babygirl gets a late night visitor

It’s 3am and babygirl is asl**p in her bedroom… her k**s and m***y asl**p in their rooms. Daddy is awake and horny so he drives over to babygirl’s house and quietly walks over to her window… pushes the window up. Babygirl wakes up and wide-eyed looks at daddy with surprise… she whispers “No Daddy! You can’t come in! What if you wake the b**s?”

Daddy just smiles and says “Well, baby… you just better be quiet!” as he climbs in the window. Baby is a good little girl and is nakk** so when daddy throws the covers back her huge tits and bare twat are on display for daddy. Babygirl is nervous and pleads with daddy to please be quiet so she doesn’t wake anybody in the house… Daddy chuckles and tells babygirl to take of his pants and shirt… after babygirl get’s daddy nakk** daddy pushes his big hard daddy cock in her face and like a good slave daughter, babygirl starts sucking daddy’s bone.

Daddy lets baby suck his cock while he plays with baby’s huge tits… tossing them up and down and pinching her hard nipples… baby moans when daddy pinches hard which makes daddy smile… then daddy pops his cock out of baby’s mouth and makes her stand on the floor and lay over the bed… then daddy shoves his hard slobber covered cock in baby’s tight horny cunt… baby bites her lip and moans… trying to be quiet… baby’s real afraid she’ll wake the k**s and they’ll come knocking on her bedroom door while daddy’s fucking her cunt from behind… but daddy doesn’t care… he just starts fucking baby hard from behind… daddy’s balls slap on baby’s clit and daddy’s cock pounds in deep to baby’s hot twat… baby moans into her bed as daddy reaches around to grab her hanging tits… daddy’s bare cock slides in and out of baby’s tight dripping cunt and baby starts to feel her orgasm getting close… she buries her face hard on the mattress as daddy keeps pounding her bald little slave cooze… daddy sees that baby’s getting close and that makes daddy hot… so daddy pounds harder… with babygirls little b**s sl**ping next door, baby turns her head and whispers to daddy; “please Daddy Sir, can I cum?”

Daddy smiles… “yes baby… cum hard for daddy… be like a good whore”… and baby buries her face in the mattress again and moans as she is wracked with her orgasm… daddy, loves seeing his slave babygirl cum also begins to cum… filling babygirls fuck hole with his Master Daddy sperm… as baby trembles with ecstasy, daddy squirts and squirts baby full of hot sticky cum… Soon, babygirl’s orgasm subsides and daddy’s balls are empty… Daddy raises his hand and gives baby a loud, hard SPANK! On her bare ass… catching baby by surprise, baby lets out a YELP! Then covers her mouth with her hand in fear. Daddy giggles and quickly puts on his pants and shirt… as daddy slips out the window he hears the knock on babygirl’s door… leaving babygirl to explain the noise.

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2 years ago
very good