Carl's Amazing Story: Part II

“Carl?, why are lying down naked in bed?” Mary-Rose enquired. “And whose shoes are THOSE outside???” she continued with a more aggressive tone. Carl had to think quickly. “those..but I thought they were yours? I found them outside the front door and thought you must have left them there..I merely brought them in!” Mary-Rose could smell a rat. She could almost feel there was a third presence in the room. She decided to play along. “No silly”, she said, “they’re not mine! We’ll have get rid of know what, it’s been a loooong day. I am going to strip off and have a nice hot bath. “Go for it”, Carl interjected, spotting his opportunity to get rid of Petra and the shoes. With that Mary-Rose left the bedroom and headed toward the bathroom and ran the tap.
Petra was sweating now under the bed. That was a close one! Suddenly a pair of eyes appeared looking at her. “We’ve gotta get you out” said Carl. Petra nodded and slid herself out. She dragged her clothes out from next to her and furiously started dressing. Carl, had clearly lost his earlier smooth composure. “Fuck me”, he said. “Give me your number!”, Petra implored. “What!” replied Carl, “we need to get-you-out-of-here!”, he whispered in a panicked tone. “I’m not going anywhere unless I get a number and a guaranteed promise we do this on a regular basis”, Petra was now hooked on Carl and wanted this man for herself. Carl now desperate reluctantly nodded. He gave her a missed call. Petra hugged naked Carl and planted a kiss on his lips. She didn’t want to depart. She prolonged the kiss.
Mary-Rose wasn’t born yesterday. She knew exactly what was going on. She stood behind the door and heard the conversation. But strangely she wasn’t angry – she didn’t feel betrayed. In fact for a year now, she had been toying with the idea of being with another woman, being in a threesome, a “ménage a trios”. She thought for a second and then made her mind up. She put her hand on the door handle and slow opened the door. There in front of her, was a woman wrapped around her naked husband. Both turned towards her. Carls face..Oh my God..Carl face had the look of a person well and truly caught. “Mary-Rose”, he said. “Shut up” was Mary-Rose’s response. “Get off my husband! “ she said in a stern, menacing voice. She slowly walked up to Petra. Looked her in the eyes and without removing eye contact said “where do you think you are going? Take your FUCKING clothes off NOW.” “My love”, Carl came “shut up Carl” was Mary-Rose’s response. “CLOTHES OFF NOW!”. Petra felt a little scared, but by God this was exciting. She nodded silently and removed her shirt, then her trousers and then her socks. “EVERYTHING” Mary-Rose said in a cold calculated voice. Petra took off her bra and her clearly sugared knickers. To Carls amazement Mary-Rose started to strip! She slowly took her skirt off, followed by her shirt. Petra looked on in amazement not knowing her fate. Mary-Rose removed her bra to reveal her 40DD tits and then her underwear. She wasn’t shaven like Petra, but clearly there was some moisture in her pussy area. She looked at Carl, and then down to his cock. A MASSIVE erection had ensued. She looked at his face there was huge smile stretching his face. She gave him an angry look. Carl like a deer caught in headlights looked down and removed the smile. It was a comedy moment but there was work to be done. “Carl”, Mary-Rose directed. “Go on the other side and hold her down”. Carl did just that. Petra was lying horizontally on the bed her head hanging just off the bed. Mary-Rose stepped over her face and lowered her now wet cunt over Petras mouth and clasped the back of her head. She pulled it up towards her cunt and looked into Petra’s eyes. “If you want to get out of here alive, you better start licking my cunt like there is no tomorrow”. This wasn’t a polite request. This was a managerial instruction. Petra obliged. The mouthful of vaginal juice went into her mouth and almost drowned her. Mary-Rose now pushed Petra’s head into her vagina and skilfully angled her pelvis so that now her clit was the focus of the pressure. She was using her own pussy juice as the lube to rub her clit via Petra’s lips and tongue. “Open your fucking mouth”, she said in a classless way. Petra opened. Mary-Rose spat into Petra’s mouth. “Don’t fucking STOP. Don’t you dare stop licking.” Mary-Rose started gyrating slowly building up speed. Petra instinctively lifted her hands up and groped Mary-Rose’s tits. Then with her thumb and index finger grabbed both Mary-Rose’s nipples and pulled them. Mary-Rose’s eyes closed and her eyes rolled back face looking to the heavens. That felt so good.
Carl’s instructions were clear. They were to hold Petra down. But Carl couldn’t take it any more. He took Petra’s feet and licked her arches. He rubbed them against his face. They smelled heavenly. He started around the heel and then slowly moved his tongue up her soles, stopping only to kiss them passionately. He continued with his tongue, licking the ball of her foot before putting both her big toes into his mouth. He sucked hard. He removed the toes and again licked the whole length of her soles. He slowly opened her legs and a crawled towards Petra’s wet pussy.
Petra had tasted pussy before, but this was different. She was being f***e fed and strangely enjoyed being told what to do. She strangely enjoying “serving” Mary-Rose. Suddenly she felt something long and smooth by her now wet snatch. This “something” slowly started rocking backwards and forwards and started getting deeper and deeper inside her. She felt legs being lifted into the air, wide and stretching. Her toes were pointing back at her and her heels were now facing the ceiling. Carl positioned his hips so that he could drive his cock into Petra fast, hard and with precision. Petra yelped in ecstasy. Encouraged by this Carl continued with deep, purposeful strokes. The full length of his shaft was being used for this exercise and to great effect. “I’m gonna cum, don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop!” Petra exclaimed breathlessly, the joy she was experiencing obvious for all to see. And then just like that, the bottom half of Petra seized up, her eyes closed shut, her screams of pleasure turned into a quiet whimper, and a cheeky smile stretched across her face. She pulled her legs arse back and removed Carl’s cock from inside her. She couldn’t take it anymore.
Carl felt his cock in Petra’s left hand, he went to put it back inside her cunt, but again Petra pushed it away. Just as he was ready to back off he was stopped. Cock still in her hand, she now brought it back towards her vagina. But she didn’t. Instead she brought it near her arsehole. Carl used this opportunity to spit on his cock and on her. With Petra’s assistance, slowly f***ed the bell end of his cock slowly inside her butt hole. He removed it, brought his tongue towards her arse and violently spat on it. He stood back up and inserted his cock back in, this time it went in more smoothly. Again he took care and slowly thrusted, making sure the whole length of his manhood was penetrating her. He built up speed gradually. Petra’s arse was tight, hot and wet. Carl thought to himself, which did he prefer? Petra pussy or Petra’s butthole? It was neck and neck as far he was concerned. Carl slapped Mary-Rose on her arse. She turned back and looked at him. He smiled and pointed down to the cock and arse action that was taking place. Mary-Rose smiled back at him and said “you deserve it, you enjoy it!” Carl was balls deep inside Petra but felt he needed to adjust. With Mary-Rose’s permission he asked if he could turn her around and pound her back door in a doggy position. Mary-Rose agreed.
Mary-Rose lay down on the bed, feet up in the air. Petra was next. Her face was shoved into Mary-Rose’s cunt, her arse stuck outwards the window. She felt Carl’s lips and tongue passionately kiss her arsehole. Carl stood back up planted his feet either side of Mary-Rose’s knees and slowly inserted his phallus back into Petra’s butt. As he did that, Mary-Rose screamed out as she came on Petra’s lips. Petra’s eyes closed as she felt Carl penetrate her anus. She felt cheap. She felt like a whore. But felt she needed it. Carl quickly got back into his stride. With tremendous agility and timing he pounded Petra, Mary-Rose looking Carl, Carl looking at Petra’s arse. Carl eyes were shut tight, he was breathing heavier, the thrusts were getting faster and faster. Petra now in the swing of things shouted out in a whoreish voice “Fuck me harder, that’s it, that’s it. Do you like my tight little asshole Carl?”. Mary-Rose joined in, in unison. “FUCK HER CARL. FUCK HER HARD”. Carl was about to explode. He removed his cock and shouted out a deep, manly cry as he ejaculated. He came on Petra’s buttocks. Time of incident 7:34pm. He felt the ecstasy. His cock visibly throbbing, he felt the butterflies flutter into his stomach as he collapsed to the bed, light headed, the energy zapped out of his body now limp. As he lay on the bed, he felt two heads either side of his chest snuggle up to him. Mary-Rose gave Petra a kiss on her lips and they both snuggled into Carl’s hairy, manly chest. Carl felt two feet rub up and down his right leg and his left leg. Mary-Rose looked up at her husband “SMILE you miserable bastard!”, she joked. Carl looked at her rolled his eyes back and with what little energy he had left brought HIS two girls closer towards him. He kissed them both on the head and with that the three slept till the early hours..
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good but more details on the girls
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