Truth or Dare (Cinema) Fictional...

The first time my wife went out without her panties on she came home feeling really horny, and I was delighted when she started to tug at my clothes and urged me to make love to her. It turned out that she and her friend had been playing an adult board game that involved all sorts of exciting dares and forfeits, and for one she was ordered to take her panties off before they went out for lunch.
She told me it felt really naughty because every breeze seemed to caress her bare pussy and threatened to lift up her thin summer dress and expose her quim to everyone in town.
She also had an envelope with her containing a dare she had to perform before the following week. When she plucked up the courage to open it she squealed with excitement as she said, “Go naked in front of several fully clothed men, and accept all the consequences.” The silly game was tempting my wife to do all those things I had only dreamt of. We screwed ourselves ragged that night and tried to decide if she was brave enough to carry out the dare. We thought about going to a nudist beach, but the men there would also be naked, and the dare had made it perfectly clear they should be fully clothed. For the same reason a sauna was out of the question. Finally we decided to go to an “Adult” cinema.
When the day arrived we were both full of nerves, and by the time we took our seats in the seedy club we were both shaking in anticipation. She was wearing a big coat, under which she was completely naked. Luckily the place was in semi-darkness, which helped us to relax a bit.
There were two men sitting right in front of us, and another came and sat next to her.
We watched the film for a few minutes, but I was actually much more turned-on by the thought of what my wife was going to do, and wondering whether I would be able to help her. Eventually, I reached across and unbuttoned her coat; aware of the man next to her was watching every move we made, my cock was throbbing with excitement as she sat there, not moving a muscle, and I opened her coat, I heard a sharp intake of breath as the guy next to her realised that she wasn’t wearing anything under her coat, and my heart started beating uncontrollably as she actually began helping me take her coat off, revealing her lovely body. He took this opportunity to fondle one of her breasts, but my wife didn’t object in the slightest.
The thought that the two men could turn around at any moment and see my wife being fondled by this complete stranger was fantastic, and had me rock hard. My wife was gripping my hand as the man cupped and stroked her bare breasts, he obviously couldn’t believe his luck and I watched him move his hands off over the pert little mounds. He took her hand and placed it on his waiting erection (I hadn’t noticed him get it out), causing Melissa to let out a gasp of surprise. I nearly came on the spot when she started obediently stroking it for him. She later told me that his cock felt really big in the dark, and that she really enjoyed pleasuring him. It was so exciting to hear that the stranger had a much bigger cock than me, and that she’d had trouble getting her dainty little fingers round it. I could feel her wanking the man, getting more and more vigorous, when one of the men in front turned around – my heart nearly missed a beat. He stared at my naked wife as she sat there playing with a complete stranger, and then quickly nudged his mate to let him know what was going on behind him. She was literally shaking with excitement as they both gawped at her, and the man next to her was running his hands all over her exposed body.
I loved her more than ever then, letting a complete stranger touch her in that way. When he slipped a finger inside her trembling pussy she let out a whimper, squirming as he roughly explored her tight little love passage. She continued wanking his cock, and I could hear him panting as she brought him to a shuddering climax. He groaned with pleasure as she milked his balls, and he came all over her hand with spurt after spurt of his sticky sperm, she then quickly moved her head down towards his crotch and sucked the last few drops from out of his cock wondering as to how good it might taste.
She then took her mouth away from off his cock and quickly put her coat back on, she then whispered in my ear that she wanted me to get her home, so that I could fuck her pretty little are off until my heart is content of me stopping.

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2 years ago
Very horny story
2 years ago
Very erotic.... well done!
2 years ago
mmm very horny story :)