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Folded arms

And she cosseted her life and how it was
For dreams she once resumed
And she folded her arms to protect her heart
For fear she’d be consumed

And she glanced at his face from time to time
To remember the reason for life
And she folded her arms to protect her heart
And to shelter his famlly and wife

And she yearned for his body as well as his mind
She knew she had discovered the truth
But she folded her arms to protect her heart
For the good of his life was the proof

And he continued to play with the strings and the bow
For an arrow to find its way
And he unfurled his arms... Continue»
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latest message

I’m waiting on the answers

For love to take its course

I’m taking all my chances

For my heart has felt that f***e

I’m hanging on your words

Every hour and every day

Ceased hanging with the herds

For you to come my way

Waiting to get higher

Oh I’m praying for that day

Fighting smoke with fire

Just to hear you say.

I’m grasping all my chances

For life to taste so sweet

The dancing horse it prances

On the dream that we will meet

I’m throwing out a promise

And I’m opening up my mind

I’m offering a deepest homage

From a h... Continue»
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more words

To have your love painted on my heart

To feel it swathed and lined

To catch my breath as it looks for life

As beat it tries to find.

To see your face painted upon my eyes

Engrained and so sublime

To share your breath upon my mouth

Is heaven fixed in time.

To feel your skin painted on my touch

To cosset and caress

To melt together as if as one

As minds become undressed

To feel you painted within my arms

To taste your every wish

To give my soul to you my love

To feast upon that dish

To melt together as if one

To purge and s... Continue»
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(Cmaj) (Fmaj7) (Cmaj) (Fmaj7)
You can’t feel the rain/pouring down on me
(Cmaj) (Fmaj7) (Cmaj) (Fmaj7)
You can’t sense the pain/it’s there for you to see
(Cmaj) (Fmaj7) (Cmaj) (Fmaj7)
You can’t hear my heart/breaking up inside
(Cmaj) (Fmaj7) (Cmaj) (Fmaj7)
I need you here for shelter/somewhere safe to hide.

(Cmaj) (Fmaj7) (Cmaj) (Fmaj7)
There’s no barriers/that should keep us apart
(Cmaj) (Fmaj7) ... Continue»
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just some words

I’ve walked a winding road
Trudged a dreary street
Carried my heavy load
For new vitality to greet
You'd be in my soul
And I'd be your lover too

It's not that my life is sad
I just need you to hear me say
I guess that my life isn't bad
But it shouldn't be this way
and you ask why do I care
I just have so much to share

I wish I could be your man
do my best to take good care of you
I wish I could understand
how love comes to so few
You'd be in my soul
And I'd be your lover too

Green light is calling
A dream I wish were true
Dreams are not for stalling
after each day ... Continue»
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Just a poem...but it was for someone special.

Intensity, passion, lust..
A picture painted from the pallet of emotion
Friendship, honesty, trust
The tincture that bathes like a lotion.

So here stands a man whose needs are so more
Here stands a mind with a will
To share such thoughts, to plunge to the core
Of a soul whose laid bare with a quill.

To discover the heights of hidden awareness
To test and the illuminate the eyes
To unearth the fire, burning no less…
To rise from the ashes that could die..

And to find a mind that confounds yet excites
To find such a soul that creates
To find such a heart that too easily ligh... Continue»
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truth game

...this is how it tell a truth, something that you may not really feel comfortable with even telling your best friend. It can be your feelings,something you have done or whatever you like (funny, romantic, naughty or your feelings at that point in time). The next person comments and tells us something about themselves....get it....lets see where it goes....
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Part four

"Is that good Sara" I whispered....her eyes now closed tight with emotion she could barely contain the pleasure that she felt. My muscular arms had her pinned beneath me, she felt so good but I had to make this last.

I pulled myself upright releasing my grip on her arms and slowly pulled my bl**d filled cock out of her. The dildo, still in her arse beckoned me down and I began to operate her emotions with the plastic joystick that filled her. Slowly left then right, in and out I manouvered it, her hands grasping the table with legs still tied she was filled with excitement. Her be... Continue»
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part 3

She could feel me inside her, my throbbing cock pulsating against the rigid plastic buried deep inside of her cunt, buried within her arse, the very skin that saved her from violation was all that protected her from this cock buried within her.

Slowly my cock throbbed in unison with her pussy and I joined her in perfect harmony. Every thrust was met with an equally aggressive return, she met me with each and every violent push being met with an excitement and nervousness that explored our minds beyond our existence.

I took her arms beneath mine, restraining her I was met with a pleasure ... Continue»
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Part two

With her legs helplessly tied I pulled up her skirt and ripped open her panties to reveal her fleshy lips, glistening with excitement. She was uncomfortable and I could see her struggling. “Do you want me to fee your arms…nod if that is a yes”…she nodded. “If I do are you going to be good for me?” again she nodded compliantly.

I sat her up freeing her arms and still gagged I lay her back down. “Now that your arms are free you can be a better little slut are you ready to be good?” Again Sara nodded her head. I took out a large fleshy dildo th... Continue»
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Unable to stop this game, we agreed to meet again, only this time it would be different. I had been testing the water with her so far and she had not failed me. The little play full slaps, the gentle biting and restraint all satisfied me that Sara was ready to move things on.

It was 9:30 pm and I had arranged to meet her at an old secluded barn deep in the English countryside. I had already made my way through the back road eventually pulling into a gravelled road, which lead to the spot that I had found. I entered the building and lighted a few large candles that I had brought with me. The... Continue»
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[Story] Raw

I sat there, quietly contemplating and digesting the ways that I could get to meet Sara again, the last time had been a mere taster of how we could be together. She was stunning, more than I could ever imagine a beautiful woman to be, sensual but dirty, gentle but raw, young but intelligent…she was everything that I wished for but at the same was everything that I had not had before.

My work made it easy for me to be away from home but that wasn’t sufficient, I needed to play a game, the game was what really intrigued me, the flirtation, the secrets, the risk and reward&hellip... Continue»
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