Carls Amazing Story.

“Breathe, head back into the water, the kick, and then the stroke” Carl reminded himself as he swam another length. He respected good technique and was mindful, tiredness often led to poor form and more hard work. But technique wasn’t the only thing on Carls mind that day. Always a high achiever; at university or in the workplace, Carl always had high standards. The love of his life, Mary-Rose, an attractive brunette from Hertfordshire was everything he wanted in a partner. However something had gone wrong a year proceeding up to the spring of 2010 and the love life...well there was no love life. Carl, a handsome 30 year old with a narrow athletic frame, broad shoulders and a muscular chest had needs, always remained faithful to Mary-Rose, but now he was feeling the strain. There was resentment building not to mention sexual frustration; it had now been 3 and half months since they had last made love.
Carl finished another length and noticed somebody had joined the lane; it was a female. She looked Eastern European; olive skinned and had what looked like curly dark brown under her swimming cap. “Interesting”, Carl remarked to himself. He swam passed her and to his amazement she was wearing a bikini. The bikini wasn’t holding her breasts in. In fact her breasts were flowing outside her bikini in full view. Carl was somewhat surprised. He didn’t know whether to tell her or not. He decided against it. They swam passed each other several times. Her tits were out almost beckoning to Carl to come and hold them. “I want her bad”, Carl thought to himself. He reached the end of the pool and did a fast turn. He didn’t realise the woman was right behind him...he clattered into her. “I’m sorry”, both Carl and the lady said in unison. “Are you OK?” Carl enquired. All the while they were in a standing embrace. Carl could feel her breasts against his chest and that feeling of nipples hard was unmistakeable. Carl’s cock became rock hard somewhat to his embarrassment. She gave him a smile and said “I think so!?” “I am so terribly sorry I didn’t see you behind me”, Carl apologised. “It’s OK”, she replied “it was an accident. Let’s go to edge of the pool so that we don’t block the lane”. They both dipped their heads under the partition into the free swimming area and made their way to the edge.
She wasn’t a Claudia Schiffer or even a Kelly Brook, but then Carl loved plain Janes. “Where did you get hurt?” she asked. “A little bump to my head”, Carl replied “but it’s not a big deal, I am more concerned about you sweetheart?” he continued. “You got me on my head too...” before she replied Carl grabbed her two handed behind her head and like an Amsterdam diamond cutter was inspecting her forehead. He felt her 34B’s against his chest. She had failed to adjust her bikini since the crash and now they were together chest to chest, skin on skin. They both knew it. Carl wasn’t going to back off; he was the man after all. The lady felt uncomfortable but didn’t dare move. Her clitoris was now swollen, her nipples rock hard and her pussy was wet. She didn’t want Carl to back away. She slowly slid her hand down and in Carl’s trunks. Slowly finger by finger she wrapped her hand around Carls cock and gripped it. Carl at this point was in ecstasy, he couldn’t believe what had just happened. He gave her a dirty stare, the type of stare one gives when one is disgusted and said “we’re gonna get out this pool and you ARE coming home with me”. The lady gave him a silent nod, no expression, no smile, almost as if she her knew her fate and felt ashamed. They silent got out of the pool and walked toward the changing area. “I’ll meet you out here”, said Carl. The rest of swimmers clearly saw what happened and knew why they left so abruptly. Carl didn’t care; it was almost humiliating how blatant it was.

“My name is Petra”, said the lady breaking the silence in the short journey back to Carls flat. “Carl”, Carl replied. “Where you from Petra?” Carl enquired. “From Wokingham, but my parents are from the Czech Republic”. “Nice”, Carl replied. Language was clearly not going to be an issue. Carl had some very specific plans. They reached Carls flat and ran upstairs into the bedroom. It just occurred to him; Mary-Rose could walk in and catch them. “Fuck it”, he thought to himself. He looked at Petra. In a deep booming voice he said “Take your fucking clothes off now!” She looked back in disbelief; she couldn’t believe how rude he was to her. “NOW!” he added. Petra sensed Carl knew what he was doing and reluctantly took her shirt off. She reached her bra straps and undid them. Carl walked toward her and whisked her around. He lifted her hair up and started kissing the length of the back her neck, he moved on to her cheek and back to her neck. Her clitoris was now in overdrive, pussy was dripping wet and she wanted him inside her. “Carl, what are you doing? Fuck me right now...please”. Carl didn’t listen. He was a stubborn mule at the best of times and he had a plan. Petra undid Carl’s flies and tried to unbutton his trousers. “Let me do it”, Carl whispered into Petra’s ear. It was a wet, warm, sensual whisper; it sent chills throughout Petra’s body. Petra put her hand around Carls cock. Carl clearly looked after himself, he was clean, shaven and the girth filled Petra’s hand. Petra could feel Carl’s stubble rub against her shoulder. Again she repeated her requested “Carl, please fuck me...please”. Carl had plans. He took her jeans off. Almost like synchronised swimmers, they each took their socks off. Carl took his shirt off and brought Petra towards his tight hairy chest. He lifted her off the ground and placed her like a sl**ping c***d into his bed. His cock was throbbing now. He could see she was shaved down there and that was where he was headed next. “No Carl, PLEASE...just fuck me”, Petra implored. “I want you so badly”. Carl ignored her plea. He crouched on top of her and licked her nipples. Petra let out a groan. He then sucked each in turn. He skilfully alternated between kissing, licking, sucking and pushing down with his mouth; the latter just making her body spasm. He then came up to her mouth and gave her a deep, passionate kiss. He reversed back, moving slowly yet methodically towards Petra’s clitoris. “I want you to open your legs up as wide as you can Petra”, he instructed. Petra obliged. She was exposing her wet cunt and arsehole to a complete stranger. She felt exposed, dirty and ashamed. But thrill of the situation made her open her legs wide – she could feel the stretch. The anticipation and excitement of what Carl was about to do to her next was driving her crazy.

“Oh my God!” Carl muffled to himself. Staring at his mercy was Petra’s pink cunt. Quite clearly wet, the clitoris was slightly exposed over the vagina and her pussy lips were guarding her pussy either side. Carl ‘the bastard’ still wasn’t going to make it easy for Petra. He started kissing. Kissing the inside of Petra’s leg, very close to her wet, swelled up twat. Petra emitted out a cry or a moan. Did she orgasm? Carl wasn’t sure, but he carried on kissing side to side, kissing everything BUT Petra’s vagina or her clit. This was a very sweet torture for Petra; she had never ever experienced anything like this before. She held on to the bed cover and clinched her fists. By now Carl could taste Petra’s cunt juices on her legs. He made his mind up – he was going straight to the source. He moved his mouth slowly to her snatch, oh the smell was so powerfully enticing, and it drew him closer. He licked Petra’s cunt with his tongue and lapped up her juices. He couldn’t describe the taste of her pussy, sweet nectar and he couldn’t get enough. He moved his tongue like an expert painter, moving smoothly up to her clitoral hood and almost machine gun like, fired quick, short jabs to it. He clearly knew what he was doing. He relentlessly poked and jabbed at Petra’s clit. For good measure he took his right index finger and slowly inserted into Petra’s cave. He took it out and put it into his mouth. He licked her juices dry. He put the finger back inside Petra again, took it out and sucked his own finger dry again. He did it a third time and this time gave it to Petra who enthusiastically licked her own juices dry. He put it in a fourth time this he went up to her G-spot and started a ‘come here” beckoning motion all the while his tongue was still working her clit. He got his right hand and clasped her left breast and then squeezed her nipple hard. That was it. Petra SCREAMED. Her vulva convulsed violently. She came on Carl’s face. Her body left her soul and returned a few seconds later. It took her a little while to come around, but now revenge was on her mind.
She grabbed Carl and rolled him over. She felt in control. She grabbed his cock and without warning put it in her mouth. Carl let out a big “Fuck”. Petra now did something she had never done. She put the full length of Carl’s erect manhood deep inside her throat. She choked, took it out and gasped for air. She then licked the full length of his phallus and put his cock full length back in her mouth. She waited a second and choked again. Clearly this new experience was turning her on. Next she concentrated on his balls. In the same way Carl had licked her clitoris moments earlier, Petra did the same back to Carl. It was Carl’s turn to be the bitch and by God, he was enjoying every second. Petra back to the cock, spat on it, and rubbed it up and down this time Carl in ecstasy. She gave Carl a disgusted look. A ‘you’re-going-to-stick-this-cock-inside-my –wet-cunt-you-bastard’ look. “Carl”, she said – Carl quite clearly at her mercy. “Promise me one thing”, she paused her hand still on his cock rubbing it up and down. “Promise me you’re going to fuck me in my arsehole?” Carl bound the agreement with half eye closed nod of his head “fuck yeah”, he replied. With that Petra got up, put a bit of spit on her fingers and rubbed her cunt, held the base of Carl’s cock, lowered herself down so that now Carl’s bell end and her cunt lips were now touching, and slowing sat down. Her eyes closed, Carl’s manhood slowly entered her, stretching her out, gosh she didn’t realise he was that wide! It felt so fucking good inside her. A little painful, but so, so good. Petra started slowly bouncing up and down. Carl could feel his balls were wet, was this the greatest day of his life? Petra speeded up and feeling brave put both feet on the bed and her knees up. Carl was inside so deep. It hurt a little, but she kept going, and then suddenly felt so good. She stopped, leaned forward kissed Carl. She got off his cock and turned her face towards it and put it in her mouth. Mmmm – that cock with her juices tasted so fucking good. Carl grabbed Petra by her hair and tugged her back towards him and made her lay down flat. He got up, opened her legs up. He had to taste her pussy again. Petra groaned again. He disdainfully spat on her already wet cunt, grabbed his cock and f***ed it inside her hard. Petra let out a gasp.

With long, deep, powerful thrusts, Carl pounded Petra’s pussy. She gave him a look of disbelief. Carl then decided to change the angle. He put Petra’s left leg down on the bed leaving her right leg point up to the ceiling. He continued to pound her cunt, now with shallower, faster thrusts. There was heavenly scent now descending towards Carl. It was coming sole of Petra’s right foot. Mid fucking, brought her foot towards his face, licked the whole length of her sole only stopping so that he could suck her toes. He licked her heel and then her arches all the time increasing the speed of his thrusting. Petra orgasmed again 3-nil to Petra. He was about to cum, but then remembered his promise to Petra. He purposely slowed down. He slowed down gasping for air through his nose looking at Petra, Petra looking back. He withdrew his cock. They both knew what time it is. He reached under the bed and pulled some lube out.

Petra, face down on the bed, arse in the air. Carl licked her arsehole, like a person licking an ice cream on a hot summer’s day. It tasted divine. He slowly inserted his lubed finger down her, followed by his middle finger. He spat on it, to make it a little wetter and got ready to put his cock in. Petra closed her eyes as she felt Carl’s cock slide into her. He pushed it in gradually, spitting just to make things easier. Before long the whole length of Carl was inside her. Her rectum felt filled; it felt tremendous. Carl started with slow, long thrusts making sure he wasn’t causing Petra any pain, he possessed of course a girthy phallus that would have given a tight, wet, vagina a run for its money let alone a tight arsehole. Gradually he increased the tempo, concentrating, ensuring like his swimming, his technique was impeccable. Petra found this exhilarating, started gasping for air, rubbing her clitoris, groaning with delight, fulfilment; not for the first time Carl had delivered. Carlito “el a****l” felt comfortable at full speed was giving Petra a backdoor pounding in the doggy position. Could this get any nastier? Yes it could. Almost like a gymnast, Carl balancing on his right leg, cock in anus, lifted his left foot up and put it on Petra’s face. Not to be outdone, Petra grabbed Carl’s foot and shoved his toes in her mouth and sucked them. Carl could now sense that feeling every man knows. The point of no return was upon him. He removed his foot from Petra’s face and put it flat on the bed. He then began to fuck Petra hard, fast, in different directions; each thrust giving him a higher high. Petra now groaning and rubbing her clit, heard Carl say “I’m gonna fucking cum Petra”, knew what she had to go. When Carl couldn’t take it anymore he withdrew his penis. Petra like a cat high on catnip turned onto her back and brought Carl’s cock towards her in one swift movement. Carl now rubbing his cock furiously let out a manly, deep, booming roar as he came. A big dollop of cum flew out onto Petra’s chin, followed by a second and a third and a fourth...a fifth...and finally a small dollop of sixth. Petra covered in Carl’s love juice, wiped her face clean. She tasted some of the juice; it was sweet. She wondered if Carl had a sweet tooth? She felt great. What an experience this had been! Mr Carl during all this commotion had collapsed from a cocktail of ecstasy and exhaustion. He couldn’t speak. He fell on top of Petra and gave her a deep passionate kiss on her lips. Their mouths opened and their tongues engaged in a sword fight Zorro would have been proud of. Carl backed off and collapsed flat on his back. Petra picked her head up and snuggled into Carl’s chest. She then wrapped a foot around his leg and for that moment Carl was her man. She enjoyed his warmth. They both closed their eyes and before they knew it fell into a deep sl**p.
Mary-Rose had had a frustrating day at work. A rotten journey on London’s underground trains had only amplified this, but at least she was going home now. Her husband, an excellent cook, would have made her something delicious to eat and was sure things would get a lot better once she got home. She got to the door and put the key into the keyhole. From the sound, Carl’s eyes opened in a panic, his eyebrows raised. He could hear the front door opening..FUCK! SHIT! Petra was still lying on his chest. The front door opened, Mary-Rose, took her shoes off and noticed a pair of women’s shoes she didn’t recognise. Did Carl have a guest? She walked slowly and purposefully towards the bedroom. Placed her hand on the door hand and slowly opened the door..

To be continued..

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