I sat there, quietly contemplating and digesting the ways that I could get to meet Sara again, the last time had been a mere taster of how we could be together. She was stunning, more than I could ever imagine a beautiful woman to be, sensual but dirty, gentle but raw, young but intelligent…she was everything that I wished for but at the same was everything that I had not had before.

My work made it easy for me to be away from home but that wasn’t sufficient, I needed to play a game, the game was what really intrigued me, the flirtation, the secrets, the risk and reward…yes that is what really did it for me.

Sara fascinated me, never had I had an opportunity to fuck such a beautiful girl since I was her age, now I was in a position where we where not just k**s of an equal age but instead I was an experienced man, able to satisfy her even though she had experience beyond her age. Our last time had been great but the next time needed to be unreal!

In a flash I understood what I had to do, I needed to get away again but this time it would be different. I went back online but Sara was not logged on…damn….I need to contact her, I closed my eyes, gritted my teeth, grimacing with regret that we could not talk directly but left a message anyway…..”Hello my dirty little fuck bitch…it’s me Mr Spanner, I need to see you cum again, I need to see that look in your eyes where you are overtaken by lust and desire, where you have no opportunity to stop yourself, where you are unable to find a way of preventing me from violating your body and a world away from having the heart to stop me taking you to hell and back”

I pressed enter and sent the message…..I just had to wait now.

Several days went by and Sara failed to log on, it was obvious she was busy but that did not prevent me becoming frustrated by the wait and inactivity. It was Friday morning before she responded…”Mr Spanner you are a naughty man, you’re mind intrigues me and my Clit does need to feel your tongue again”…”meet me” the following message had me flying….

I organised a hotel near to Manchester, it would be easy to explain to my wife that work required me to spend some time at the other site, Friday came and I left mid afternoon to drive to the hotel. I arrived at around 15:30, checked in and made my way to the room. It was a normal hotel room, pretty much the same the world over, striped wallpaper, mock Edwardian furniture, a mini bar, wardrobe on the left, bathroom next to the wardrobe…you know the place.

I opened my laptop and searched for a signal, clicked onto the site and saw the message,”I like Manchester Mr Spanner”….My heart stuttered and my cock gave a salute ;0)

“Where are you” I quickly typed…”Hotel Movenpick” was the reply…”great, I want you to dress in a Basque, stockings and high heels and I will be there in 10…don’t disappoint me you dirty little slut”, my heart nearly burst out of my chest as it beat with desire harnessed over the last few months.

I called a cab, “hotel Movenpick please” I loosened my tie; I was perspiring, not due to the heat but just the raw anxiety of meeting Sara again. As I approached the hotel I could feel the veins in my neck throbbing, my bl**d coursing through my body aching with desire to fuck the living daylights out of this girl that had become my nemesis.

I approached the desk and spoke quietly to the receptionist, “Miss Sara Smith is staying here, and do you have a room number please?” “Certainly Sir, its room 305…do you wish me to call her”…”No I will surprise her, it’s been a long time since we have seen each other2 I joked.

I made my way to lift and pressed for the third floor, the doors closed and I checked my look in the fully mirrored enclosure of the elevator…I guess I didn’t look bad for my age, I was well built, slightly tanned but the grey was at last starting to show and still could not reason how she found me so attractive.. The elevator came to a halt and the doors opened, I looked up and saw the sign 301 – 327 left, I walked slowly down the hall, mainly to give me time to think but also to catch my breath, such was the excitement that was making my heart beat uncontrollably.

I paused, hand and knuckles ready to tap on the door, took a deep breath and then committed myself…tap tap tap…tap tap tap….I waited for what was seconds but what actually felt like minutes and slowly the door opened. “I was motionless as I saw her, she looked fucking amazing, her voluptuous tits spilling out of a black tightly figure hugging Basque, her tanned thighs circled with the black bands of silk and the tiniest of panties barely covering her little pussy…all I could do was look and gasp.

I leaned towards her, my hand grasping her around the back of her neck, cupping her hair within my firm hands and pulled her towards me. Our faces met and lips touched the taste of lipstick always made me hard, my cock was straining against my suit trousers as I tasted her mouth again. I grabbed her hair pulling her head back firmly as I pushed her into the room, “you fucking dirty slut…you dressed for me just so that I would fuck you” “yes she cried quietly” “and that’s what I am going to do to you dirty little whore” “I am your dirty whore and yes you can fuck me”…” I know and you have no choice anyway” I pulled her down onto the bed using her raven hair to lever her down, she fell helpless onto the crisp sheets, her thighs brushing together and that sexy nylon sound making me harder.

I put my hand over her mouth, stifling her breath and shutting her up so that I could get on with what I had come for, one hand still on her mouth; I reached down and pulled her panties from her nylon covered legs, revealing a pussy so beautiful it just begged to be framing my cock. Still covering her mouth, I moved down to her pussy and darted my tongue deep inside her slit, probing to find her clit, it was hard and erect, expectant of what I had for her. I tasted her sweet musty flavour, sweet yet acidic but beautiful all the same. I drew my face away and spat on her slit, moistening the entrance ready for what was to come. Still holding her mouth, I unzipped my trousers and let them fall to my knees, I was not wearing underwear, expectant of what was to come I had chosen not to. My cock was throbbing; the purple bulbous end angry with desire lay in wait for his prize. Still holding my hand over her mouth I plunged my cock deep inside her, ramming him fully to the very depths of her inner warmth. Sara gasped beneath my hand, slowly but rhythmically I began to embed my cock into her. Unable to cry out she felt stifled of breath as I banged him into her harder and harder. Released her mouth for a moment but now held her down with both hands as I continued to fuck her harder and harder. Her nylon covered legs now wr5apped me, desperate to not let me go, she pulled me into her with an aggression that only raw sex can provide.

I could feel her pussy sucking me with every pull, massaging me with every enveloping swallow. We were both sweating with desire, my cock hard within her, her thighs gripping me like she dare not let go, I felt her waist lift and her back arch as she gave way to her orgasm….slowly I withdrew my cock and pulled her up by her neck, it was my time now. I stood proudly before her, my cock throbbing and dripping with her juices…”open that mouth of yours slut”..she dutifully opened it and I rammed my cock inside her, I gripped it and pulled it from her mouth…”Spit on it bitch”…once again she did as she was told and spit on my cock to moisten it. “Hold my cock and wank me…I want to come on you beautiful face…those lips need to taste me”

Aggressively she massaged my foreskin back and forth, the sensation of pain over pleasure was too much and I shot my cum over her face, the hot spunk made her flinch as its f***e sprayed her face…slowly Sara began to feel the spunk run down towards her lips, licking slowly she could taste me, feel me and know me like know other sensation allows……..TBC
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excellent story
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MrSpanner: I'm honoured and incredibly turned on.
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very good writting excellent story please continue it