Married Co-Worker Blow Job

There was a sexy co-worker, I worked with, we always flirted with each other. Me, being single and her being married. I thought nothing would come of it.

Then one day, I was upstairs pulling some inventory, I heard footsteps coming upstairs, it was the married sexy co-worker. She was going to file some paper work, into the files, in a little room off, where we kept our bigger inventory. As she walked by she smiled.

"Boy, IT sure is warm up here" I smiled back

"That's because the compressors are up here"

She proceeded to enter the little room to file. So. I proceeded to pull the rest of the inventory, we needed downstairs. Then I heard her call me, I proceeded to enter the room and there she was holding up her skirt, showing me her the thong, she was wearing.

"I just bought these do you like them"

I was startled, not only she was married, but she had a nice cameltoe going on. I replied.

"Very nice"

As I was replying, she just moved her thong to the side, so I could see her clit, boy was it wet. My cock started to get hard.

"Nice cock you have there" she said.

The next thing I knew, she walked over to me and started to unzip my pants. Then, she proceeded to give me a blow job. I thought to myself, what if one of my co-workers saw us.

When I was about to CUM, she said "Just let it go, I SWALLOW"
So, I just let my load go, she swallowed it all, not even missing a drop.

As I was zipping up my pants, She replied "Just what I needed to tie me over to LUNCH"

As we waled out of he room she said "Your Turn, NEXT TIME!"

Stay tuned for more!!!
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grea t,,do her for us