Sub hubby in the kitchen, true story

I was feeling rather horny, we had planned to have some sexy playtime later in the afternoon, but my pussy was tingling and I couldn't wait any longer, I wanted tongue in my pussy.
Cole was in the lounge watching TV, just relaxing in his favorite recliner chair. I went to the bed room and got his sub gear out of the wardrobe, leather body harness, collar, wrist and ankle cuffs and cockring.
I walked into the lounge and stood in front of Cole, " take your clothes off, put these on and get int the kitchen" I ordered.
I could see his cock spring to attention , almost bursting the sipper in his tight jeans. I left the room and went to kitchen and filled the sink with hot water and detergent ready to do the dishes.
I could here Cole in the lounge putting on his sub gear, his hands trembling with excitement as he did up the buckles on his harness and snapped the domes together on the cock ring strapped tightly around his balls.
I leaned against the kitchen counter, lifted my skirt and slipped my hand down the front of my panties, rubbing my clit with the tips of my fingers as I thought about what I was going to with my man toy when he walked through the door. "Hurry up slave" I called from the kitchen, "My pussy is wet and needs to be worshipped".

Cole shuffled through the door into the kitchen as he did up the last buckle on his ankle cuff, I grabbed him by his collar and lifted his head up and pulled him close to me, I snapped on his leash and and grabbed hold of his rock hard member. " look at the mess on the bench, dirty dishes everywhere" I growled at him.
"Sorry Miss" Cole mumbled , "I'll get right to now Miss".
" Oh no you won't, I have another job for you" I growled at Cole as I squeezed his cock as hard as I could.
" Sit on the floor back against the cupboard and head back, now" I pushed Cole down on to the cold kitchen floor, he flinched a bit as his bare ass adjusted to the chill of the Lino. I linked his ankle and wrist cuffs together with the cross strap so he was sitting in a hog tied position below the sink, his gorgeous cock standing to attention begging to be touched.

I straddled his face, pulling my little white panties aside just enough for him to put his tongue to work in my wet pussy and proceeded to wash the pile of dishes.
His tongue circled my clit as I swayed my hips in a circular motion over his face . Every now and then he would let out a muffled moan of pleasure as he worshipped my sweet velvet honey pot.
There wasn't much dish washing going on as I would pause and close my eyes and drift away into the pleasure waves I was feeling between my legs every now and then lifting my wet pussy of his face just out of reach, partly to tease him but also to avoid cumming on his slippery face, I wanted this to last as long as it could.

Lowering my mound back onto his face I could feel his tongue slip deep into my pussy as his nose gently rubbed against my tender clit, I closed my eyes again gripping the handle of the scrubbing brush imagining that it was his stiff cock in my hand, I was in pussy worship heaven.
Suddenly there was a knock at the kitchen door, my eyes sprung open to see the post man standing at the door looking straight at me, parcel in had, with a puzzled look on his face. He must have been wondering why that woman was standing in the window with her eyes closed, licking her red lips ? The kitchen window sill obscured his view of me from the chest down, he had no idea I had my hubby between my legs eating my delicious pussy

I calmly stepped back off Coles face , straightened my skirt and walked around the kitchen counter to the door ,my pussy dripping with wetness. I opened the door and greeted the young post man with a smile ," Sorry, I didn't see you there, was just in a bit of a dream world for a second" I said in an innocent voice.
"Sorry to bother you Miss" he replied, "I have a parcel for Cole to sign for". He handed me his clip board and pointed to Coles name with his pen. "Sorry, Cole is a bit tied up at he moment" I replied, "he is in the middle of eating his lunch , can I sign for it for him?".
"Certainly 'Mam " he replied, little did he know my Sub Husband was on the other side of the counter, only a meter away from him, sitting on the cold floor, bound in bondage gear with pre-cum dripping from the head of his swollen member.

I signed for the parcel and the postie carried on his way, oblivious to what he had interrupted. I went back around the counter, Cole was sitting there with a smile on his face, I bent down and wiped the pre-cum from the tip of his cock with my finger and seductivley licked it off , "Oh, did our visitor excite you" I asked, " Yes Miss "he replied.
"Well, best you finish what you started, and if you do a good job, I might let you cum on my wet pussy ".
I lifted my skirt and slid my wet panties down to my ankles, I took them off and tied them tightly around Cole throbbing cock. I straddled his face once again , and with his tongue deep in my pussy ,I rode his face as hard as I could, his head banging against the counter as my pussy juices exploded over his smooth face. My legs trembled as I jerked back and forth on his tongue , he sat perfectly still as I enjoyed the waves of pleasure rushing through my groin.

I made him sit under me while I finished washing up, the sweet smell of my freshly pleasured pussy driving him crazy. Releasing from the cross straps I pulled on his leash, ordering him to stand, " Please miss may I cum on your sweet pussy" he asked.
"No, not yet, I haven't finished using you" , I grabbed him by his swollen cock and lead him to the dinning room table, "my turn to have lunch" I said as I ordered him to lay back on the table ..........

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1 month ago
Wow! I LOVE that you were interrupted by the postman. that was a very exciting part of the story for me too!
4 months ago
Love this type of dominating sexual play. Well written.
8 months ago
I like your writing. ;)