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Part four

"Is that good Sara" I whispered....her eyes now closed tight with emotion she could barely contain the pleasure that she felt. My muscular arms had her pinned beneath me, she felt so good but I had to make this last.

I pulled myself upright releasing my grip on her arms and slowly pulled my bl**d filled cock out of her. The dildo, still in her arse beckoned me down and I began to operate her emotions with the plastic joystick that filled her. Slowly left then right, in and out I manouvered it, her hands grasping the table with legs still tied she was filled with excitement. Her beautiful abdomen rose and fell in shorter and shorter breaths as she battled to contain herself. My mouth was now millimeters away from her pussy and she could sense my breath drawing nearer, still I controlled her with the joystick within her ass. My tongue piercing her lips; I tasted the metalic sweetness of her inner body, sucking and nipping at her outer lips and grazing her clit with almost tease like darts. I buried my face further, she could feel the stubble of my face pricking her hole as I worked at her clit, it was throbbing and hard, almost ready to pop and I brought her into the place that I knew she could not control. I felt her muscles starting pulsate and I knew it was time to enter her again.
Lifting myself up again without ceremony or waiting, I pushed my cock into her and knew I offered no resistance to the control I had. Stroking back and forth she now found me; my vulnerability so evident. I grasped her by her tight waist and pulled her onto me, my balls were now tight and ready to evacuate the contents of my desire within her. My eyes now closed tight it was no use she had me, I was powerless to resist the restraint that I had shown so far and my cock was thumping with pleasure. I exploded; hot seman blasted deep inside Sara's pussy, that feeling was like no other, emotion, elation, desire and excitement released in control was over...she had taken me to the end zone that no mind can explain but where feelings merge with emotion that cannot be controlled...oh yes she had me!!!
Posted by Spanner1 4 years ago
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2 years ago
sweet series
4 years ago
That was just beautiful.