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Just a poem...but it was for someone special.

Intensity, passion, lust..
A picture painted from the pallet of emotion
Friendship, honesty, trust
The tincture that bathes like a lotion.

So here stands a man whose needs are so more
Here stands a mind with a will
To share such thoughts, to plunge to the core
Of a soul whose laid bare with a quill.

To discover the heights of hidden awareness
To test and the illuminate the eyes
To unearth the fire, burning no less…
To rise from the ashes that could die..

And to find a mind that confounds yet excites
To find such a soul that creates
To find such a heart that too easily lights
A desire that floods from the gates

Yes it is she that makes me reach there inside..
And she makes me question and search
To yearn for, to desire and yet to divide
To uncover this sexual church

Lust is the carnal instinct no doubt
And passion is the catalyst within
Desire is the mixer that causes to shout
But the heart is what holds it all in.

Posted by Spanner1 4 years ago
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3 years ago
aaww how clever you are x
3 years ago was written about a beautiful person who just affects my state of mind. XXX
3 years ago