The Beginning Of The End

First off, this is a true story and very much so the start of my sex adventures. I was working in Arizona for four months. I didn't know anyone else and tried to meet some new people. This petite, 5'1" skinny dark skin perky tits, chick caught my eye. We started talking and hanging out with the same people. It was my 20th Bday and a group of people got a hotel room to party. She wound up in my room with a tin can that said "Kama Sutra". Needless to say, she was in my room for a reason. The only thing she said to me was "Can you go to the store and get some candles?" I was a horny then 20 year old and jumped at the opportunity. When I arrived back at the hotel, there was note saying "enter if you must." When I opened the door I hear music by Portishead and it is pitch black. She tells me to light some of the candles, so I did. When I can finally see, she is wearing black lace lingerie blindfolded and handcuffed to a bar in the room. My cock instantly was rock hard. I walked over to her and as I past the bed I see a whip, feathers and some lube. I grab the whip and the feathers and make my way to her submissive tight body. I gently kiss her lips and then work my way to her neck and bite her. She lets out a little moan and asks if that’s all I've got. With that, rage built in me and I rip off her lingerie and hit her with the whip right across both her A cup tits. Again just a little moan. I could see her plump wet pussy so I whip her clit and see what that does for her. She screamed and wanted more. I wanted her to beg for it, and she did. "BEAT MY FUCKING PUSSY!" I hit her pussy again and again until she came. I flipped the whip around and shoved the handle in her pussy and fucked her with the whip until she let out another gushing orgasm. I couldn't take it anymore and finally pulled out my cock and shoved it in her throbbing pussy. I couldn't last long, so I pulled my dick out and started to suck her clit and fat dipping pussy. As I tasted her post orgasm juice and smothering my face in her cunt I was jacking off and had to cum. I got up and crammed my hard cock into her tight asshole and as she screamed in what sounded like pain I shot load after load into her tight hole. We both collapsed on the spot and spent much more of the weekend having similar encounters. I was introduced to amazing sex. Far from the boring sex I had in the past. This was the beginning of the end.
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2 years ago
3 years ago
very hot story :)
3 years ago
Hot story and told in a compelling way that makes it even sexier.