Katies story

This is my first attempt at writing anything hope you enjoy it.

Moving thru the night like a breeze I enter your room like a mist moving along with the ease of your breathing. As I look deep into your soul watching you dream of my touch as you touch yourself while you sl**p as I lean down kissing your ear lobe and biting your bottom lip. You stir boldly sitting up as I kiss you long and deep running my fingers thru your hair as I whisper shhhhhhhhhh in your ear. I hold out my hand to you. I hear you whisper is this a dream as I lean down and kiss you again. I ask you does it feel like a dream as you smile at me and take my hand. I we walk thru your bedroom door and into the mist we cross into our own world. Looking around at the candles and the chairs and sofas in the room as you spin around in what you thought was your living room. As I lift your shirt over your head and slide your bottoms off letting them fall to the floor as I let my hands glide around your waist holding you in a lovers embrace feeling the warmth from our bodies as you turn to me and kiss me long and deep as I pull you close to me we can feel each other’s heart beat holding you so close to me I can smell the fragrance in your hair as let my hand fall to the side and let you go and I see the sparkle in your eyes looking like stars from the midnight sky as I hold up your blindfold as your eyes get even more brighter if it’s possible and as you smile as I wrap your blindfold around your eyes as I notice you are wearing what we call our ownership necklace I gave you as I bite your neck and tie your blindfold. I whisper in your ear very nice necklace as you whisper back my co owner gave it to me mmmm did he well you must be very special to him. It’s time Katie for your punishment I whisper as I walk you around and lay you back on it feeling the soft material against your skin as I bind your wrist and ankles. Now my birthday girl as I lightly guide the tip of my finger over your forehead down your face and across your lips to your chin as you arch your head back as I pinch your nipple and twist it hearing you moan and your back arch as I pinch the other nipple letting my hand glide down your stomach letting my nails glide down your skin as I lean down letting only the tip of my tongue circle your belly button as I let my tongue slowly down toward your clit as I let my tongue glide to the left going down the crease of your leg moving down your thigh massaging them as I move down your legs slowly and taking my time as I massage your calves and reach up the outside of your legs slapping the outside of your hips making the smacking sound as my hand hits your flesh hearing you gasp as my hand pops your skin . You hear me moving around you feel something move your hair as I reach up pinching and twisting both of your nipples hearing you moan and the whine in your voice as I lean down and whisper in your ear do you like the way it feels as you nod your head yes I say that’s my good girl you’re going to love this as I bite your nipples and suck on them getting your nipples into my jaw teeth were I can bite them and you can feel the points of my teeth on your nipples as your body reacts and your back arches off table I can hear you moan and call out as I reach to the table getting a burning candle letting you feel the heat close to your nipples an skin watching my girl move and react to the heat as I let the hot wax drip on to the tip of your nipples going back and forth between them as I put clamps on your nipples hearing you gasp as the clamps tighten on your nipples as the wax breaks off I flick my tongue across the tip of your nipples as I shift you toward me letting your head hang off slightly as I tell you to open your mouth my good lil girl you open your mouth as I push my fat hard cock inside your wet hot mouth watching you pull at your bindings on your wrist trying to move your hands toward my waist as I hold your head down and still as I pump my hips thrusting my cock deeper inside your hot wet mouth making my fat hard cock grow and swell as I keep thrusting it deeper and deeper hearing the table move across the floor hearing my moans escape my lips as I reach out holding the clamps around your nipples squeezing them twisting your nipples as I look down. I thrust in deep and hold then pull out as you gasp and cough I push it back into your mouth as I tell you relax Katie submit to me give in give yourself to me Katie as I watch you relax and your throat opens as my cock thrust forward into your mouth as I continue to fuck your throat hearing you gagging and moaning muffled by my cock in your throat as I moan out your name Katieeeeeee as I thrust in deep and hard and hold it hearing you gasp and trying not to struggle at the last minute I pull my cock out hearing you gasp for air looking at your spit dripping off my cock As I push it back in as I reach forward finding your clit as I spread your lips and start to massage your clit and slip my fingers inside your wet hot pussy as I thrust my hips fucking your mouth as I reach back squeezing the clamps on your nipples watching you squirm as I reach over to get the warm oil as I let it drip out onto your stomach and reach out to massage it in as I reach over for the candle as I take the clip off your nipples watching the bl**d rush back into them as I bend over and bite them and pinch them I drip the hot wax on them hearing you moan with my cock half in your mouth twisting your head trying to take all of my cock back into your mouth arching your back from the hot wax as I pinch and twist your nipples again. I slip the nipple clamps back onto your nipples I reach forward rubbing the warm oil into your skin digging my nails into your skin as I reach forward playing with your clit as I spread your legs playing with your wet pussy as I start to spank your clit watching you squirm and wiggle your hips as I continue to spank your clit as I lean forward sucking on your clit licking it sucking it into my mouth as I flick my tongue across the tip of your clit as I smack your clit again and again I smack your clit then run my finger down your slit and into your pussy nice and deep watching your clit turn red as I spank it as I straighten up letting my finger nails dig into your skin as they come up your stomach as my hands come up over your tits I remove the clamps from your nipples flipping them with my fingers twisting them pinching them as I stand up pulling my cock out of your mouth tracing your lips with the tip of the head . I dip my finger in warm honey tracing it around the edge of your lips as I lean down to kiss you running the tip of my tongue along the edge of your lips tasting the honey as I run a feather lightly up along your neck as I take it down your arm as I move it across you lightly dusting your body with the feather walking around lightly gliding it over your legs and inner thigh as I scoot you back down as I guide my hand down your outer thigh as I smack it as I come around by your head as I lean down whispering in your ear you have been such a good lil girl Katie let’s see how good you can be my lover as I bite your lobe as I let my fingers glide over your body pinching your nipples twisting them as my fingers glide down your thighs to your calves and up to your toes as I start kissing your leg slowly making my way up your leg as I move to your outer thigh slowly moving to your inner thigh moving between both of them back and forth biting you lightly digging my nails into your skin as I kiss along the crease of your leg going between them biting you in the crease of your legs as I lightly kiss your wet lips tracing my tongue along the edge of your outer lips as I French kiss your wet tight pussy pushing my tongue inside your tight wet pussy pushing my finger deep inside you as I let my tongue glide up making a path to your clit letting my tongue swirl up and around your clit coming out above your clit licking and sucking on the smooth skin above your clit as I reach over and get the warm honey dribbling it on your clit as I start sucking your clit and swirling my tongue around your clit as I run my hand under your thigh and back over the top of your leg and pull your hood back off your clit and suck it deep into my mouth flicking my tongue over the tip of your clit then swirling my tongue around your clit as I work a second finger deep inside your tight lil wet pussy as I slowly let my tongue slip down your pussy as I push it into your pussy with my fingers feeling your pussy tighten up on my fingers I keep finger fucking you deeper and harder trying to push my tongue inside your pussy and fuck you with it as your hips buck wildly thrusting up to my face and fingers as I hear you moan and whine as I tell you to cum on my face. As you squeal and moan as your orgasm rockets thru your body I can taste your cum as it floods into my mouth tasting as sweet as honey on my tongue and in my mouth as I massage your clit with my thumb and forefinger as your hips buck thrusting your pussy up and into my face as I finger fuck you with long slow deep thrust as I let my tongue glide over your pussy as it traces its way down to your taint as I bite on your taint with my teeth as I let my tongue glide down to you r tight lil ass as I work my shoulder between your thighs to keep your legs spread wide for me as I slip my h and under your ass and help to lift your hips up as I left my tongue glide around your ass slowly licking it and swirling my tongue your ass hearing you moan and feeling your body twitch and arch to my touch as I try to push my tongue into your ass able to taste the juice from your hot wet pussy as I suck on my finger then slowly use the tip to trace and play with your ass then as I slowly slip my finger inside your tight young ass slow and easy using my tongue to lick my finger as I reach my tongue up licking your pussy and then my finger making it easy to go deep and inside your sweet tight lil ass as I keep working my finger deeper and deeper inside your hot tight ass as I reach up and start to suck on your clit as I continue to finger fuck your ass and pussy as I take a small piece of ice and run it around your clit blowing my warm breathe across the ice onto your clit as I pull the ice off your clit and suck it deep into my mouth between my teeth flicking my tongue across the tip of your clit hearing you moan as I let your clit go letting my tongue go back down your wet pussy as holding the ice in my mouth as I suck your lips inside my mouth as I slowly keep going down making my way to your tight lil ass as I take the ice tracing it around your tight lil wet ass feeling your body twitch and move to my touch as I lock my mouth on your ass sucking it pushing my tongue inside your ass hearing you moan and arch your back pushing your sweet ass into my mouth then as I slowly work my way back up reaching up to your nipples rubbing them with ice watching them both grow hard and stiff hearing you exhale and moan as I reach up and pinch your nipples and twist them letting the ice glide down your body feeling you twitch under my hand loving the way you move and react to my touch making circles around your belly button as I trace the same circles with my tongue as I pinch both your nipples hard and twist them hearing you moan and cry out a lil as I slowly sit up . I lean forward kissing your neck biting your neck and ear lobe and shoulders as I kiss you long and deep as I grab your tits and squeeze them and digging my fingers into your skin and on your shoulder. I lean forward and whisper in your ear are you my good girl Katie mmmm is all I hear I ask you again Katie tell me are you my good lil girl as I rub the head of my cock along your pussy up over your clit and back down to your ass as you whisper yes sir in my ear as I continue to tease you. I whisper if you’re a good girl Katie I’ll let you cum for me as I push the head of my fat hard cock deep inside your tight young wet pussy grabbing your hips as I thrust in deep hard hearing you gasp and squeal as I start digging my feet into the soft material I have you laying on making sure you are getting all of my cock deep inside you hearing you gasp and moan escape your lips arching your hips to meet my thrust as I start to fuck you with long slow deep thrust holding it at times as I thrust all the way in as I start thrusting deep and hard slamming my cock into you as I grab your hips holding you down as I thrust my cock deeper and harder inside my girl as I reach back and release the bindings on your ankles letting your feet go free as I hold your hips thruster harder and deeper with each thrust hearing the moans and pleasure escaping from your mouth as I continue to ravage and take you Katie hearing the table buck and move across the floor feeling your legs raise up to give me more room to push deeper inside you as I whisper that’s a good girl spread your legs wide for Katie as I keep thrusting while reaching up to pinch and twist your nipples seeing how red your chest and neck are turning from my biting you and my finger nails hearing the hard smack of our naked skin on skin. I hear you start to squeal and your hips bucking to meet my thrust as I ask you Katie are you ready to cum for me as you start to whimper. I ask you again with a stern voice are you ready to cum for me before you can answer I say Katie I don’t think you are ready to come yet so we will stop and start again later as I start to pull out of you I feel your hips bucking up to keep me inside you as you cry no sir I am ready to cum for you please, please don’t stop fucking me sir as I start fucking harder and faster than before as I reach down rubbing your clit with my thumb hearing your moans escape your lips as I reach up to pinch your nipples again and twist them hard as I slam my cock deep inside you feeling you tighten up on my cock knowing you are about to cum as I whisper are you ready to cum on my cock Katie as you whisper yes sir mmmmm you are such a good girl Katie as I tell you to cum as I thrust deep and hard inside you as if on command I hear the pitch in your voice change as you start to cum as I continue thrusting deep and hard inside your pussy feeling you tighten down so much you almost push me out of you as I fight to keep thrusting my cock inside you as I watch your orgasm wash over you wave after wave it is a beautiful thing to watch after you have submitted to me and I can give you this . I reach up and remove the bindings on your wrists as I hold them down by your side as I continue to fuck you using slow deep thrust holding your wrist to pull you against me as I thrust deep inside you mmmmmm moaning your name Katie you feel so wonderful as I continue to thrust deep inside you and hold it as I lean forward and whisper in your ear mmmm my good lil girl we are not done yet tho as I slip off of you against your protest I roll you onto your stomach and bind your wrist once more. I pull you up on your knees as I nibble on your ear as I whisper to you only thru being bound and by submission can you truly find freedom Katie as I let my hand glide over your face like a warm breeze and my fingers go thru your hair. As I let my nails rake down your back watching you arch your back and moan as I reach over and let my hands glide over your sweet hot ass walking behind you as I massage your ass spreading it as I dart my tongue into your tight lil ass tasting you on my tongue and your pussy on it were you have already cummed so much mmmmm I moan as I rub your ass massaging it as I spank you feeling you jump when my hand pops the right side of your sweet ass rubbing massaging it letting the burn and sting sink in. As I watch my hand print slowly show up in red as listen to your breathing return to normal without warning you feel the sting of my hand on the left side of your ass. As I hear you gasp and squeal with delight massaging it letting the burn sink in and seeing my hand print show in red. I continuing to spank your ass going back and forth watching your ass turn red all over in front of me as I reach up and grab your shoulders pushing my hard cock against your ass looking at how red it is as I drag my finger nails down your back as I watch you arch your back against me moaning as I’m watching the red lines were my nails scratched up reaching up again dragging my nails back down your back as I slap and spank your ass again going back and forth hearing you squeal and moan as I pick up my flogger as I let you feel the tips of it lightly touching your back and skin as I slowly move it up your back as I let it drift across your skin coming over your ass with a flick of my wrist I smack your ass with the leather flogger smacking your ass with my bare hand . I let you feel the tip of my cock push against your tight wet pussy as I arch my hips forward thrusting deep inside you hearing a moan escape your lips as I thrust deep inside you and grab your hips and hold it there as your back arches and smack your back lightly with the flogger as I drag it over your back and smacking your ass with my bare hands keeping it red as I let my hands glide over your ass and skin like a light breeze passing thru the night. I take the flogger smacking your ass with it going back and forth several times feeling you twitch and jerk hearing you moan as I lay it down garb your hips without any warning and start slamming my hard cock deep inside you fucking you harder pounding your tight lil pussy over and over again hearing you moan and cry out in pleasure as continue to fuck you deep and hard. Leaning forward telling you this is what you wanted isn’t it Katie as I continuing to fuck you harder and harder hearing you moaning yes sir. This is what good lil girls get Katie mmmmm you moan please don’t stop not ever I want you to keep fucking me please sir. I slow the pace down leaning forward as whisper in your ear you are such a good lil girl Katie I’m never gonna stop fucking you Katie we are connected to each other sweetie there is a link between us that cannot be broken as I push deeper inside you as I reach under you and pinch your nipples I bite your ear lobe I whisper we are co owners Katie you are mine as I’ am yours Katie as I grab your shoulders thrusting harder and deeper than before ravaging your body like a wild a****l fucking you harder as I hear the joy escaping from my lovers mouth and feeling your pussy clamp down again on my hard cock as I thrust harder and deeper I tell you cum for Katie cum on my cock show me what you can do with that cock if you want it take it as you start bucking your hips against my thrust as you start to cum as it washes over you again like a tidal wave I can only imagine your eyes rolling back in your head. As I release your wrist feeling your hands come back grabbing my legs pulling me deeper into you as your back arches and I smack your ass hearing your moans escape as you cum on my cock you are such a good lil girl Katie as I kiss your ear wrapping my arm around your waist as I kiss your cheek running my fingers thru your hair pulling your head back and turning it to face me as I kiss you long and deep as I gaze into your eyes I say that’s my girl you are amazing even tho I can’t see your eyes I know they are still sparkling as you smile as I have you stand up as I lay down on my back. I tell you this is your cock Katie come show me what you can do with it as you slip on top of me and take my cock deep inside you as you ride me I’m arching my hips up to meet your down ward thrust as I feel your hands on my chest to brace yourself as I arch my hips pushing more of my cock deep inside you feeling your fingers dig into my skin makes me arch and thrust my hips even more as I grab your hips that’s it Katie ride my cock baby take it all inside show me what my good girl can do as your throw your head back crying I’m going to cum sir may I please I tell you no to hear you whining but if you cum with me I’ll let you cum Katie. Yes sir please tell me when as I continue to thrust upward to meet your downward thrust feeling your nails drag down my chest as I feel it Cumming . I whisper Katie get ready are you holding it yes sir you answer. I start thrusting deeper and harder mmmmm moaning as we go tossing your head as I feel it going from deep inside as I call your name Katieeeee Now cum with me Katie feeling your pussy clench down on my cock as we cum together both orgasms coming over us like a wave of darkness as we collapse together as one body in a tangles mess as we lay there holding each other. Finally our breathing slows down as we hang on for dear life like two c***dren clutching a parent as o remove your blind fold looking into your eyes full of those stars again you are so beautiful Katie as I run my fingers thru your hair holding your face close to mind as I kiss you . Its time Katie as you look sad .It’s ok Katie I will be back you are my girl as I’ am yours we belong to each other as I help to get you dressed and walk thru the door back into the hallway and into your bedroom as I lay you back in your bed as I whisper in your ear my love don’t be sad I’m never any farther away than your heartbeat or your mine Katie I’ am always right here with you I will always be there as I kiss your forehead and your lips now sl**p my sweet love tomorrow is almost here. Katie opens her eyes what seems like only seconds later. To the sounds of her house c***dren talking and playing the smell of coffee as she lays there wondering is it a dream or am I losing my mind as always after these dreams she is soaking wet her chest is all red and scratched up and the taste of honey on her lips as she looks around. Finally decided to get up still confused about last night and a little sore as she looks at herself in the bathroom mirror the red welts on her back her ass red like the dreams was real there’s no way it’s crazy she said looking in the bathroom mirror as she washed her face. Looking into the mirror again she said just a really good dream. Is it a dream Katie as she looks in the mirror seeing his reflection what have I told you about trusting your senses. You are my good girl Katie trust your senses. As you spin around to see me only seeing a mist disappearing into the morning sun as you walk into the hallway hearing his southern voice and twang in your head . Katie relax trust your senses remember I’m no farther away than your heart just look I’m always with you as the sun bathes Katie’s face in the early morning light as she prepares for her day with the night still fresh in her mind. Thinking of her co owner as you looks at her reflection at the necklace she got with one k forward and another one backward like looking in the mirror with two stones in it . She woke up one morning with it around her neck after a dream like this one. Looking in the mirror at how red her chest is and the bite marks on her but still out of site as long as her shirt is on. Still as she breathed in deep she feels like a new woman today ready to face the day

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