jennie takes a ride

Master comes to pick her up... of course jennie is properly dressed in her see thru top to show off her huge tits and her little skirt so her cunt is bare and available... Master clips the leash on her collar and leads her to the truck and we're off... jennie knows to keep her legs spread wide in the truck so Master can grope her bare wet cunt while we drive... and when Master tells her to take off her top so all the other drivers can easily see jennie's milk udders she does it quick... off we go to Sacramento... with Master finger fucking jennie's hot wet cunt and jennie showing her tits to all the dirty drivers we drive past... then in the dirty part of town Master pulls into a parking lot of a porn theater... jennie puts on her see thru top which doesn't hide any of her tits and Master walks around the truck and pulls her out by the leash on her big black leather collar... jennie knows to not cover her tits or smooth down her slutty miniskirt... jennie just keeps her hands down and doesn't block any of the view from the smutty filthy minded old men that are looking at Master's barely covered trophy wife.
Master leads her into the filthy porn house and into the brightly lit toy shop... the customers look at jennie and she sees their eyes light up when they see her tits and her bare legs... Master leads her up to the counter and jennie can see the eyes of the man at the counter bore into her huge bare tits... he smiles because he knows Master's cum slut is going to be everybody's toy tonight... he sells Master one ticket into the porn theater section and jennie gets in free because she's Master's whore and the dirty store owner knows she's good for his business... and as soon as Master starts leading jennie into the dirty smelly theater all the other daddies in the shop rush over to buy tickets to get in too... they want to watch Master's tramp wife in action... Master leads jennie in and walks her up to the front of the theater... there's a horrible porn flick playing and jennie blocks part of the screen but nobody cares because they all are watching jennie's huge udders and not the movie... Master tells her to strip all her cloths off and jennie knows she has to do it quick or Master will cut them off and jennie won't have anything to wear back to the truck... and then the other dirty daddies start moving up from their seats in the back where they've been sitting and jacking their hard cocks watching the dirty porn... but they want to see Master's slut wife up close... and jennie can see they all either have their cocks out of their pants or have big buldges inside their pants from their hard cocks. Master tells jennie to sit down in the seat next to the middle isle and spread her legs nice and wide like a good cock sucking whore wife... and as soon as jennie sits down a dirty black man stands right next to her and Master tells him he can play with jennie's giant jugs and tells jennie to take out his big hard cock and show Master what a good cock sucker she is. Master sits next to jennie and puts her hand on his hard dripping cock to show jennie how proud Master is that jennie is Master's cum slut tramp... next another dirty old man gets on his knees in front of jennie and puts his face in her horny cunt and starts licking and sucking her twat... and jennie knows now she's in for a very filthy night dogging with Master in this skanky smut theater.... the black Master shoots his cum in jennie's mouth and jennie knows she has to be a good girl and give Master a big kiss to show what a nice blow job she just gave that horny black stud... Master loves to taste jennies cum mouth... and then the man eating jennie's cooze jacks off his cock and he cums on the sticky theater floor but jennie feels him moan into her twat as he cums... as he is cumming another man takes the black stud's place next to her and shows her his dirty hard cock... and jennie starts sucking like a good whore... and another horny trucker man stands between her legs watching her suck cock and watching Master play with her big kinky tits... Master tells the dirty man it's ok to fuck jennie's cunt... so he pulls jennie's ass out to the edge of the seat and while Master holds one leg wide another nice bastard holds jennie's other leg so the dirty man can shove his hard horny cock in jennie's cunt... Master glows with pride as his filthy whore wife takes on all cocks and gets covered all over with the horny men's cum... and jennie looks so dirty and skanky by the time all the horny men in the theater are done fucking and cumming on Master's slave jennie... so then Master tells jennie to put on her trampy little outfit because it's time to go to jennie's bedroom for Master to show jennie how much Master loved watching his wife be a good little whore and makign all those nice dirty filthy motherfuckers cum... so jennie pulls on her tiny miniskirt and see thru top and all the wet sticky cum dripping on jennie's tits and ass stick to the top and skirt and make jennie look like a hot whore who just can't get enough cum... adn Master leads jennie back through the store where the owner comes over and tells jennie that she should come back as often as she wants because all the horny motherfuckers love jennie and think she's the best fuckwhore ever... so Master puts jennie back in the truck and drives jennie back to her bedroom where Master fucks jennie for the rest of the night until jennie's cunt is so red and swollen that jennie won't be able to touch it for a week...
54% (6/5)
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2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
It started off as an email to my naughty playmate and she said "Oooo you should post this". So here it is.
2 years ago
what is this supposed to be? just wondering if I was in the right aisle.