My Neighbor Is A Whore

I moved into a quiet neighborhood with my girlfriend about a year ago. We would see our neighbors outside, but never talked to anyone. About 5 months ago we decided to get a dog, and it was probably the best decision ever. We met so many people that lived around us, to include an older woman two houses down. She introduced herself and seemed like a normal person. Days go by and I see her on her porch with another woman. I say hi and they invite me in to have a drink. The older woman introduces her s****r, and we sit outside talking about everyday things, politics, weather, you know dumb shit. The older woman, which I find out, is single, no k**s, 51, and getting sexier with every word. As she drinks glass after glass of wine, she becomes extremely open. She begins to tell me about when she lost her virginity, last time she had sex and what she likes. I can feel my dick start to throb with every word. Sadly enough it doesn' go much further. My girlfriend came home from work and I wound up masturbating to the thought of her mature pussy wrapped around my cock. I just needed a few more minutes and that thought was a reality.

Several weeks go by, saying hi almost everyday and thinking "what could have happened". Little did I know I was going to find out. "Ginger", which is what I am calling the older woman for reasons I'm sure you can figure out, knocks on my front door and asks if I'm busy. I reply with no and she asks if I would mind coming to her house and looking at her computer for her. She wanted me to put some pictures on a external drive for her. This wasn't the first time she has asked for help, so I didn't expect anything when I went over to give her a hand. I sit down at her office desk and begin open up windows on her computer. She directs me to a folder containing pictures that she wants on the external drive. I open the folder to see the size and there it was; the prettiest pussy I had ever seen. She had thin red hair covering her swollen clit just begging for my cock. As I turned around, in what seemed like embarassment, she just smiled. She walked over to me and began to rub my cock through my shorts. I ran my hand up her leg to the bottom of her skirt. As I got closer to her juicy pussy I could feel no panties. I lightly grazed her clit which sent a shiver through her body. I was hoping for this day, and so was she. I couldn't take it! I stood up and laid her on her desk. I pulled her skirt up and began to lick and suck her clit. Every now and then I would stick my tongue in her pussy and fuck her with it. About ten minutes into me eatting her pussy, she let out a scream and squirt her hot juices on my face. Thats it! I stood up, pulled out my dick and slowly glided it inside her pussy. She must not have been laid in months, because her pussy was so tight and wet, I knew I couldn't last long. Only a few minutes later was I ready to burst. I asked her where she wanted my hot cum. She said to cum in her pussy. Thats all I needed to hear. I blew my load inside her tight, soaked slit, and as I pulled out my cum ran out of her. She put her hand over her pussy to get my cum, and began to suck it off her fingers. She said "next time I get suck your dick". DEAL!!!!!!
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1 year ago
3 years ago
Everything is true up until the part where I find the naked pics. I tried though!!!
3 years ago
I don't believe things like that really happen. This is so hot.
3 years ago
Great story. Gotta watch out for those older ladies;)