POF Chronicles part I. My first catch

So a couple weeks ago I started a POF account looking for women DTF or interested in being with me and my girlfriend. After some searching I realized that there is an untold amount of pussy waiting to be fucked. All types of women wanting all types of things. This story is the first of several involving ladies from POF. I hope that I never run out of stories...
To begin with, some advise to people using the site. Never stop being yourself..but try and broaden the definition of what you are. Being open minded is the key to meeting new people. Also, lower your standards and dont be a dick lol.

This first encounter started very easily. Browsing through, I saw a lady who sparked my interest. She was 11 years older than me but absolutely stunning...in a slutty way. Messy dark hair...skinny as hell...decent sized tits but a wide set of hips and fat ass...oh, and green eyes.
Her profile was littered with claims of desperation. She needed a good man, she just lost her job, in need of money and job, blahhhh. I figured, what a perfect time to take advantage of all of these things. So I did.
I messaged her. Telling her that I had income and perhaps we could make a deal. She asked what kind. I told her we would negotiate. She said no penetration. I said "of course not, thats i*****l."
My first offer was blatant "200 to piss on me and let me eat your pussy."
I figured Id throw it all on the table now and see how she would react.
"......" was her initial reply
So I messaged her back with "How badly do you need this money"
"225" she messaged back instantly "...but I pick where we do this at"
I agreed and we picked a date. However, before that date was reached she said she needed something for more money and she needed the money soon. "But Im not shitting on you, yet" as she poetically put it.
She met me where we said she would and agreed on a down payment of 40 dollars now and the rest later. I was enthused.
She unbuttoned her pants and took off her panties and lead me into the bathroom. She laid me down and squatted above me. Her hairy pussy and pink asshole were inches from my face. She let out a fart and her aroma filled the room.
"Oh my god Im so sorry" she exclaimed
"Its fine" I said "I dont mind, just keep going"
Suddenly I was covered in a warm sensation. I could taste the saltiness of her urine dripping down my face. A full stream overflowing my mouth. She farted again, louder this time.
I buried my nose in her ass as I stuck my tongue inside her sopping wet pussy. My fingers were soaked from rubbing her clit and my face was dripping from her. I continued this until she finally erupted. Moaning loudly.
"Wow" she exclaimed. "Youre really good...and not to be mean..but alot better looking than what I was expecting you to"
"Thanks?" I questioned where this was going..
"So you still owe me the rest of that money...but how about the next one is on the house?" she smiled
"I think I can work something ou-" I stopped.
Just then my phone rang for a text I received.
"Whos that" she asked.
"A couple of my friends asking if I want to go out later" I said
"Well...yall can come over to my place" she said in her southern accent.
"I could go get washed up real fast...get dressed...and then you and your friends could undress me..." she added. Still smiling
"Theres 4 of us" I said laughingly.
"This ones on the house" she said

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