Rebecca in some sexy panties, perhaps next time. The lull was broken by the sound of feet next to my head. I felt the hem of a dress drag across my forehead and I could feel a woman's legs press in next to my ears. I soon felt the smoothness of a pair of panties stretched over a woman's pussy.

I inhaled deeply to take in her scent and began kissing the soft cloth presented to me. She pressed her loins into my face and began to lightly grind her pussy on my face. She pressed down hard and soon decided this wasn't enough so she pulled her panties off to the side. The full smell of her pussy filled my air. I was rewarded with the soft folds of her pussy on my mouth and the gentle tickle of her pubic hair as it brushed over my nose. I stuck out my tongue and let her do the work. After a few minutes of heavy breathing she stopped suddenly and her legs tightened against my head as I worked my tongue into her pussy. She came with a tiny controlled shriek. Her pussy flooded with juices and I did my best to suck her dry. She sat on my chest for a short bit, thanked me and then returned to the party.

Most of the evening was similar to the first. Though the third woman gave me something I hadn't considered. This woman said, "you're gonna love this," as she sat down on my chest. I was immediately excited by her dominance and eagerly waiting for her pussy. However, she held my head down and through her panties rubbed her clit on my nose. I could smell her pussy and feel the heat coming off of her body. She was definitely wet and ready to be licked. She said, "my husband loves for me to come to Laura's parties. We both get so horny thinking about the sexy outfits and toys we can buy. He likes to fuck me before each party but not let me cum... So I stay good and horny during the party. He thinks I'll buy more stuff, which is partially true. I usually buy a dildo to make myself cum before the parties over but now I have you!"
As she said this I realized I was about to eat a pussy that's been recently fucked by another dude. This explained the heat I could feel coming off her body and the strong smell of sex. I wasn't necessarily opposed to this; I've never had a threesome or similar situation to present this possibility. I have certainly jerked off to more than a few threesomes so no big deal. I felt the back of her fingers on my lips as she moved her panties to give me access to her pussy. I began licking up and down her fingers as they covered her pussy, trying to press my tongue between them to get to her pussy lips. She was very wet and I could hardly contain my own excitement.

"Mouth, I am guessing you are a man since you are so eager to eat all this pussy." I nodded my head to answer yes. "That's good, I want you to lick all over my fingers and try to push your tongue through them." I thought to myself, what do you think I've been doing, but I put forth more effort. I was licking and kissing her thighs and hand and even sucking on what I'm sure was her wedding ring. "Mouth, my pussy is really wet so I want you to open you mouth and catch all my juices as they drip out. Don't swallow until I tell you to, I want you to have a good taste of it all. Understand?" I nodded my headed in agreement. "Are you ready, she asked?"

It all happened so fast at this point, I wasn't really thinking about what she was saying; of course I was ready! She spread her fingers apart and my mouth was instantly full of her juices. There was a lot fluid, it was kind of thick and I had a two big globs of it drip into my mouth. "Now get a good taste of my juices and move them around in your mouth." I did what I was told and swirled my tongue around. Her pussy and cum tasted different than any previous woman I'd ever licked. "That's good Mouth, now swallow that and get your tongue deep in me." At this point I really needed to swallow to breathe. When I did, the residue of her cum left a strange acidic taste in my mouth and I noticed her juices were extremely slick. I knew her husbands cock had been in her pussy less than an hour ago, but I thought she said she didn't cum.

With my tongue as far in her as it could go, her pussy lips covered my face and the stubble from her shaved pussy rubbed on my cheeks. Another deposit of cum drained in from around my tongue and then my brain began working. I finally recognized the smell and realized her husband's cum had been filling my mouth. "Oh, yeah, that's a good boy, You really like swallowing all of my hubby's cum don't you." At this point I was living in the moment and continued to swallow his load before I began licking her for all I was worth. She drained her pussy fairly fast and began rocking on my face to cum. Once I got my tongue as deep as I could, there seemed to be another mouthful of cum. Since her husband's cum was more slippery than hers and I could feel and taste the differences. Eventually, with my tongue and mouth nearly exhausted, her pussy was completely cleaned up.

She sat, relaxed on my chest, with her pussy resting on my mouth. I stopped probing her pussy and just kissed and suckled on her pussy lips as they hung just within my reach. Her breathing finally slowed and I thought she was finished. She said, "man I am really sticking down there, stick out your tongue." I did as I was told and she scooted up my body and placed her asshole right on my tongue. I began teasing her and she jumped with pleasure as I tongued her sensitive hole. She began fingering her pussy and grinding her ass on my face. I'm sure it was a great site to see. Once she finished she asked, "So did you like eating my husband's cum?" I nodded my approval. "That's good. I was going to clean myself up but you looked like you needed taken advantage of, thanks for helping." I simply nodded again, and with that she got up, went into the bathroom and then returned to the party.

I heard a few gasps and some laughter from the ladies immediately after my last guest left the room. I'm guessing she told a few ladies her husband's cum was being held in by the pressure of her panties on her pussy lips and it was time to clean things up. I heard somebody go in the bathroom and turn on the faucet. I soon felt a warm washcloth on my face. Laura whispered, "I bet you weren't expecting that, were you?" I shook my head, no. Laura said, "we're alone, you can whisper." "No, I said, that possibility did not cross my mind."

"So how was it? Are you freaked out because you ate another guys cum?"

"Well, it wasn't bad and yes a little. The taste was ok, especially since it was mixed with all of her juices. I just wasn't expecting this so it was a big surprise. Given similar circumstances, I'd do it again. I'm not ready to suck a cock or anything but I'd lick another pussy with a dude's cums in her."

"She said it felt like the naughtiest thing she's ever done to a man and she loved it. So I'm thinking you can plan on eating your cum from my pussy later tonight." The horny adventurer side of me hopes she planned this with her friend. The idea of that simply makes me hard!

"Sure babe, that sounds great. If that makes you happy, I'm more than willing." Laura finished wiping my face and then started to speak but stopped. "What is it," I asked?

"Um, she paused... I'm kind of thinking I might want to try a glory hole. All this sexy, erotic mystery surrounding this Glory Saddle, the anonymous pleasure, the excitement I see it created with all the guests. It all has me thinking I'd like to try it."

"So do you mean go to a glory hole or make one of our own?"

"Actually, I thought you could have the guys over for a football game or something. And we could make a special door for the bathroom in here."

"Wow, you've put some thought into this.... I think we can do that." Laura kissed me, sticking her tongue in my mouth, and left without saying another word. I licked eleven women that night. Some were older, some were really hairy, some were shaved, some didn't taste the best and others were what I'll consider average. I loved all the different sizes of pussy lips and clits and really wished I could have seen them all. No matter what happen I had a great time and would set up the Glory Saddle again.

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2 months ago
I just LOVE the very idea! Now saved as a favourite, thank you for sharing.
4 months ago
excellent story and idea. like her idea too and your reward for later after the party.
6 months ago
Thanks for the compliments
6 months ago
great story you lucky bastard I will have to set one up for the next party:)
6 months ago
One of the best stories I've read.