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I want you to come and suck on my cock right now, I want you on your hands and knees and have you crawling towards me along the floor and then kneel down in front of me, I want you to then unbutton the flies to my trousers and take my trousers down, have yourself running your tongue all over my cock inside these white boxers that I have on and then place your hand inside them, grab a hold and feel how hard and fully erect I am for you, wanting you so badly to suck me whole by taking me inside your warm wet mouth, pulling my cock out and to start to lick the top of it, wrap your lips around me cupping the head and bite down hard before sliding your tongue along side of my cock a few times and then take me whole, feel as my cock hits the back of your throat choking on me, take a hold of my balls and massage them with your hands, slide your hand down inside your damp moist knickers and slip a finger inside your hot wet slit before pushing 2 fingers inside you still while sucking on me up n down hard but by now using no hand, beg me to grab a hold of your hair and fuck that pretty little mouth you have fucking you hard and fast. I then take my cock to the side of your mouth and begin fucking your cheek, every now and again pulling my cock out and then slapping it over your face and tell you how bad you are triple xxx for bad girl.

I then turn you over with your legs spread wide open into the missionary position so that you can then watch as my cock is penetrating you in and out of your by now soaking wet cunt seeing my cock glistening with your purgelent pussy juices and then pulling out every now and again slapping my cock on your clit, causing you to whimper and scream out squirming about all over the bed grabbing a hold of the bed sheets clinching them with your fists, I then slide the head of my hard throbbing cock inside you, holding it there before pushing down slowly and then pulling out quickly repeatedly for a good few minutes, I can hear how wet your pussy is becoming screaming out once again, dying to be licked and sucked, teased and touched having my tongue work all over your clit as I dive my tongue inside you exploring that tunnel of love flickering your clit with the tip of my tongue, taking your pussy lips into my mouth and sucking the juices from what you are given out for me, now fingering you hard and deep curving my fingers towards your stomach making you cum over and over again until my hearts content on stopping.
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2 years ago
What I like about the missionary is that I can see the cock going in and out of me. Doggy feels better, but I can't see the cock.